The Desolation of Mordor Story Expansion

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The Desolation of Mordor Story Expansion

Baranor the Conqueror achievement in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Baranor the Conqueror

Complete the Desolation of Mordor with a Gold Rating.

Baranor the Conqueror+9.2
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How to unlock the Baranor the Conqueror achievement

  • HollabackGamingHollabackGaming424,527
    10 May 2018 10 May 2018 20 May 2018
    69 7 87
    I'll preface this guide by saying the final score you receive at the end of a run highly depends on SPEED, which in having a fast attempt also results in a higher multiplier. You have to receive a gold trophy at the end of your run for this achievement to pop. I recommend playing through Desolation of Mordor once before to acclimate yourself to the new region and new traversal systems. Once you beat the story you may now start a new run that has no missions, just outposts and the fortress!

    I ran on Nemesis difficulty which makes enemies smarter and do more damage. Some captains even have a NO CHANCE, so if you die your run is a wipe. My strategy is as follows:

    I completed the outposts in a clockwise rotation whilst going for the mercenary discounts first. Then go for extra health pack skills. By your third or fourth outpost you'll most likely be able to afford a Legendary Mercenary as long as you have the three additional discounts!

    Once you have all the outposts, I recommend targeting the Warchiefs with either the best disable for the fortress or the most bodyguards to save time for the Siege, of course. I also implore you to fill the outpost slots with the cheapest mercenary you can find so there isn't another orc captain there.

    HINT: Constantly update your gear that you find in the field. There are insane abilities you can find that almost cripple the entire game's combat system such as earned might for damage done to your allies by enemies, which delivers you endless might for combat executions.

    Also, when choosing mercenaries, make sure to pick the ones with the best abilities while ensuring these potential bodyguards don't have skills that counter each other. I was very lucky to have a Legendary merc that had poison bombs and a reduced cooldown. He completely destroyed adds and captains. Starting off can be difficult, but since this is a Middle Earth game with it's Nemesis System, make sure to exploit the captains' weaknesses.

    Now, I didn't kill all the Warchiefs, just the strongest ones or the ones with multiple bodyguards to lighten the load for the final assault! Basic idea for this achievement is to get the best mercs possible the quickest because once you get two or more legendaries, you can SPAM THEM FOR EVERYTHING. This could be for remaining outposts, Warchief missions, and the grand finale.

    I almost got screwed going into the overlord fight because I didn't dismiss my bodyguards before I went in, so I had to kill Takra only with Serka. I'm assuming the Overlord is a constant, so he is immune to nearly everything, but I kicked his ass by using a combat execution which dazes him because of his fear of combat executions. Once again, make sure use your silly Batclaw to escape and parachute away only to come back and stealth attack the captains(IF NOT IMMUNE). Pretty useful and cheesy.

    Here are my stats for achieving Gold:

    XP Gained 63946
    Outposts Captured 5000
    Min Difficulty (Nemesis): x2
    Run Time (01H:31M:06): x17

    RNG could play into how I achieved this first try.
    Different Mercenaries
    Different Captains with different exploits and weaknesses

    I havn't tested it, but you could theoretically start a new run, check out the metal of your mercs, and discern if you should rather go die and start a new run with potentially better abilities for your mercenaries.
    Good luck everyone! Happy Hunting!

    According to belgianplayer1, they scored a Silver Rating of 221,618 which could very well mean the threshold for Gold is 225,000. If anyone finds this to be inaccurate, then please don't hesitate to post your times and scores in the comments below!

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    letsthunder2003Thank you! I got it on my first try (second if you count me bailing while on my knees) thanks to your instructions! Here is my result:
    Score: 453255
    XP: 145088
    Difficulty (Nemesis): x2
    Run Time (39M:47S): x24

    Heres proof:

    Now I only have the glide achievement left...

    Edit: forgor a word
    Posted by letsthunder2003 on 06 Aug 22 at 06:04
    ShadowThievzAwesome tips, super helpful saving two of my bodyguards for the Overlord. And, those upgrades to your gear are crucial, I had pretty much unlimited Might by the end of it. I went with Epic mercenaries for the Outpost leaders, and 3 Legendary bodyguards. I started with the discounts, staggered the health and intel, and then the gate siege upgrades. I also only took out two Warchiefs beforehand, the one with the most bodyguards and one that just looked scary to me lol Using the grapple to fly away and come back with stealth a bunch cheesed it well. As did the Hold B to pull them towards you on the Outpost leaders or random captains when I found them (never went out of my way for them).

    Score: 346,571
    XP: 110,362
    Outposts: 5,000
    Nemesis: x2
    Run Time (1H: 3M): x21

    EDIT: Forgot to mention this only took me 1 try. I had played through it once before for the other achievements and all of the Torvin gear. That was a big help, too.
    Posted by ShadowThievz on 01 Sep 22 at 00:20
    XandlerHelpful guide, after completing the story on easy (I tried to do both the story and this at the same time, no bueno). It took me 1 try on Nemesis using the hit and run strats along with the legendary captains, Finished with a little over 414000 points, in about an hour and six minutes, all outposts and the fort. I did kill 1 warchief in his mission as he was the only legendary out of the bunch. Just glad I didn't get a no chance captain in some of the outposts as I had to do 2 last chances to save it.
    Posted by Xandler on 15 Oct 22 at 03:11
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  • Halo0006Halo0006104,091
    10 May 2018 10 May 2018 04 Jul 2018
    18 2 9
    My strategy is simular to HollabackGamings but we definitely did somethings different.

    For one I played on Gravewalker difficulty which if you get hit twice by even the grunts your run is a wipe.
    But yet on my second attempt on it I managed to get 500745 as my score and it took me between 1H and 1H 20Mins. This is for tips on how to complete it on Gravewalker difficulty.

    Heal everytime your health is below three quarters.

    On your first run collect all of Torvin's items and return them (these are incredibly useful and you get an achievement)

    Try to kill everything from a distance and stealthily unless the Captains traits force you to fight head on. My strategy was flying above the Captains, stealth attacking from above then getting out of there as fast as possible but had to regularly improvise.

    If there are a few captains bunched together shoot in the middle of them with a poison bomb then shoot a fire bomb, this causes Balefire which is devastating.

    Put epic mercs down as outpost leaders because in the final assault common mercs die before getting inside the gates.

    For upgrades:
    1. The one that allows you to see Outpost Captain's traits.
    2. The one that allows you to see normal Captain's traits.
    3. All four of the healing upgrades.
    4. It doesn't really matter from here but I suggest the bolt or bomb upgrades.

    Constantly check for captains immunities and vulnerabilities, if one is immune to arrows but vulnerable to stealth its wise to stealth attack them and if you have full might when you land, use your combat execution on them or a a vulnerable captain then spam the A button to jump over the grunts heads until you find a place to latch onto and escape, then reset and do it again until they're dead or you've captured the outpost.

    I only had one bodyguard and he was legendary which I bought just before the assault, activate him once in the final room where you face the overlord as this will really help.

    I didn't kill any of the Warcheifs before commencing the assault so was forced to kill all four catapult graugs (which needed to be taken out quickly) and the captive drake. Your mercs should clean up the enemy Warcheifs so just swoop in for an easy kill or taking one of their defense points.

    For items make sure to check them before activating them as one halves your health which on Gravewalker is a death sentence. But make sure to constantly update your items.

    When in a 1 on 1 with a captain (this applies for the overlord) use your chain to reel them in to you then when they're down ground execute them, rinse and repeat until you have enough might to do a combat execution, then continue until they're dead, this way you shouldnt take any damage and should clean them up quite quickly.

    Really handy trick by Place of Power: "When your about to die while in the kneeling position you can dashboard/quit game and it'll be like nothing happened, the map will still be blue. While I was about to die while kneeling in the overlord room I quit the game immediately and it only took me back to the start of the siege... the map was still conquered and I got my gold rating."

    Goodluck guys and I hope this helps.

    Edit: added photo as evidence of my score.

    Edit 2: was asked for extra tips so added them in here too.

    Edit 3: I was given a really handy trick by Place of Power to add in here.
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    Halo0006Cheers man glad I could be of help.
    Posted by Halo0006 on 22 Sep 18 at 21:18
    Darth Hawk CZThanks again for these awesome tips, it was way easier that I would have thought. Dashboarding when you are about to be executed saved my hide a few times.

    I haven't bought the skill to learn traits of the outpost captains, since there was always a piece of intel on the way to the outpost, so I just used that.

    I was really lucky with artifacts, I found one where I get might each time my allies get hit, so insta X+A chain whirlwind all the time. But what really helped, I found an artifact that gave me a last chance! Finished in 1H:45M with 542k. I liberated all of the outposts and killed all of the fortress guardians. Final assault was just running from point to point to capture it.

    This difficulty really is the way to go with this achievement. Gives you a lot of time to prepare and it's a breeze in the long run.
    Posted by Darth Hawk CZ on 18 Aug 19 at 23:16
    HolyHalfDeadIf you are only trying to get a Gold rating for the achievement I would stick to Nemesis difficulty. I didn't kill any of the Warchiefs, and I hired 5 legendary mercenaries.

    Score: 344,727
    XP Gained: 75,612
    Outposts Captured: 5,000
    Min Difficulty (Nemesis): x2
    Run Time (43m12s): x24
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 15 Jun 20 at 21:31
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade1,124,274
    29 May 2018 26 Jun 2018
    8 1 1
    I will show you how to get gold on nemesis difficulty.

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    Malboa77Bad luck for me, everything was fine but on the last place to capture in the fortress, the last captain had no chance trait... First time I died in my run !
    Posted by Malboa77 on 19 Jun 20 at 00:03
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