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Foxamania achievement in Super Lucky's Tale


Take no damage in the WriggleMania

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How to unlock the Foxamania achievement

  • Krows GraveyardKrows Graveyard563,407
    02 May 2018 02 May 2018 14 May 2018
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    This Achievement is more or less on par with the difficulty of the "He's Got Mew-ves Achievement" the only difference being this one is slightly less rng reliant.

    EDIT: You cannot get hit whatsoever, if you do and it happens to be Rounds 1-3, you can kill yourself and try again, however if you made it to the Round 4 checkpoint and took a hit, you'll have to pause and return to Foxington Hub then jump back into WriggleMania, which puts you back to Round 1. If you have NOT taken damage, you can collect the hearts to get them off screen as they will obscure your view eventually. (Credit to LaraCroftAngel and King of kingsjc for discovering this, though there has been a bit of discrediting among others who attempted to do this, so just avoiding taking damage in general may be the way to go)

    In the first phase, you will face 4 birds who will each spawn 4 flowers upon death. Take the birds out one at a time to avoid filling the entire arena with flowers and risking a hit, then bait the flowers from a safe distance.

    In the second phase, you will face worms while avoiding rng fire cannons that pop up from the floor tiles. The fire cannons can spawn on any random squares they want. Stay inside the dark blue lines in the ground to avoid having the worms spawn on top of you, then jump on them and try to bounce on them all in one shot so you can to avoid the fireballs. If you press A immediately as you land on a worm, you'll bounce very high and will have much more control of the battle from above. You can safely rest on the raised fireball platform if you want.

    In the third phase, you will face bees with lasers and spiked floors in 3 waves. The first wave will have spikes in the center of the arena and 4 bees in each of the corners. Simply jump over the lasers and stomp the bees, but keep an eye out for the stingers! The second wave is the hardest part of the entire run, stomp on the leftmost bee and land on the hotdogs/diamond (depending if you collected the hot dogs already) and let the back right bee kill the back left bee while you jump in place to avoid the lasers and stingers. Then jump on the last two bees in succession. In the third wave, simply jump on the bees when you see a free moment but focus on the lasers and be patient.

    Lastly in the fourth phase, you will face off with spinning floor lasers, rapid fire bees, and golems. Keep an eye on the spinning lasers and make the bees your top priority as you don't want to be overwhelmed by stingers. Once the bees are gone you'll have to stomp or tail whip (the tail whip is significantly safer) the golem three times to defeat it, but it will release a heat seeking fireball upon death which you should immediately avoid until it vanishes. There will be two more waves of bees/golems with one more bee each time. These enemies will always spawn in the same locations allowing you to literally get the jump on them if you like. Upon clearing this phase you will receive the Achievement.

    Note: If you wear the Maxi-Mullet hairstyle during this fight you will unlock another Achievement.

    Use my video below for reference.

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    SincereSeeker6In my opinion, this is a lot harder than the Gilly Island one, due to horrible depth perception. This is likely the only reason you'll fail 90% of the time. You just can never be sure where you're going to land. Just keep trying and take frequent breaks and eventually you'll memorize how long you have to push to go a certain distance, if that makes any sense..
    Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 04 Nov 20 at 02:13
    Kaede393After like 2 week struggling with this I finally got it. Nothing wrong with this challenge, but is not really good with all the flaws in the game. I think everything has been told, no reason to add more salt to it. I just hope devs could try and accomplish their own challenges before they release them.
    Posted by Kaede393 on 13 Nov 20 at 12:21
    Burty JrThis seriously blows. Refused to go to sleep before doing this, it’s now 3am. When doing Round 3, it really helped me to hold down a consistent route when replaying it over and over. You can learn how the enemies will act every time and hone it. Definitely take out the bees first on Round 4, and don’t rush with the golems when you have some breathing space.
    Posted by Burty Jr on 13 Jan at 03:05
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  • NoHeroes94NoHeroes94716,203
    07 May 2018 08 May 2018
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    This achievement is doable but pretty difficult, primarily because of issues with depth perception with flying enemies. The 1st DLC in Super Lucky's Tale had a similar achievement, which was both glitchable and easier organically in my opinion. RNG can be almost (but not entirely) eliminated from this one, which is the only plus. Below is what I did to get Foxamania, prioritising safety > speed.

    This method practicaly guarenteed I got to the late 3rd round or 4th round without getting hit on my last 10 attempts, so I could just focus on getting better on Rounds 3 and 4 and not dying cheaply early. On that basis, I'd recommend that if you die after Round 3, just keep going for practise. It's only 2 or so minutes until the end, and the more practise you get in Round 4 especially the better!

    For all rounds, the arena is a 4x4 grid.

    Round 1: Easy round, but cheap deaths can occur due to depth perception. In this round, 4 birds will spawn in the 4 middle squares, and move in a square rotation outwards to the corners. This route is always the same. Go to any corner and stay stationary when the birds spawn. All 4 of the birds' cycle will pass each of their respective corners. When the bird is moving from the square next to you to towards your corner, immediately double jump straight into the sky. This will always boop them without having to try and make any intricate jumps. Take out the plants, rinse and repeat with the others.

    Round 2: In my opinion the easiest round, although the only one where RNG was an issue. The key here is to maintain height. There will be 3 waves, with 4 caterpillars in each and rockets that shoot you from random locations. Whilst the round 2 enemies are spawning, immediately go to the very front of the screen (towards you) and position yourself in the dark blue gap between the 2 front-centre squares. If you're in the dark blue, catepillars will NEVER spawn ontop of you (this unfortunately doesn't go for cannons, but hey-ho.) Double jump onto a catepillar, then double jump off it and press X to kick to reach the other one. This doesn't give you more height, but allows you to stay higher for longer and cover more ground. Double jump and kick to each of the catepillars and in more than half of your attempts each wave won't even require you to touch the ground. There are 3 waves, and remember when a wave is done to return to a dark blue section so you don't succumb to RNG.

    Round 3: Round 3 isn't pleasant, because all the enemies are bees. What makes it worse is that bees can shoot forwards and skywards, so jumping is not always a guarentee. However, doing the double jump and X trick worked most of the time as the bees couldn't shoot this high. Round 3 is split into 3 very specific sections.

    Round 3-1: Pretty straightforward. 4 bees will spawn in the corners. In this round, we will take them out in the order front left, front right, back right, back left (i.e. counter-clockwise) In all Round 3 sections your starting position is pre-set; as soon as you're mobile, go to the middle-left front square, jump the laser and prepare to double jump the bee in the square to your next left. Double jump off that bee and kick X, moving right towards the front right bee. Do the same for the bee in the back right, and then back left, watching the lasers. If you generate some height, you can normally avoid the red stingers even if they are aimed at the sky.

    Round 3-2: This sub-round is infamous for being the hardest, but I actually prefer this one to the next 2. It's all about order. From the start, go to your left, jump the laser and double jump the left-most bee (its right infront of a diamond/hotdog). From there, double jump and kick into the foreground to avoid red stingers and watch the lasers. Then, proceed to the right and take out the remaining 3 bees one after the other after the other utilising double jump and X mechanic (just imagine they are caterpillars like in round 2). The only tricky part of this method is I personally found the depth perception a bit finicky for the back row bees and sometimes got hit cheaply by the spikes because I misjudged it.

    Round 3-3: This one kind of sucks in my opinion. The concept is straightforward, you just need to be precise and its hard for me to be too specific because of laser timings. Again, we have 4 bees to deal with but this time they are in diagonal lines and we have some pretty brutal lasers and traps everywhere. My general tip is to be patient, the more patient I was the better. The order I would recommend is to take out the bee infront of you (diagonal left from spawn), then diagonally double jump to the front left and take out that bee, then double jump to the left to safety. Watch the lasers, as they'll probably be near you, then move diagonanlly to the right and then take out the bee diagonally to your left. After this, make your way over to the right and take out the last bee. This one isn't too bad, as you only have one set of red stringers to deal with and the lasers. Move in a diagonal pattern and you should be good.

    Round 4:
    Easily the hardest wave, imo. 1st wave has 1 bee and 1 golem. 2nd wave has 2 bees and 1 golem. 3rd wave has 3 bees and one golem. There are also lasers going around, but as long as you're careful these aren't an issue. I'm going to give general tips, as scenarios will change and you need to be somewhat adaptable.

    Bees always spawn in the same locations; there is always one in the top left, in the second wave the other spawns to the mid-right, and in the final wave an additional bee spawn to the frontish left.

    My main tip is to prioritise these bees. Ignore the golem until the bees have been taken out, you can run around it all day if you want and it has no ranged attacks. I would personally always get the jump on the top left bee if i could, and work my way around clockwise.
    Unfortunately, when you do kill the golem at the end of each wave they emit a purple aura which will chase you for 5 or so seconds, which crosses over to the start of the next wave. As such, you sometimes won't be in a position to take out the left most bee and will have to pick another instead.

    Chaining attacks with double jump and kick has some effect, but be careful of the red stingers. Note that you CAN kick away stingers, but hit detection is iffy so use this as a last resort if you know you're going to get hit.

    For the golems, simply keep just under a square's distance and swipe them with X 3 times. Don't even try to boop them, its not worth it. additionally, the purple aura comes from their head so if you're above them for the final hit you WILL get damaged. I repeat, leave the golems alone until the bees are taken out, it is the bees that will mess you up.
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    ChunkybrickThat's what I did; used the double jump and spin too. it also picks up your coins/items.
    Posted by Chunkybrick on 29 Jul 18 at 18:58
  • Juicy PlumbsJuicy Plumbs491,274
    05 May 2018 05 May 2018
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    NOT A GUIDE BUT ADVICE! I can confirm if you get hit in rounds 1-3 and then let yourself die you DO still gain the achievement, I just tested it and just got the achievement after letting myself die in round 3 after being hit, if you get hit in round 4 you MUST restart the whole level! Hope this answers everyone’s questions! 👍
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    ChunkybrickI just followed king of kingsjc's advice letting myself die after getting hit in rounds 1-3 until it worked for me. Achievement must be glitched for some...
    Posted by Chunkybrick on 10 May 18 at 02:38
    Shred Asics 13Letting myself die put me back to the beginning. Did the update ruin this?
    Posted by Shred Asics 13 on 12 May 18 at 04:20
    Chunkybrick@shred asics 13 not really, what kings of kingsjc said, in a statement, is if you take damage in rounds 1-3, you can die and start over, but if you reached round 4 and take damage, you'll have to back out to foxington.
    Posted by Chunkybrick on 25 May 18 at 02:56
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