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Compulsive achievement in Infinite Undiscovery


Obtain every item.

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How to unlock the Compulsive achievement

  • PuertoricariousPuertoricarious111,788
    23 May 2010 23 May 2010 23 May 2010
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    To get this achievement, you must obtain EVERY item in the game. This includes weapons, armor, accessories, usable items, food, materials, and special items. In other words, if it's a unique item, then you need to get it. They don't all need to be in your inventory at the same time.........simply obtaining the item once is sufficient for it to count, even if it leaves your inventory later on. This must be done on Normal or higher difficulty, because the post-game Seraphic Gate contains unique items and cannot be entered on the easiest difficulty.

    I just received this achievement last night, so I can vouch that all of the resources/tips in this solution will get you the achievement if followed carefully. Here's what I used:

    --jukkakhan's Item Checklist (in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet): (make sure to read the directions on how to use it correctly)
    --Split Infinity's Walkthrough, covers the entire game, including side quests, treasure chests, and all missables:
    --Demon9Tom's Compulsive Guide: (all of this is covered in Split Infinity's guide above, but since it specifically focuses on Compulsive, it helps keep you focused on getting all of the missables, plus it includes some handy post-game info)
    --Signum7's Seraphic Gate FAQ: (for the post-game Seraphic Gate)
    --Sakurayule's Hints & Tips FAQ: (a handy reference for locations of characters in towns, plus general tips that anyone playing through the game should know)

    Basically, play through the game following Split Infinity's walkthrough, checking off items as you get them. Refer to Demon9Tom's Compulsive guide before and after entering any area as a safeguard against missables. In the post-game/Seraphic Gate, Signum7's guide is your friend.

    Some tips for anyone attempting this:
    --Be careful!!! This sounds obvious, but I can't stress this enough. Be organized and meticulous about keeping track of what you've gotten. If there's even ONE discrepancy between your checklist and the actual items you've gotten in game, you risk not getting the achievement and having to re-check EVERYTHING. For example, if you see a weapon that you need at a store, and then check it off on your checklist but then leave the store without actually buying it, you've already doomed yourself to not popping this achievement when you think it should. If you get an item and forget to check it off, that's OK, since you can probably get it again later, but checking off items that you don't actually have in game should be avoided at all costs!!
    --Only save your checklist when you save in the game. This is extremely important, and is the best way to ensure that there's no discrepancy between your checklist and your saved game.
    --Watch your pick-ups. Every area brings new enemies and new drops, so don't forget to check that upper right hand corner whenever you get a new drop. When you're fighting enemies, it's very easy to miss this.
    --Use the vouchers! Without the vouchers, this achievement would probably take you 200+ hours. They can be downloaded for FREE from the XBL Marketplace, and they allow you purchase all metals, minerals, and cloths from any store you go to. It saves you countless hours of item farming.
    --Save most item crafting for the end. This will ensure that you've amassed most of the items that you need during your playthrough so that you can craft most items in one go. I'd also recommend keeping a notepad file that specifies what items you weren't able to craft in your first go around, as well was what/how many materials you need to make them. This will keep your item farming much more focused and save you time!
    --If you're looking to complete the game, go for Compulsive on Infinity Mode. Infinity Mode will require you to fight/level up more, which ensures that you'll get more drops, which you'll need for item crafting. Plus, beating the Ethereal Queen on Infinity will require you to obtain many of the harder/rarer items anyway (to forge the best equipment), so the two achievements go hand in hand.
    --Unequip weapons/armor for them to count. If a new member joins your party with new equipment, that equipment won't count until you've unequipped them. This goes for "broken" weapons/armor as well. The last item I needed for this achievement was a "broken" weapon, and the achievement didn't pop until I had unequipped it.
    --Boost your money early and buy at least one of everything at every store. Split Infinity's guide has a good strategy for making infinite money after Castle Prevant. Use it, and abuse it.
    --Re-check the stores every time you go back to a town. Store inventories often change after story events, so every time you go back to a town, double check to see if they're carrying anything new. Split Infinity's guide is good about giving you a heads up when stores have new wares, but make sure to be in this habit regardless. Some items are only available at stores temporarily, and once they're inventory changes, they're gone forever.
    --Use the "New Items" menu. In your inventory, you can check your "new items" tab to see what you've recently acquired. I made a habit of checking this every time I saved, to make sure that my items matched.

    This achievement isn't necessarily hard, but it will test your ability to be patient and meticulous. As long as you're careful, you'll pop the achievement on your last item. Good luck!

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    Jezza69Another top tip is to remove all of Sigmunds gear when you get him back. I forgot to do this but counted his items as they were on him. Just as I de-equipped him of everything, the achievement popped. PHEW!
    Posted by Jezza69 on 27 Jan 18 at 18:48
    JukkaKhanI had a request to reupload my Compulsive checklist somewhere more accessible. I went ahead and moved it to Google Docs and updated it to use actual checkboxes:

    You'll either need to download it as an Excel file or you can copy it to your personal Google Drive and use it from there. Hope this helps people still hunting this achievement!
    Posted by JukkaKhan on 15 Sep 18 at 01:58
    AlgurThe broken armor doesn't seem to be working with the helmet and boots for Capell.
    Posted by Algur on 09 May at 18:02
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  • Shiney CheeseShiney Cheese1,469,899
    10 Oct 2014
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    Here is a list of all missable items in the order you get them, where they are obtained, and how they are obtained.

    Eagle Emblem Gold Coin - Graad Prison - Talk to the Young Villager in the prison cell near the first save point in the game and he will give this to you.

    Emblazoned Sword - Graad Woods - Given to you by Sigmund (story related). Technically not missable, but do not sell it. You will need it to craft the Azureal Blade later in the game.

    Old Ring - Nolaan - When you first arrive at Nolaan and have Rucha and Rico join your party, connect with Rico and talk to the Distracted Man in one of the houses so that he mentions something being buried in the shrine. Go to Dragonbone Shrine, and at the first crossing, go SW and next to two mice, you will find some rubble. Examine it and Capell will comment about something being dug up. After clearing the Dragonbone Shrine, connect to Rico and talk to the Distracted Man and he will mention something about a dog digging up something he hid. While still connected to Rico, talk the the Forgetful Dog, who remembers digging up something but will tell us about it later. After clearing Castle Prevant, go back to Nolaan. Connect with Rico and talk to the Forgetful Dog. With Balbagan in the party, go back to the Dragonbone Shrine, and head to the NW branch for a dead end with a cracked rock. Connect with Balbagan and use Gigatackle to break the rock. Head further in and you will find a Hill Gigas and two Glors. Kill them, and head out of the Dragonbone Shrine. Connect with Rico and talk to the Forgetful Dog. Now, head to the well in Nolaan and check for a glimmer on the ground. Examine it to get the Old Ring.

    Cell Key - Castle Prevant - If you are going for the "Capell to the Rescue" achievement you will get this naturally. If not, one can be found in a cell in the south part of the 1st floor.

    Concerto Notations - Nolaan - After clearing Castle Prevant, travel to Nolaan. Talk to Sigmund near the well twice and you will get this.

    Oversized Wristband - Sapran - Obtained during your first visit to Sapran. Before entering Sapran, make sure you save your game at the oasis in the Oradian Dunes. When you enter Sapran, you will enter into a battle. The Oversized Wristband is a rare drop by the Hill Gigas. Keep in mind that there are only 3 of the Hill Gigas (they do not respawn) and the chances of the drop are around 8%, so if you do not get the drop, reload your save and try again.

    Bone Comb - Sapran - After rescuing the refugees, can be found near the west end of the village near the pond.

    Balsa Wood - Sapran, Kolton - After the Crimson Chain is gone, can be purchased at Sapran's shop. Also can be purchased from Faina in Kolton during your second visit.

    Fructus Herb - Halgita, Kolton - Can be purchased at the Halgita general shop during your first visit. Also can be purchased from Faina in Kolton during your second visit.

    Capell Doll, Faina Doll, Leif Doll - Halgita - Can be obtained after clearing Dais. Faina and Leif can be found next to the chapel on the 1st floor. Faina is asking for 3 Damask Cloth (can be purchased in any shop with the vouchers). Give the items to her and wait 30 minutes. After waiting, come back and she will give you all 3 dolls.

    Suite Notations - Port Zala - Can be obtained during your second visit to Port Zala. Talk to Aya near the ship to obtain this.

    Instrumental Sword - Castle Valette - Requires Komachi to be in your party. After the "red, white, blue, yellow, purple" series of rooms, a chest can be seen on the catwalks up above. Use Komachi's Honeysuckle skill to obtain.

    Capriccio Notations - Castle Valette - In the second room with the "red, blue, green" flashing crystals, hit both crystals when they are blue. This will open a room containing the item in a chest.

    Azureal Blade - Can be crafted but requires the Emblazoned Sword. Do not sell the Emblazoned Sword. Also, save your game before crafting in case fail in crafting it.
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