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God of Death achievement in Aragami: Shadow Edition

God of Death

Obtain all 'Oni' medals

God of Death-1.0
23 January 2021 - 3 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

How to unlock the God of Death achievement

  • DamoclesDamocles293,363
    05 Nov 2020 05 Nov 2020 05 Nov 2020
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    This achievement is for killing all enemies in every level. This is fairly straightforward if you play on easy, and level select allows you to hit any you missed. However, I do have a few tips.

    1.) Go loud. There is no need to be stealthy, which will only slow you down. Additionally, every time a body is discovered, an exclamation mark will appear on your HUD for each enemy still alive in the current area. This allows you to have a general idea of how many enemies are left and where they are.

    2.) If you change your skin, difficulty will revert back to medium. This threw me for a loop when I first went back to mop up one level.

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    Mister BudsIf anybody wants the number of enemies on each level, easy difficulty, I wrote them all down from my results screens.

    Chapter I: 12
    Chapter II: 17
    Chapter III: 32
    Chapter IV: 39
    Chapter V: 59
    Chapter VI: 64
    Chapter VII: 36
    Chapter VIII: 37
    Chapter IX: 06
    Chapter X: 32
    Chapter XI: 62
    Chapter XII: 19
    Chapter XIII: 0
    Posted by Mister Buds on 03 Dec 20 at 03:27
    ThePortal2010I killed 77 in Chapter 6. https://www.trueachievements.com/gamescreenshot.aspx?gsid=45...
    Posted by ThePortal2010 on 16 Dec 20 at 22:45
    Makker@ThePortal2010 I'm wondering if you might have been playing it on Normal without realising? When you change outfits the game has been known to set your difficulty to normal regardless of what you were previously playing on. I've just done Chapter 6 on Easy and got the Oni medal with only 64 kills. I know Hard has more enemies and makes them more alert compared to Easy. I'd assume Normal is the same but a bit less so (I've not played on normal yet so can't confirm). Either way you put in a good run for Chapter 6 at 65 minutes without being spotted and getting 77 kills. Took me longer than that for 64 kills on Easy so well played regardless clap
    Posted by Makker on 09 Jan at 21:31
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  • BlueGamerz73BlueGamerz73236,311
    03 Nov 2020 03 Nov 2020 03 Nov 2020
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    God of Death achievement is for getting all the Oni medals
    You acquire an Oni medal when you kill every enemy in a mission
    There are 13 mission's so you will have to kill all the enemies in each of those level's.
    The difficulty does not matter you can get all Oni medal's on easy or you can try to get them while doing the higher difficulties
  • MakkerMakker420,017
    15 Jan 2021 09 Jan 2021 09 Jan 2021
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    I've been going for the Yurei and Oni medals on my first run (never spotted and kill everyone respectively). It seemed better to pair those together than Yurei and Kami (kill nobody) as once you unlock the Shadow Vanish and Shadow Kill techniques your chances of alerting guards drop noticeably (especially when combined with Kurosuna's blinding technique).
    I didn't have any issues finding and killing everyone on previous Chapters even without the Banmoku technique (detect enemies) so I didn't note those down but I did have to replay Chapter 6 as I missed somebody somewhere and didn't know where.
    Now that I've played it again I'm guessing it was one of the guards that don't move about and aren't watching any of the objectives. I feel like this Chapter adds a (not unwelcome) new challenge not seen in previous Chapters because it's level design lends itself to guards on different heights being able to observe guards both above and below. By the same premise, this also makes it harder to build a "mental map" of the level as you go through it for the first time.
    I'll update this with totals for later Chapters if I have the same problem again but for now here are the totals for each area/room of Chapter 6 on Easy.

    Starting Area (outside) - 5
    Rectangular Room (after the underground tunnel) - 9
    Central Circular Room - 12
    Air Room (grey symbol of several curved lines) - 10
    Fire Room (red symbol of flames) - 12
    Water Room (blue symbol of waves) - 9
    Earth Room (brown symbol of a mountain) - 7
    Total - 64
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