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Secret Achievement in Call of Duty: WWII

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Mild Gonolini
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Mild Gonolini
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Posted on 04 July 18 at 23:43
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Welcome to the shadowed throne easter egg, yay number 3! You're in luck though, because compared to the other 2, this guy is actually not too bad. Once you are familiar with the steps and the map, you can cruise through this thing like its nothing. The boss fight can be a bit of a challenge, but thankfully there is a sort of glitch, sort of strategy you can employ to give yourself a much better chance (I hesitate to call it a glitch because it you don't really break the game in any way, its more like cheese than a glitch), more on that later.

The nature of the achievements in this map means you will need to do all but the boss fight for this easter egg a couple times to get everyone all the achievements. This is because (unless it is now patched), only one person per game can get the "kill a wustling with each melee weapon" achievement and doing that requires getting up to, but not completing the boss fight. When my crew of 4 did this we could get up to the boss fight in 25-30 minutes easily, as we had to do it a few times.

Obviously, the more people you have the better for this, as well, the glitch I mentioned earlier requires 4 people, so... do the math.


In terms of loadouts it is not super important like on other maps, but the sustain zone with shellshock is always a great pick (gives you a long lasting zone where any zombies that enter freeze for a long time). The melee weapons on this map are very powerful so that's all you need to really worry about for weaponry (so don't run pack mule). 1911 is great upgraded, and make sure you have some ability perk to give you armor without buying it.

Now, you've probably noticed there is an achievement for unlocking the blade without shooting, which seems quite daunting but is actually very easy. Basically you need to get to boss fight without firing a bullet from any of your primary guns. Melee is fine, grenades are fine, powerups are fine, abilities are fine, and, most importantly, the wonder weapon can be used to your heart's content. Basically as soon as you spawn in equip your melee weapon and never switch off until you need to use the wonder weapon. It should be noted if one person shoots, nobody gets the achievement, so make sure they never hear the end of it if they accidentally shoot. I'll also write this guide assuming you are playing melee only, you get some very powerful melee weapons throughout the easter egg so killing zombos will not be a problem, and, as soon as you retrieve the blade you will get the no shooting achievement and can fire away past that point and in any subsequent games.

This guide is written assuming you know the layout of the map, perk locations etc. As well as what the different zombie types are (the new crazy fats bois are a pain so get familiar with them ASAP), also know how to unlock pac-a-punch. Without further adieu, let's just jump into it.

Step 1: Contact the Russians

You probably already know about all this but whatever. In the first large area of the map (the caberet or something?) There is a radio in the back left corner. You are able to interact with the radio and tune it. Take note of the numbers and letter combination on top (it will be something like LS-2, but there are many combinations).

Now take this new found knowledge and head to the church. There is a very obvious map of the surrounding area in here, you are looking for a red pin stuck somewhere on this map, at a specific location. Note the location, and to the left of the map is a series of numbers. Find the location on this map. Now remember that number and letter combo you looked at earlier? Find the number beside the 2 letters you had (making sure it is in the correct location), then, in the same location, find the number beside the 1 digit number you had. You will get 2 decimal numbers, you don't need to remember the decimals, just the nearest whole number.

Now head on back to the radio, and tune in these numbers, the first number on the left, the second number on the right using the sticks, really simple stuff.

Step 2: send up some flares

On the opposite side of the museum, just outside the entrance there is a locked box beside a corpse near double tap.

Melee this box to open it, and melee it again to release some flares.

From this point on the sizzler zombies will start spawning in regularly, which are very fast, they are basically impossible to save at the end of the round, so get in the habit of saving decent sized groups and training them around while others do the easter egg steps, killing sizzlers once the blimp creates them. It should also be noted that the pest zombies will not be turned into sizzlers, so try and keep one of them alive at the end of the round to get some stuff done.

Step 3: assemble the wonder weapon

There are 2 parts to this thing, the first part you simply obtain from the first sizzler zombie you melee, easy peasy. The second part you obtain by finding it around the map, located:

-In the theater, coming from the radio area head up the left stairs and it is sitting on a box to the right at the top of the stairs. (while we're here, pick up the magnifying glass on the bench just left of the box, you'll need it soon).

-Bottom floor of museum, to the left of the armor machine in a display case.

-Top floor of the museum, to the right of the melee perk.

With the battery and rod thing in hand, head to spawn and open the downstairs apartment door. There is a kind of caged off area here that you can insert the battery into. Do so, enter the area, and grab the battery on the other side. You can now build the wonder weapon right here. Do it. Everyone should grab a wunderbuss, it is pretty good, shooting the left trigger at zombies will give you more ammo for it. Shoot the primary fire at the battery hole thing to open the cage permanently.

Step 4: contact the smuggler

In the wunderbuss build area, you will see a cash register. You can shoot it with the wunderbuss to make it shoot its little money thing out. Crouch down and look under it. You'll see a number, a slash, and another number. Enter these two numbers into the radio, exactly the same as before, you got this, proud of you.

Now basically, the rest of this easter egg involves getting 3 very powerful melee weapons by doing a couple different quests. They can and should be done at the same time to keep the rounds low. I'll label them one at a time, starting with the smugglers quest.

The smuggler's quest

Step 5: Get the right gun

Between the church and the theatre there is a manhole cover with the word gas on it. You want to throw a grenade at this to get the smuggler to start talking. He'll essentially say he needs a weapon to kill some zombies. He doesn't specify which weapon so that's fun. However, you get a hint, if you head back to the wunderbuss area, on the table you assemble it, there will be a few rounds for the weapon he needs, being either shotgun shells (pretty obvious), what looks like 9mm pistol/ smg rounds, or rifle rounds (sniper/ assault rifle). So knowing that you can narrow down your options. The only guns he will ever want are always going to be wall weapons, so don't bother with the box. There aren't a whole lot of options so hopefully this won't take more than 1 or 2 tries. Eventually he will accept your generous offer and leave.

Now this quest is put on pause for 3 rounds, for some reason, and in between those rounds you can and should be working on the other quests, but I'll just finish off this quest right now for convenience sake.

Step 6: Pay the smuggler

Now head to the opposite courtyard area, by the radio, and right by the entrance the theater there is another manhole cover which you can 'nade off (only after the 3 rounds have passed). The smuggler will now demand a sacrifice of money. Simply drop points onto the open manhole cover until he is satisfied, it can come from all players and it is not a whole lot of a points, pretty simple stuff.

Step 7: Knock 3 times

Now head to where you built the wunderbuss, and walk up to the door here. Melee it 3 times, and a wustling will knock down the door (dispose of him of course). You will see the smuggler got viciously killed by the wustling in his little hideout, but... he left his powerful bat so... yay! Grab it and have fun, 1 of 3 weapons down

The Dancer's quest

Step 8: Grab a painting

Remember, this should really be done while you're waiting for the smuggler. In the apartment above where the wunderbuss is built, in the bedroom there is a dead lady on the bed, to the left of the bed on the wall is a large painting, grab it please, thank you, you're good at that.

Step 9: Place the painting and grab some film

Head to the theater. On the bottom floor on the opposite side of the building as the stage, you will see a projector, you can place this painting you just grabbed in front of it. If you look on the balcony above the projector, you will see a film reel, which you need to throw a grenade at to get to fall, grab this thing obviously, and place it in the projector, obviously. Shoot the projector with your wunderbuss to get it to activate. Doing so will project a map of the map itself onto the wall behind the stage. There will also be a green light on the map somewhere. This map can be confusing, but imagine the top little square thing as the church, and it should be more clear.

Step 10: Green light hunting

You want to look at this map and determine where it is this green light is located. Now, this part can be tricky, but you essentially want to try and find exactly where it is this light is. You are looking for a little clown toy in this area, which can be a tad difficult to spot. The best way to find it is by killing a zombie near where the green light is and seeing if its soul goes anywhere (because, you guessed it, we will the clown toy with zombie souls).

This soul clown is a bit different though, because it needs a specific number of zombie souls. You need to count exactly how many zombies you kill near this clown toy until you hear a completion noise, it won't be a very high number, and obviously, having one person get all the kills is ideal to avoid confusion. When the clown is sated, you will hear a kind of completion noise and it will no longer accept souls. You need to remember how many souls it took in, remember it only counts as a soul if you see the red lightning animation going from the zombie to the clown. Note this number as your first number (write it down or remember it, up to you, I'm not your parents).

Now, we do the exact same thing, head back to the theater and look for the green light on the map, head there, find the clown, and count how many souls it takes. Again, remember this number of souls as your second number.

And now guess what! Do that all two more times! So you will end up with 4 total numbers, each one requiring you to look at the map, go to the green light, fill up the clown (I should mention the clowns never change position between games and are always there), and count how many zombies it took, note down the 4 numbers you got in the order you got them. If for whatever reason you messed a number up, that's fine, because the green light will cycle between the 4 locations forever, and the number of necessary zombies you need to kill remains the same, so you can check again.

Step 11: Struggle to open a safe

Now this part seems easy in theory can is just stupidly buggy and made more difficult than it needs to be. Those 4 numbers in their right order is the code to a safe, which is in the same room as the painting and the dead women on the bed. If you remember back to your lock in high school it is similarly frustrating, it is not simply entering the 4 digits. The best way I found to do it is:

1. Spin the lock clockwise 2 times, this hard resets everything.
2. Continue spinning the lock clockwise until it reaches your first number
3. Switch direction and spin the lock anti- clockwise directly to your second number (you may pass over zero, that's fine, just stop whenever you hit the second number)
4. Switch directions again and go clockwise directly to your third number (again, you may pass over 0)
5. Switch directions for the last time and go anti- clockwise to your fourth number.
6. With the dial directly on your fourth number get off the safe and after a few seconds it should open, inside is a very powerful knife, and your second melee weapon of 3. This knife is kind of over powered, because every time you kill a zombie with a charged hit, it gives you a point of armor.

If you can't seem to get the safe open, try it a few more times, remember it is:
2 turns clockwise> clockwise to 1>anti to 2> clockwise to 3> anti to 4> release. If you overshoot the desired number it can mess it up, so be very precise with where you land. If nobody can get it, you may have gotten the wrong numbers to start with and will need to repeat that.

Ax quest

Step 12: Find some numbers

You need to find a series of numbers etched into a part of the map (yes its one of those). The locations you can find this are (note I copied these locations from MrRoflWaffles video, all credit to him, his full video guide will be at the end of this):

1) To the right of the trench knife on the side of a brown dresser
2) On the grey concrete on the raised platform in the museum
3) Inside the second elevator on the right hand side
4) HERE in the Apartments area
5) HERE in the Cabaret
6) HERE in the Museum, base of pillar

The numbers are fairly large and decently easy to see, and you have to enter these numbers... into the radio again, yipee!

Now, a little pro tip for all you pros out there, this can actually be done way earlier on. I suggest you call the Russians using the radio, but don't send the flares up. You will be able to find the etching and the blimp will not have shown up to gift you sizzler zombies.

Step 13: Morse code

With these new coordinates inputted, the radio will start bleeping and blooping morse code. This consists of either dots (being short beeps) and dashes (being longer beeps) and was how people communicated across long distances before Facebook existed.

Now distinguishing between dots and dashes can be damn difficult, so good luck. Now, the radio is going to be giving you the same sequence of numbers (in morse code) over and over again. A single number consists of 5 dots and or dashes. Each individual number is going to be separated by a short pause, signalling a new number is beginning (a number can be more than 1 digit, the small pause tells you when the next number is starting and that this next digit is not part of the previous ones). Confused yet? You need to figure out what the numbers you are being given are using this:

External image

Which tells you what number each sequence of dots and dashes represent.

You will be getting 2 individual numbers total, they can each either be 1 or 2 digits. Listen to the morse code multiple times to make sure you get the right number, you can take as long as you need.

Step 14: Look at a map

Remember that map you used in the church, also remember that magnifying glass in the theater? Well we're now combining the two. Look at the map and hold x to interact. You will be able to move the magnifying glass across an XY grid of numbers. Simply put, place the magnifying glass in the coordinates stated, the first number is the x axis (right to left) and the second number is the y axis (up and down).

Now, as I understand, there is a limited number of possible coordinates, and all the possible numbers are known, so if you can't seem to understand the morse try all these:

19 21
12 15
10 8
12 19
18 5

With the correct coordinates, the cabinet to your right will open and let you grab a golden bowl from inside. This bowl needs to be brought to the top floor of the museum, on a weighing scale at the top of the stairs, all of the ax quest steps up to this point can and should be done before the flares call the zeppelin.

Step 15: Get a sizzler head

You now need to collect a sizzler's head. Doing this simply requires you to melee a sizzler to death near any armor machine. If you were successful, you will see his head in the machine. By purchasing this armor you get the head, bing bang boom.

Step 16: Zombie souls for the billionth time

Place that head you just got in the golden bowl on the scale, now charge it by killing zombies near it, can we stop with that being a step in every map please? When enough are killed near the head (make sure there is that red lightning) the drawer it is on will open giving you the nazi axe, the third melee weapon.

Step 17: Placing the weapons

You now need to place all 3 melee weapons in their very obvious spots to the right of the church (being the dancer's dagger, the Nazi ax, and the smuggler's bat). You won't lose the weapons so don't worry.

Step 18: More bloody soul boxes!!!

With all 3 melee weapons placed, you need to kill zombies near them to charge it up, you know the drill. At this point, only normal zombies souls will work, so whatever. After a while it will stop needing normal zombies and will now need sizzlers, sigh.

Sizzlers are created from normal zombies about once every 30-45 seconds, so the easiest way to do this is just train up zombies nearby, wait for one to become a sizzler, run it to weapons and kill it, do this for a while.

Once it has taken enough sizzlers, it now needs pests. Nothing much to say, pests do spawn in normal rounds so try and focus on killing them near the weapons, otherwise a single pest wave and you will get this no problem. Such a fun step wow.

When you've killed enough pests, the door behind you will open. This has never happened to me, but apparently this is an instant down if the swinging door hits you while it is opening, so watch out I guess.

Step 19: charging up some red things

Around the map there are 4 very obvious red glowing containers of electricity. They need to be charged up. You charge them up by shooting them a whole bunch with the wunderbuss primary fire, so basically have everyone empty all their rounds into one of them whenever they have ammo, three of them can be accessed in the normal map, and you can charge whenever you want, the fourth is only available in the emperor room you just opened, the locations:

1. In front of the church, sitting in the middle of the ground, can't miss it
2. Lodged in the ceiling of the museum
3. By the dancer's dagger, if you start to head down towards pac-a-punch, look to your right and you can see it through a crack.
4. In the emperor's chamber in the ceiling.

When you shoot one of them with enough wunderbuss it starts to glow yellow, meaning it is all good.

Step 20: Logic puzzles you can cheat with the internet

When you activate the final red thing in the emperor's chamber, you will be locked down there until you get some stuff done, as such, you should absolutely have a few pest zombies saved before you head down here, because someone will need to do a bunch of puzzles and a sizzler running around would complicate things, so have 1 person hold a pest in the same area and try and stay out of the way.

There are 4 walls in this area and each of them has a little logic puzzle. You need to rotate the statues at each wall to get them all facing forward. If you're a glutton for punishment, go ahead and try and solve this legit, basically when you rotate one statue on the wall, other rotate as well. You rotate a statue by damaging it enough to get it to spin 90 degrees. Remember, you still can not shoot, which means you need to knife these statues to get them to rotate.

If you're sane, just use this solver created by Javano. Super simple, wall 1 is the wall connected to the stairs (the only wall with 3 statues), wall 2 is to the left of that wall 3 to the left of that and wall 4 to the left of that. Select the wall you want to solve, and do not touch any statues, input the starting positions of each statue into the solver and it will just tell you exactly how many times to rotate each statue.!

After you solve a wall, a golden raven will appear which you need to grab and place anywhere near the large statue in the center of the area. You do need to place it in a specific spot, but get all 4 ravens before you worry about that.

When all 4 walls have been solved and the ravens placed, the ravens will be thrown to the floor around the statue (because they are in the wrong spots). Each raven will be placed in the exact same spot every game, but the ravens look very similar to one another, and it can be quite difficult to discern where each goes. I'm not even going to bother trying to describe where everything goes, the full video guide at the end of this will show exactly where everything goes.

With all the ravens correctly placed, Barbarossa's blade is yours, yay! If you managed ti not shoot at all during any of this you will get that achievement here as well. The sword is strange because the left trigger swing is very powerful and the right trigger swing is borderline useless.

With sword in hand, you can place it at the top of the stairs to leave the place, and you're ready for the boss fight!

Step 21: Boss fight

This boss fight is composed of two parts, the exploit I mentioned only helps on the second part.

For the boss fight, you will want all players to have full perks, a blade as their melee weapon, full armor, a wunderbuss, and some kind of paped bullet weapon, as well a few players should have jack in the boxes.

To start the boss fight, all players will need a full wunderbuss and to head into the pod in the middle of the map right in front of the radio. Everyone needs to aim up and empty their full magazines into the red light inside the pod until you are brought into the blimp where the fight takes places.

As soon as you get up here, its basically just rounds like normal, no boss yet but zombies will continuously spawn. You want everyone to kind to kind of search the blimp for a computer terminal which can be accessed. When you find it, you will see it is a series of red wires, with one white light. The specific terminal you are at can move the light only between the green wires. From this first terminal, you simply want to drag the white light over through the wire to the next light. This is actually controlling a large light thing below your feet.

You can only move the light a certain distance per terminal, so once you move it as far as it can go, hop off and find the next terminal along the lights path (it will be very close to the actual large white light under the floor). Of course, zombies will harass you, and you can't defend yourself for the few seconds you are moving the light, so having a team mate watch your back is essential.

When you reach the top of the stairs, you are given the option of two directions. The strategy I found is to move the light all the way up the upper path to the very end (unlocking all those doors), then, from this same terminal, move the light back and down the bottom path as far as it will go. Now head to the top path terminal, which will allow you to move the light to its destination triggering a little scene with Straub. Once that's done, the actual boss shows up.

So again, two methods to this, the actual way or the cheese way

The actual way

I would suggest everyone head back to the area you started in for this fight, as it is the most open. Zombies will be swarming you like usual, as such, utilizing shell shock with sustain zone to keep them temporarily at bay is important, basically juggling the shellshock between each player so you don't use it at the same time.

Now, damaging the boss is weird... It seems like he is only susceptible to damage at specific times, as well, only in specific red glowing areas of his body. You want to be shooting him with an upgraded bullet weapon in the red spots when he is glowing. He has a ton of health, so be patient. Juggling your shellshocks (as well as monkeys if you have them) is important too.

As is a common theme with boss fights it seems, he enters a "stage 2" after enough damage is dealt. He will now be firing saw blades at you, how fun. Not much more strategy wise, keep moving, juggle those shellshocks, focus fire when he is susceptible to damage.

When enough damage is done here, stage 3 begins, and he starts to create a ball of electricity on the floor around himself, which you should obviously avoid. Same idea, shoot him a bunch, keep moving, juggle shellshocks, if you don't have any, a full power meter consumable would be great, otherwise just kill zombies until you do. I have also heard (and found this to be somewhat true myself) that the wunderbuss can damage him during this stage significantly, so use it I guess.

When the boss takes enough damage in this final stage he will... die, of course, and you all players need to enter the pod they entered here on to leave. As soon as they do, boom! Achievement pops, congratulations. You get a cutscene and the game will continue.

This boss fight is really nothing special if you're used to these zombie type boss fights. The area is decently small so it can be tricky to avoid be trapped, but making sure you properly stagger your sustain zones makes this not too difficult, especially relative to the first 2 maps. Even, so, if you find this to be more trouble then its worth, could I interest you in a slice of cheese, perhaps?

The cheese way

I found this method on youtube from a guy called J STONE. It's actually quite simple. All players are going to want to make sure they have both the sword, the melee perk, and quick revive equipped before heading into the boss fight. The first stage is the same, but as soon as you navigate the light, head back to the pod thing that brought you up here. As I mentioned, you need 4 guys for this to work. You want one guy to be the kind of lone survivor, and they will back themselves into the pod. The other 3 guys form a kind of body blocking shield around the entrance to the pod, it can take a bit of finesse to get everyone lined up right, but its not too difficult.

When everyone is in position, all 4 players should take out their blade and just start swinging with cn_LT (not with cn_RT ). Doing so decimates any zombies that come close to you instantly, the only real threat is the boss. Because of your body blocking, no zombies or the boss will be able to get to the one guy in the pod, so even though the 3 guys in front will continuously down, the guy in the back will always be alive to quickly pick them up. The sword also heals any nearby team mates with every hit, which means the guys out front will be kept alive longer (meaning they can get more hits in before needing to be revived). Don;t expect this to go quick, it can take a fair while to bring the boss down in health using the swords, but slow and steady wins the race. Once you're in the sweet spot of body blocking, don't move, so as to ensure it stays that way. The guy in the back may move forward a bit to land more hits, but if they start taking too much damage make sure you get back, if they die it's game over.

When the 3rd stage comes around, its possible the boss's electricity will reach the guy in the back, so the three guys up front may want to move forward just a tad. At this point its smart to occasionally switch to your wunderbuss to damage the boss, but try to stagger this so only one guy does it and only when the boss is susceptible to damage.

And that's really it, this strat isn't the prettiest but it gets the job done. Like I said, this fight isn't even that difficult, especially with 4 people, so whether or not you want to do it is up to you.

Here's the video if you want more info, all credit goes to J Stone on youtube


And so that wraps another zombies easter egg, unfortunately the nature of this map means you will probably be needing to complete everything but the boss fight again.

At this point, you should try and get everyone the 250 blade kills in the museum. For whatever reason, only the cn_RT attack with the blade counts for that, which really sucks because it is awful. It should be a 1 hit kill for a long time, but I found it was very difficult to actually hit the zombie I was aiming at, and 250 kills is a ton, especially if 4 people are going for it (and it has to be done in one location). Obviously don't have everyone there at once.

You should also grab the "survive 2 waves past round 20" achievement at this point. With everyone rocking a blade and using the cn_LT attack constantly you're borderline un-killable, very simple.

One person should kill a wustling with every melee weapon as well. When it says every melee weapon, it means every upgraded one, so the dancers blade, the Nazi ax, the smuggler's bat, and barbarossa's blade, don't need to worry about the ice pick and baseball bat around the map. You should definitely check to see if that achievement is still broken, and if more than 1 person can get it per game. If it is, you will need to complete the easter egg up to the boss fight 3 more times to get everyone that achievement. That sounds nuts, but, like I said, when you have a crew of people who know the steps this easter egg flies by super fast, I think we did the final 3 easter egg runs in about an hour and a half total (excluding the boss fight).

If you have any questions or ways to improve this guide, feel free to comment below or message me directly.

Good luck!

This full guide by MrRoflWaffles on youtube is very useful, all credit goes to him for making it.

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