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Dishonored achievement in Aragami: Shadow Edition


Die while performing a stealth kill

23 January 2021 - 3 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

How to unlock the Dishonored achievement

  • Kerman7Kerman7772,795
    05 Nov 2020 06 Nov 2020 06 Nov 2020
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    I unlocked this by accident but reckon doing so I've stumbled upon a very repeatable method. The reason is it only requires one enemy rather than two.

    Chapter 9 is a very short level where you fight a 'boss', the last captain.
    Their path is always to walk slowly towards you. When getting close, they execute a special move that cannot be interrupted and deals damage all around them.

    So when you start the level, go forward and shadow jump up (cn_RB) through the gate to get to the fight. Skip the cinematic (cn_B) and shadow jump forward and to the left, so you're in the shaded area. Once there, break the light orb and then let the captain get close enough so they spot you, whilst preparing to shadow jump behind them. Quickly do it when it's clear they have seen you and turn around. You may need to wait a split second for them to trigger their special move or not, depending how late you left it to jump, but get close and stab them in the back with cn_X. As killing them doesn't interrupt their move, they will kill you as you kill them.

    Given I got it without trying when I first messed up, I believe it should be fairly easy to time it right. I repeated a couple of times after and it wasn't tricky at all, but you may need a couple of restart. If that is the case however, given there is no setup and this fight is at the start of the level, it shouldn't be too much trouble.
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  • DarkR PhantomDarkR Phantom377,162
    04 Nov 2020 04 Nov 2020 04 Nov 2020
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    This is a secret achievement.
    Die while performing a stealth kill

    This can can be done in chapter 2. Load up chapter 2 and once you are able to free the bird there should be 3 guys that you passed and others to get to the animal. Once you get over the big door to free it there will be a small cut scene. Once that is over, Get on top of the big door onto the ledge then hop down. One you can stealth kill, the other guy will hear you so stealth kill him and as you kill him the other guy at the far end in front of you will kill you as you do a stealth kill on his buddy.

    If this doesn't work and if the two guys are standing next to each other run up or walk up and kill one of them and the other guy should kill you. If they happen to kill you after the fact you stealth kill one of them then just let them kill you and keep trying. Hope this method helps anyone out!

    Happy hunting!
  • MaliciousGhostMaliciousGhost1,553,521
    01 Nov 2020 01 Nov 2020 01 Nov 2020
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    Got this one by accident while going for The Darkness achievement. Load up Ch. 7. Make it to the 2nd area. As soon as you start, head towards the house straight ahead with the open door. On my game there were two guys literally walking shoulder to shoulder with each other on the right handed path. I snuck up behind one, held cn_X down to preform Shadow Kill. Apparently the animation for shadow kill ability was long enough for his buddy to turn around, spot me, and kill me just as the animation was ending. So I got both The Darkness, and Dishonored achievements at the same time. laugh Hopefully this helps and you get the same pathing from the enemies I got. I've noticed that sometimes when you load a chapter up, that the A.I. is sometimes in different spots.
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