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Claridian Hammer achievement in Infinite Undiscovery

Claridian Hammer

Keep improving your forging skills!

Claridian Hammer0
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How to unlock the Claridian Hammer achievement

  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter839,076
    09 Dec 2008 12 Dec 2008 12 Dec 2008
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    Have any one character reach IC Level 6 Forging. You can use either Edward, Eugene, or Kristopher. I prefer Edward for the easiest, fastest, and most financially rewarding.

    When you reach Port Zala on disc 2, visit Faina and buy Bronze Metal.

    Make Bronze Scale Greaves until you reach IC Level 4. (1 Bronze Metal = Bronze Scale Greaves). Make sure you don't sell these as you will need them for the next part.

    Now make Bronze Plate Greaves until you reach IC Level 6. (3 Bronze Metal + 1 Bronze Scale Greaves = 1 Bronze Plate Greaves).

    You will need a good amount of BSG so if you don't get to Level 6 just make more of them.

    The big plus of this procedure is that you can now sell the Bronze Plate Greaves for a large amount of fol, I believe 4800 per one.
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  • Mickey BurnsMickey Burns366,414
    14 Jun 2010 14 Jun 2010
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    I got this achievement for Level 6 Forging (and its Level 4 Forging predecessor) as early as Burgusstadt using Edward.

    In Luce Plains, farm the enemies as much as possible (repeatedly killing the Box Mimic beyond the cracked rock wall helps this to go faster ... after you get Balbagan in your party) and save up quite a bit of Fol.

    Head to Burgusstadt (after completing Castle Prevant) and go to the General Store, buying as much Bronze Metal as you can carry. Go to the castle. If you have any Metal Fragments, visit Sigmund in his room, connect with him, and turn all of the Metal Fragments into Bronze Metal.

    Now go to Edward's room across the hall and connect with him ... but instead of sitting down and churning out weapons and armor right away, have Edward follow you back to the General Store (this saves a bit of time from running back and forth ... waiting for the slow ass double doors to the castle to open each trip).

    Inside the general store, start churning out Bronze Scale Greaves until you reach Level 4 Forging. Once you have Level 4, start turning those Bronze Scale Greaves into Bronze Plate Greaves.

    Rinse and repeat ... selling the Bronze Plate Greaves and buying more Bronze Metal when necessary ... until you get Level 6 Forging.

    This nets you quite a bit of change. After I attained Level 6 Forging, I continued mass-manufacturing the Bronze Plate Greaves, saving up a lot of Fol, then purchasing more advanced materials (you may or may not need the Vouchers DLC ... not entirely sure) and making some of the more advanced gear for people in my party.
  • Jammy32Jammy32175,359
    07 Dec 2010 17 Dec 2010
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    This achievement can be gotten as early as Prevant Castle right after you have the cutscene with Edward and your party consists of Capell, Aya, and Edward.

    All you need is a bit of money for start up and buy the bronze metal from Genma.
    1 Bronze Metal = 1 Bronze Scale Greaves

    if you need a bit of money, buy some iron metal too and
    1 Iron Metal + 1 Bronze Scale Greaves = 1 Iron Scale Greaves
    for a profit
    1 Bronze Metal = 100
    1 Iron Metal = 200
    Selling 1 Iron Scale Greaves = 475.
    Profit of 175.

    Make BSG until you are IC level 4, then Bronze Plate Greaves until you are IC level 6.
    Then make whatever you want with your profits.
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