Dungeons and Duct Tape

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Dungeons and Duct Tape

‘Tis But A Scratch achievement in The Escapists 2

‘Tis But A Scratch

Complete the unique single player escape

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How to unlock the ‘Tis But A Scratch achievement

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    This is for completing the single player escape 'Tis But A Scratch on the Prison "Dungeons and Duct Tape". This is a paid DLC expansion.

    Details on the background story of this escape can be found via the Pay Telephone Tip Line for 75 Coins. The 5 items we will be needing for this escape are: Makeshift Greaves, Makeshift Chest Plate, Makeshift Gauntlets, Makeshift Knights Helm, and Makeshift Sword.

    You will need 70 Intellect to complete this Escape. Intellect can be increased by going to the library and completing a mini-game involving holding the cn_RT for periods of time. You can find the Library on the first floor at the lower left of the main complex. I also recommend you level up your stats on speed and strength a bit at the gym to make things easier. According to H3ARTL3SSK1NG13 you will need 90 Strength to escape. I was maxed already so the prompt didn't come up. The gym is on upper right of the main complex located by the icon of the bar bell / weight.

    I'd recommend having a disguise to make looting desks less a pain in case a guard sees you. A bleach + your inmate clothes makes a Medic outfit and this will suffice for your work towards the escape. Also there is a great place to stash valuables that you don't have room for in your desk. It is located on the ground floor at the upper right of the map. There will be a well. Inside the well, there are many empty squares to drop items on the ground. They will be safe from guards here.

    While going for stat increases you'll want to keep an eye out for the following items by looting any and all desks you see:

    X 1 File - Very Common item found in desks or can be purchased from a fellow inmate

    X 1 Timber - Common item found in desks or can be purchased from a fellow inmate

    X 1 Grapple Hook Head* - Rare item found in desks or purchasable from inmates. *An alternative method to acquire a Grapple Hook Head is to craft one. These are crafted via X 2 Crowbars + Duct Tape. I have never seen a crow bar in desks on this map, but they are purchasable from fellow inmates for 60 Coins each.

    X 1 Rope - Uncommon item found in desks or purchasable from inmates

    X 1 Feather - Uncommon item found in desks

    X 5 Sheet Metal - Common item found in desks, purchasable from inmates, or obtained from the Horseshoe Making Job room during job time

    X 1 Leather Strap - Rare item found in desks

    X 3 Rivets - Common item found in desks

    X 1 Hammer - Rare item found in desks or purchasable from inmates

    X 1 Molten Metal (Rare) - Very rare in a desk or easily obtained by getting the Horseshoe Making Job. You can steal a job from the current holder by just talking to them during job time which forces them to stay still and get fired from their job. Then go apply for it at the job board.

    The two remaining items needed for us will require the Grappling Hook to obtain.

    X 1 Pair of Shoes - Craft a Grappling Hook by combining a Grapple Hook Head + Rope. There will be a narrow hallway immediately to the left of the roll call on the 2nd Floor. You will see a desk there but there is a gap in the floor. You will need to go one floor below to the first floor. Then go inside this room and use the grapple hook up once your cursor turns green. Inside this desk will be your Pair of Shoes. This desk will always have a new pair of shoes every day.

    X1 Pair of White Gloves - Craft a Grappling Hook by combining a Grapple Hook Head + Rope. There will be a room on the 6th floor with a desk containing these. In order to get to it you will need to grapple up from the 5th floor just above the couch. This is in the middle of the main complex directly above the dining hall / roll call areas. Head to the 5th floor and your cursor will turn green on the couch allowing you to grapple up. There will always be a new pair of white gloves in this desk every day.

    Now you will have all the items needed once you've gotten all the above.

    Once you've got your Intellect to 70+ begin your crafting.

    50 Intellect Craft

    Makeshift Greaves = Sheet Metal + Pair of Shoes + Leather Strap

    Makeshift Chest Plate = Sheet Metal + Sheet Metal + Rivets

    60 Intellect Craft

    Makeshift Gauntlets = Pair of White Gloves + Sheet Metal + Rivets

    Makeshift Knights Helm = Sheet Metal + Feather + Rivets

    70 Intellect Craft

    Makeshift Sword = Molten Metal + Tool Handle (File + Timber) + Hammer

    Now you've got all 5 items needed for escape! Head up to the 5th floor and there will be a room full of 5 rows of Knight's Armors on pedestals on the middle right of the main complex. Walk up to the missing pedestal and place the items on the pedestal in the order listed above and you'll be free to escape!
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    KINGBANG713Just a little added help for anybody, the knights are on the 5th floor it seems, not the 6th. And you have to be level 90 in strength to escape. Hope this helps
    Posted by KINGBANG713 on 09 May 18 at 21:16
    FNSUITE GHOSTYes correct they are on fifth floor :). Didn't know about the 90 strength as I was already maxed out so I'll add that.
    Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 09 May 18 at 21:22
    Ramon4815162342I would very much like to know where you guys found the “feather”. Can’t find it anywhere...
    Posted by Ramon4815162342 on 10 May 18 at 18:29
    FNSUITE GHOSTAs mentioned it's an uncommon item found in desks. Keep searching inmates desks from day to day the items will replenish / change. If you're still having issues after a few days you may have an item glitch. Item glitches are common in these games and sometimes happen as the result of an item being placed in the contraband desk then deleted. You may have to start a new game if you still can't find any feathers.
    Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 10 May 18 at 20:07
    Ramon4815162342Got it now. For some strange reason the feather just popped up in my own desk...
    Posted by Ramon4815162342 on 11 May 18 at 12:10
    Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 11 May 18 at 12:14
    Faustus PHDGreat guide! Thank you! I have 3 different games that have gone past day 15 and have yet to find the feather in any of then. Anyone else have any ideas?
    Posted by Faustus PHD on 22 Sep 18 at 17:04
    BlackxRyanCan't find the leather strap, did you find it elsewhere than inmate desks ?
    Posted by BlackxRyan on 24 Sep 18 at 21:28
    hysp itaWhite gloves can also be found in guard desks
    Posted by hysp ita on 30 Aug at 02:54
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