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High Enchanter

Improve your enchanting skills!

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Achievement Guide for High Enchanter

  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter777,275
    09 Dec 2008 12 Dec 2008
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    For this achievement Capell must reach IC Enchanting Level 4.

    When you reach Port Zala on disc 2 buy Cork Wood from Faina. Now use the Air Attack Enchantment until you reach IC Level 2. ( 1 Cork Wood = Air Attack)

    Go back to Faina and buy Bronze Metal. Now use DEF +5% enchantment until you reach IC Level 3. (1 Bronze Metal = DEF+5%)

    Go back and buy more Bronze Metal and keep using Autoguard Rate+10% until you reach IC Level 4. (1 Bronze Metal = Autoguard Rate+10%)
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    There is a much earlier time you can get this achievement!

    Once you earn the Enchanting Ability after rescuing the citizens of Sapran, you can go back into town and purchase all of these materials required.

    I had the "A" and "B" vouchers on hand, so I'm not sure if they were required or not. Anyway, get them just to be safe. They're free!

    Now the method that Crimson did is still a useful crafting method to do it. But I'm going to add a couple numbers for the frugal.

    Start with "Air Attack". Craft this about 15 times. You'll hit IC2.
    (1x Cork Wood yields 1x Air Attack)

    Craft "DEF +5%" about 15 times. You'll hit IC3.
    (1x Bronze Metal yields 1 DEF +5%)

    Now purchase about 15 more Bronze Metal. Craft "Autuguard Rate +10%". You'll need about 15 to reach IC4.

    These numbers are rough estimates, on the high side. I had a few failures in my crafts. Actual ammounts may vary.
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