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How to unlock the Hellfire achievement

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    This is information for 'completing' tables in Zombie Pinball. As all the tables require essentially the same things to be done in order to 'complete' them, all of the below is applicable for any table.

    Completing a table requires validating 3 special table modes in order to activate Final Mode. The 3 special table modes are Mini Bumpers, Fire Multiball, and Ghost Multiball. You'll note I specify 'validating', and not completing; this is because the game only requires you to START those modes, you do not need to play them to completion or until timer runs out (though that is also a valid option).

    Mini Bumpers: You'll notice the little pink rectangle barriers in between ramp openings on the table. Hitting all of these (the amount varies a little by table) will cause all of the yellow arrows (called mini bumper inserts) on ramps to flash. Sending the ball up any flashing yellow arrow ramp will validate that insert and leave the light on solid. To activate Mini Bumper mode, you need to validate (turn on) all of the yellow mini bumper inserts. Doing so turns on Mini Bumper mode, which spawns a bunch of mini bumpers all across the table. Please note that although there IS a minibumper located in the ball drain between your flippers, it IS still possible to lose your ball if you are not careful about watching how you use your flippers. Raising a flipper opens up space for the ball to drain, and the bumpers throw the ball around somewhat unpredictably. Additionally, please note that the pink barriers located within the Ghost Multiball ramp (details below) are NOT part of the mini bumper event and do not need to be hit to progress in it.

    Fire Multiball: Next, you'll notice multiple red arrows that fill the bulk of most of the ramps. To activate Fire Multiball properly (sometimes the table activates it prematurely, unsure why, it may be a glitch), you must send your ball down each ramp the number of times a red arrow appears on it. Each time you do so, you'll fill a red arrow to solid, and begin the next one flashing. Once all the ramps have had all of their red arrow inserts filled, Fire Multiball begins - your balls will be covered with an annoying 'flame' animation that makes it a bit difficult to tell exactly where the ball is. The bumpers will also be on fire.

    Ghost Multiball: Lastly, your ramps also contain a blue arrow insert. On one side of the table (location varies by table, as do the number of barriers within) is a dead-end ramp with a blue circle at the end. It will be filled with a number of pink rectangle barriers, like the mini bumper barriers. To validate a Ghost Multiball insert, you'll need to hit all of the pink barriers blocking access to the Ghost circle, then hit the Ghost circle itself. Validating all of the Ghost inserts will activate Ghost Multiball, wherein Blue ghosts will travel across the table, and hitting one will add an additional blue ball to your table. This is a great way to gain more balls to help complete stuff on the table. A handy trick for completing this on some (though not all) of the tables: It is possible to 'juggle' the ball on your flipper, and cause it to pop up the Ghost ramp, fall back down, and catch it on the flipper again only to pop it back down the same Ghost ramp. While this is useful for knocking out the barriers in front of the circle, it's best use is cheat your way into clearing multiple barriers at once. With some practice, it is possible once you remove the barriers to pop the ball up the ramp to hit the circle, then immediately send the ball BACK up the ramp to the circle again. While this does not count to validate additional inserts immediately, if timed right, it will allow you to get the ball BEHIND the pink barriers before they spawn, allowing gravity to take out all of the barriers in one downward roll. Then you can just hit it back up to the circle once more. This can be a great time saver.

    Finally, once these three modes have been validated, you'll activate FINAL MODE (though, please note, any other modes you may have accidentally activated while playing might trigger first, such as Color Multiball, additional Fire Multiballs, Quick Multiballs, etc; just play them until FINAL MODE announces itself).

    Final mode is pretty simple, though on a few tables there are some caveats to completing it. Final Mode turns on every light on the table. Basically, every light you needed to validate to get to this point will be turned on, plus all the greenish pac-man like dots on the orbit ramps on either side of the table, plus some extra dots on some ramps. All you have to do is run your ball over every single one of those lights to turn them off. Once you've done that, FINAL MODE is completed and you'll have completed the table!

    Final Mode notes: Some lights might be on during Final Mode that don't need to be 'put out' to complete. These include the dots and arrows used to turn on the points multipliers (x2,x4,x6,x8), and the Ghost ramp barriers. Furthermore, a couple of tables have a few lights that are NOT on easy to access paths. Namely, the Mad Scientist table, has 3 lights that cause some trouble located on the left side of the table, amongst the bumpers. There are two things you can do hit these besides hoping for sheer dumb luck to do it for you. First, go into FINAL MODE with as many balls as you can. Saving Ghost Multiball for last is a good way to do this; also the Color Multiball mode that can activate towards the end is very useful. The more balls you have bouncing around to hit those troublesome lights, the better. Second, and more so useful if you only have a ball or two, if you can get the ball over near the lights and bumpers, hit Y to tilt the table. Zombie Pinball's tilt is pretty forgiving, you need to really spam it in a short period to lock the table, so use it to your advantage and try to get that ball to bounce into the lights you need over there. (Using the tilt is also a good way to save your ball from draining, as it is apt to do since most tables have several (or all) ramps aimed at the drain).
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