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How to unlock the Bloody Challenges achievement

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    This achievement is for completing all 70 Bloody Challenges. There are 10 different challenge types that repeat with increasing difficulty.

    You cannot play the next challenges until you complete the current one. Below is a list of all the 70 challenges. Since the challenge types repeat, I will just list the challenges by group and give an overall strategy for the challenge type (with special emphasis on the last challenge of the set).

    I enjoy playing pinball but I would not consider myself an expert or enthusiast. Having said that, I will do my best to use correct pinball terminology when referring to game mechanics and try not to confuse players.

    Anyways, it should be noted that this achievement is extremely difficult and time consuming. There is no point in even attempting this if you can't unlock the other achievements, as you will have to complete tables multiple times for some challenges. Oh, and you only get one ball. To make things more complicated, there is no tracker or counter for many of the challenges to give you any idea of how much progress you have made.

    The good news is that these tables are quite simplistic as far as pinball tables go and with lots of practice and familiarization, these tables are actually very forgiving. With loads of practice, along with some of my tips and strategies, you should definitely show some progress.


    -The goal of Bloody Challenges is to complete the required task using only one ball. Fortunately, there is an exploit/glitch that will allow you an extra ball on certain tables (technically, it isn't an 'extra' ball, but rather the table doesn't recognize the initial ball as being plunged).
    The trick varies from table to table. For the Mad Scientist and Hellfire table, quit out and restart a challenge. Hold the 'A' button immediately and let the plunger stay fully retracted. Now release the button. If done correctly, the single ball light near your score should remain lit.
    For some reason, this only works every other attempt. For the Rock Star table, you must wait for the board to start and then hold the plunger just long enough to get a full powered shot and then release. You may have to play around with a little to getting the timing right. I am not sure if it works for all tables.

    Even using this method, it is by far no guarantee to help with the challenges. You will still have to put in loads of work.

    -For certain tables, there are game modes that are beneficial to your challenge. For example, in Mad Scientist, there is a mode called MEGA HOLES. Unfortunately, lots of the game modes are mostly useless.

    If you get a game mode that you don't want AND you only have one ball in play, let the ball fall immediately. The 'Save Ball' light is lit for the first several seconds of a new game mode. By losing the ball, it will be saved and the game mode orb will be reset.
    You can just do this until you get the mode you want or a mode that issues more than one ball.

    If you have multiple balls or you missed your chance for the ball save, you can try to catch the ball(s) with one of the flippers and hold it in place until the timer for the current game mode expires.

    -Like most virtual pinball games, there is a tilt or "shake" function that simulates a player shaking the table. Generally, pinball games are very sensitive and are quick to lock up the table when it senses excessive shaking.
    Fortunately, this game is EXTREMELY lax when it comes to tilting. In fact, I only had the table lock up once, and I had to do it on purpose just to see if it would actually happen. I have gotten to the point to where I use the function quite regularly. There are many instances where it comes in handy.

    -There are situations in which the ball is on a path to fall between the flippers. If you sense this is coming, you can shake the table to move the ball to either side. Once mastered, you can play any table almost indefinately.

    -There are 'Ball Lock' holes that initiate quick multiball when filled. There are many instances where I would shake the table when the ball is near the hole and the ball would be tilted into the hole.

    -The final game mode on the Mad Scientist table has a few lights in the bumper area that are hard to reach through normal play. Eventually, I found that I could get the ball in the general area (around the bumpers) and then shake the table.

    -There are many other scenarios in which tilting will help, but keep in mind that shaking can be a bit unpredictable. It is something you will get better with as you practice.

    THE CHALLENGES: (by type)

    1.) Validate 10 Ramps
    11.) Validate 20 Ramps
    21.) Validate 30 Ramps
    31.) Validate 50 Ramps
    41.) Validate 100 Ramps
    51.) Validate 200 Ramps
    61.) Validate 500 Ramps
    -> This is probably the hardest of the final 10 challenges. To 'validate' a ramp, you must hit a ball through a ramp. I am not 100% sure, but it seems that you must be in an active game mode or have not maxed out a ramp's special mode for a ramp to be validated. I am pretty sure I entered ramps far more than 500 times.
    Just to give some reference, it took 4 table completions and nearly 200 million points before the challenge completed. You will have to learn to master the table. Spamming game modes like 'Mega Holes' will greatly help.

    2.) Obtain 1,000,000
    12.) Obtain 5,000,000
    22.) Obtain 10,000,000
    32.) Obtain 20,000,000
    42.) Obtain 40,000,000
    52.) Obtain 75,000,000
    62.) Obtain 100,000,000
    -> I would rate this as the second hardest of the final 10. I would recommend first focusing on getting your multiplier up to x8. Obviously you will want to play this table long enough to learn all strategies and use the tilt save yourself from losing when you suspect the ball to slip right through the middle of the flippers.
    When going for the ghost inserts, you can hold the ball with the left bumper and, with enough practice, you can juggle the ball and repeatidly hit the ghost bumpers and eventually the insert. You will likely have to complete the table a couple of times before reaching the score. Be sure to use the tips listed in the earlier section.

    3.) Activate 1 Minibumper Inserts
    13.) Activate 2 Minibumper Inserts
    23.) Activate 3 Minibumper Inserts
    33.) Activate 4 Minibumper Inserts
    43.) Activate 5 Minibumper Inserts
    53.) Activate 4 Minibumper Inserts
    63.) Activate 6 Minibumper Inserts
    -> These challenges are pretty easy. Minibumper inserts refer to the pink slats (like those that protect the game mode orb) that are scattered around table.
    Once you clear them all, you can send the ball up a ramp and the inserts will re-appear. Just clear them the set number of times for the challenge.

    4.) Start 1 Game Mode
    14.) Start 2 Game Modes
    24.) Start 3 Game Modes
    34.) Start 4 Game Modes
    44.) Start 5 Game Modes
    54.) Start 6 Game Modes
    64.) Start 7 Game Modes
    -> A game mode is initiated when you clear the pink inserts protecting the pink game mode orb and then hit to ball into the orb. Use the 'recycle game mode' trick listed in the previous section to make this work quicker.
    Overall, not a difficult set of challenges.

    5.) Activate 1 Ghost Insert
    15.) Activate 1 Ghost Insert
    25.) Activate 2 Ghost Inserts
    35.) Activate 2 Ghost Inserts
    45.) Activate 2 Ghost Inserts
    55.) Activate 3 Ghost Inserts
    65.) Activate 3 Ghost Inserts
    -> Ghost inserts are the blue orbs that are protected by the bue slats. The challenges may look similar, but the difficulty change is due to a change of table.
    The final of these is on the Werewolf table. It is actually a bit easier since there is only one slat blocking the orb. If you time it right, you can use the left flipper to make a direct hit towards the insert.

    6.) Activate 1 Quick Multiball
    16.) Activate 2 Quick Multiballs
    26.) Activate 3 Quick Multiballs
    36.) Activate 4 Quick Multiballs
    46.) Activate 5 Quick Multiballs
    56.) Activate 6 Quick Multiballs
    66.) Activate 7 Quick Multiballs
    -> Quick Multiballs are activated when pass over the red multiball orb that is located on the table. For these challenges, it is located in the upper right of the table and can be reached by using one of the ramps on the right side.
    It seems that each successive quick multiball requires more passes to activate. Also, you may reach the required number, but if you have a game mode active, you will have to wait for the timer to finish before the multiball will initiate.

    7.) Start 1 Multiball
    17.) Start 2 Multiballs
    27.) Start 3 Multiballs
    37.) Start 4 Multiballs
    47.) Start 5 Multiballs
    57.) Start 6 Multiballs
    67.) Start 7 Multiballs
    -> Multiball refers to when you fill the lock ball holes on the board. This is actually quite easy, as there is usually a direct path the holes by utilizing one of the ramps.

    8.) Start 1 Fire Multiball
    18.) Start 2 Fire Multiballs
    28.) Start 3 Fire Multiballs
    38.) Start 4 Fire Multiballs
    48.) Start 5 Fire Multiballs
    58.) Start 5 Fire Multiballs
    68.) Start 6 Fire Multiballs
    -> I am pretty sure these challenges are glitched, but in a good way. These are by far the easiest of the challenges. There will be a glowing orb at the base of one of the ramps. Once you pass through the ramp, the orb will fill and a new ramp will have a flashing orb at it's base.
    In theory, you would activate a Fire Multiball once all these orbs are lit. Fortunately, the game counts each lit orb as a "fire multiball". So basically, you can complete these challenges in a matter of seconds.

    9.) Hit 50 bumpers
    19.) Hit 100 bumpers
    29.) Hit 200 bumpers
    39.) Hit 500 bumpers
    49.) Hit 1000 bumpers
    59.) Hit 2000 bumpers
    69.) Hit 5000 bumpers
    -> I found challenge 69 to be the third hardest, IMO. Once you become familiar with the board, you can take your time and keep aiming for the ramp on the right that sends your ball right in the center of the bumper cluster.
    There isn't any need to progress the board and try to complete it. My strategy was to 'hold' any extra balls on the right side using the flipper and keep another ball on the left side and try to hit the aforementioned ramp.
    Takes lots of practice and quite a bit of time, but persistence will pay off.

    10.) Turn X2 Multiplier on
    20.) Turn X4 Multiplier on
    30.) Turn X6 Multiplier on
    40.) Turn X8 Multiplier on
    50.) Turn X2 Multiplier on
    60.) Turn X4 Multiplier on
    70.) Turn X6 Multiplier on
    -> Another easy set of challenges. You should know how multipliers work at this point and should be able to easily manipulate the board to activate them. Even if you don't, you should be able to accidently activate these through normal play as long as you don't lose.
    I was imagining that the final challenge would have been a huge pain in the ass. Fortunately, it is not.
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