Dungeons and Duct Tape

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Dungeons and Duct Tape

Siege The Day achievement in The Escapists 2

Siege The Day

Complete the unique multiplayer escape

Siege The Day-0.4
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How to unlock the Siege The Day achievement

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    This is for completing the multi player escape Siege the Day on the Prison "Dungeons and Duct Tape". This is a paid DLC expansion.

    Details on the background story of this escape can be found via the Pay Telephone Tip Line for 75 Coins. The 5 items we will be needing for this escape are: X 2 Half Catapult Frame, Catapult Bucket, Catapult Beam, Catapult Counterweight.

    You will need 70 Intellect to complete this Escape. Intellect can be increased by going to the library and completing a mini-game involving holding the cn_RT for periods of time. You can find the Library on the first floor at the lower left of the main complex. I also recommend you level up your stats on speed and strength a bit at the gym to make things easier.

    I'd recommend having a disguise to make looting desks less a pain in case a guard sees you. A bleach + your inmate clothes makes a Medic outfit and this will suffice for your work towards the escape. Also there is a great place to stash valuables that you don't have room for in your desk. It is located on the ground floor at the upper right of the map. There will be a well. Inside the well, there are many empty squares to drop items on the ground. They will be safe from guards here.

    While going for stat increases you'll want to keep an eye out for the following items by looting any and all desks you see:

    X 1 Lighter - Common item found in desks or purchasable from inmates

    X 1 Comb - Common item found in desks or purchasable from inmates

    X 1 Circuit Board - Rare item found in desks or purchasable from inmates

    X 1 Wire - Uncommon item found in desks or purchasable from inmates

    X 1 Grappling Hook Head* - Rare item found in desks or purchasable from inmates. *An alternative method to acquire a Grapple Hook Head is to craft one. These are crafted via X 2 Crowbars + Duct Tape. I have never seen a crow bar in desks on this map, but they are purchasable from fellow inmates for 60 Coins each.

    X 1 Rope - Uncommon item found in desks or purchasable from inmates

    X 4 Timber - Common item found in desks or purchasable from inmates

    X 3 Wooden Peg - Common item found in desks or purchasable from inmates

    X 2 Bracket - Rare item found in desks or purchasable from inmates

    X 2 Metal Bar - Uncommon item found in desks or purchasable from inmates

    X 1 Leather Strap - Rare item found in desks or purchasable from inmates

    The remaining item needed for us will require the Grappling Hook and Fake Red Key Card to obtain.

    Once you have all the items above and you've got your Intellect to 70+ begin your crafting.

    Intellect 40 Craft

    Catapult Beam = Timber + Timber + Wooden Peg

    Intellect 50 Craft

    Molten Plastic = Comb + Lighter

    Red Key Card Mold = Circuit Board + Wire + Red Key Card*
    *In order to get the Red Key Card you will want to beat up guards in order to find out which one has the Red Key Card. Once you find the right guard, you'll want the Circuit Board + Wire in your inventory and at least room for 1 additional item. I found it easiest to wait for them near the showers and then beat them up. Quickly grab the Red Key Card off their body, combine it with the Circuit Board and Wire then QUICKLY place the Red Key Card back on their body. If you don't do it quick enough you'll go into lockdown. Now just hide in the Shower's Lockers until your heat dies down below 60.

    Intellect 60 Craft

    Fake Red Key Card = Molten Plastic + Red Key Card Mold

    Intellect 70 Craft

    Grappling Hook = Grappling Hook Head + Rope

    Half Catapult Frame #1 = Timber + Bracket + Wooden Peg

    Half Catapult Frame #2 = Timber + Bracket + Wooden Peg

    Catapult Bucket = Metal Bar + Metal Bar + Leather Strap

    Once you've got the Grappling Hook and the Fake Red Key Card you're ready to go get the final item "Catapult Counterweight". On the 4th floor lower right of the main complex will be the only Red Key Card door on the map. Take both players to this door and gain entry. Inside this door you will need to use the Grapple Hook to get to the top room. At the top of this room there will be another Grapple Hook spot up to the very tip top floor. Once you've gotten here loot the desk for the Catapult Counterweight. The second player will remain at the Red Key Card door since they didn't have a grapple hook. There was a two player door up there but you don't need to worry about that. The Desk is in the open for the Catapult Counterweight. Head back down to your partner and exit the Red Key Card room.

    Now you should have all 5 items you'll need to Escape. Grab them all in your inventory. X 2 Half Catapult Frame, Catapult Bucket, Catapult Beam, Catapult Counterweight. Everything else you can leave at your home room desk. Take these 5 items to the lower left of the map in the main complex on the 3rd floor. There will be a balcony behind a two player door. Use one player to open the door via mini game and then get the second player in via the red button inside the room. Go to the big wooden platform and interact with it 5 times with items selected and you'll be ready to escape!
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    LordFightALotThe only thing I haven't found yet are the Brackets. I'm on day 15 and I check 20+ desks every day and I check all inmates twice a day...
    Posted by LordFightALot on 15 May 18 at 22:18
    FNSUITE GHOSTAs with many of the prisons in the Escapists series, they are hit or miss. Sometimes you can encounter glitches. I've been replaying this for fun with my sister and have noticed in our playthrough at least the Medic Desk in the infirmary and the desk in the room above that to (room with fireplace) seem to have them regularly. I was initially surprised to find them in the Medic desk, as they usually only contain Medic supplies (MedKits, Mesh Tape, etc.). If you're regularly checking all desks and aren't having any luck you really only have two options. 1) Find a friend who has done the prison, join their game and escape for the achievement (I've personally helped a friend do this) or 2) Start a new game. Wish I could be more help. Sometimes it's just rotten luck with the RNG-Gods.
    Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 15 May 18 at 23:58
    LordFightALotThank you very much for the help! I'll try the Medic chest and I'll start a new game if that doesn't work!
    Posted by LordFightALot on 16 May 18 at 08:33
    FNSUITE GHOSTYea bud, always happy to help. Just recalled one other desk that might be worth trying. It's the most hidden desk in the prison. It's above the Warden's office. You have to go out his balcony and then grapple hook up to the roof of the prison. Up there will be a special desk called "Nobody's Desk". Inside it will be a plethora of high level goodies. I remember it having for sure a Sturdy Pickaxe, Sturdy Shovel and X 2 Timber Braces. Might have other items as well.
    Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 16 May 18 at 08:52
    LordFightALotYou were right, staring a new game did the trick! I had both Brackets within Day 1. At least 1 Bracket seems to spawn every day.

    Nobody's Desk above the Wardens Room always have the same items in them (the ones you mentioned above) and they are really helpful for the perimeter breakout.
    Posted by LordFightALot on 16 May 18 at 11:16
    SeitzzGot so lucky when going for this, it seems best to check the first and second day for all the special items like straps and braces. I found so many my 2nd time through, even found a glove in an inmate's desk.
    Posted by Seitzz on 17 Dec 18 at 06:29
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