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Filthy Rich achievement in Infinite Undiscovery

Filthy Rich

Gather as much Fol as you can.

Filthy Rich+0.5
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How to unlock the Filthy Rich achievement

  • Dude RainDude Rain480,049
    11 Dec 2008 19 Jan 2009
    21 2 8
    You must earn 99,999,999 fol and max out the counter.

    Easiest to do in post-game, in the Seraphic gate. Head to the fourth floor (Luce Plains). On the far side of the rock formation in the middle of the map is a cracked rock with a Gold Mimic Chest behind it. Killing this nets you ~60,000 fol.

    From there, head to the 5th floor (Bihar Mines). Before the first elevator, there is a door to the right with another Gold Chest Mimic. He's worth another ~60,000.

    From here, you can return to the fourth floor, and the first mimic will be there again. Repeat the process as much as you like.

    If you bring along a lot of Gold Metal and Steel Metal, you can enchant Fol x3 / No Exp. This will get you ~360,000 fol in about 2-3 minutes of game time. Just bear in mind that you're not getting experience when farming this way.

    Another good place for this is on the Castle Prevant level of the Seraphic Gate. At the end of the level, just before moving on to the next floor, is another Gold Chest Mimic. You can take this guy out, move on to the next floor, return to the Castle Prevant floor, and repeat. Utilize the Fol x3 / No Exp enchantment for big money.

    However, keep in mind that this chest is way deep into the Seraphic Gate, about 15-20 minutes from the save point halfway through. Make sure you're at a suitable level for this, because there's no real "get out quick" method should things start getting rough.

    Thanks to Crimson Drifter for the tip about the Castle Prevant Mimic.

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    Dark CyberfreakYou can also set the others to WAIT, so you just have to enchant capell and no one is in the way... castle prevant teleporter is perfect. you get 33 enchantments (if nothing crashes), so you get 170000 to 180000 per mimic kill. that is 1080000 in 3 minutes = about 36000000 for 33 enchantments = 1 hour and 50 minutes (with enchanting). So the achievement is earned in nearly 7 or 8 hours.
    Posted by Dark Cyberfreak on 22 Feb 10 at 01:23
    FrisbeeGolferAt level 255 with the best equipment available, I could get 9 kills on the mimic with the 3x gold enchant with just Capell if I didn't screw up too much. That's about 1.6 million every 3 minutes, which works out to a little over 3 hours if you can somehow do it without taking a break (plus travel time to get there and to go back to Genma once to save/resupply). I saved this achievement for last, so I already had about 30 million fol when I started.
    Posted by FrisbeeGolfer on 25 May 13 at 19:28
    ChillumBongYou lot gotta be seriously mad about achievements. Level 255 omg how long does that take and such a grind for one achievement
    Posted by ChillumBong on 14 Mar 15 at 22:44
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  • TheBrumster89TheBrumster89114,057
    21 Apr 2011 20 Apr 2011 09 Dec 2011
    13 0 2
    First off I would like to say good luck getting this. It is as easy and time consuming and boring as putting on and taking off your socks about 600 times. Yes, that's what you are getting yourself into.

    There is no single way better than this method:
    1. Do this on hard or normal, infinity will just be making this unnecessarily hard on yourself as you have to level very high. Doing this on hard (at 50mil as I am typing this), required me to be at lvl160+ to get to this point in the game (40 hours ish)
    2. Play through the Seraphic Gate until you get to Castle Prevant. At the end of this floor before the teleporter to the Halgita floor there is a Gold Chest Mimic in the middle archway to your left (remember where you first ran into a gargoyle in the real Castle Prevant?)
    3. Enchant 3x Gold/No EXP (3x Gold Metal/3x Steel Metal) and any of the 5 elemental attacks on Capell i.e. Fire Attack, Air Attack etc. as any of them will cause all of your attacks on the Mimic to jump to 250% power. Mimics are weak to all elemental attacks.
    4. Use Grin Velesti, it's fast and with an elemental attack enchantment it's a 1 hit KO.
    5. Remember to re-enchant 3x Gold every 3 minutes and your elemental attack enchantment every 10 minutes (you will notice the second that stops working as you won't kill the Mimic in one hit)
    6. Run back and forth between the teleporter and killing the Mimic, and try to run back to the Kolton safe area every 30 mil or so to save and resupply your materials. My best time possible to get in the teleporter, run and kill the Mimic, and get back in the teleporter is 17 seconds. Round that to 20 seconds, means 3 kills every minute, times 170k average Fol equals 510k Fol per minute. So roughly 5-6 hours are required for this achievement due to running back and forth to this area to resupply and save and recast enchantments.

    Good luck to you again.
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    LV 1 Blue SlimeI'd add one thing - do this on the playthrough you are going for compulsive on. I had 4.5 million fol when I got compulsive and I sold all my shit (except for the stuff my 4 party members use) for another 20 million.

    It's not even half but it's going to cut down on your time by quite a bit, all for something you are doing anyway. A lot of monsters you will be farming end game drop weapons and armor that can sell for 50k-100k a piece, so it stacks up over time.
    Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 02 Jul 13 at 07:56
    ProfiliaThis is definitely the most efficient method. Thanks!
    Posted by Profilia on 21 Jan 14 at 19:06
  • Mike MarcelaisMike Marcelais786,973
    06 Jul 2011 04 Jul 2011 04 Jul 2011
    6 1 4
    Another option besides farming (potentially dangerous) Mimics is to use item crafting. In Kolton, you can buy Lizard Skin Boots and Salamander Skin to have Eugene make Salamander Boots. The items cost 7,500 and the Salamander Boots can be sold for 26,200. This is the most proffitable craft available.

    It takes me about 20 minutes to do a full set of 99 items at about an 80% success rate which works out to about 4 million per hour. That means about 20-25 hours of work. But it can be done in town in complete safety at any difficulty level. And it's pretty easy to do multitask (like watch TV) while you churn through the crafts.

    This doesn't work in the endgame -- after the Sapran Tragedy, Kolton no longer sells Lizard Skin boots.
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    Dr SandypantsIt's slow, and very, very tedious, but as you say it's something you can do when you're, say, commenting on an achievement guide. ;)

    It's worth noting that although it takes quite a bit longer, you can still make the Salamander Boots at the endgame with rabbit, sheep, lizard and salamander skin easily obtainable.
    Posted by Dr Sandypants on 27 Nov 12 at 22:42
    MattiasAndersonPerfect! Even if this takes longer it will save me time because i have a horipad and will just let the game craft and check back time to time while i do other things. This way i wont have to feel bored going for this.

    Great tip and thank you very much!

    I was looking at a way to do it this way on my own but now I dont need to fin dout wich is most profitable.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 05 May 16 at 08:31
    MattiasAndersonI keep my tumbs up for sharing this but this is not what I will do because much better way in my oppinion is to have balbogan or whatever his name is with you when you are at seraphig gate post game and at the luca plains trying to get LOADS of dragon fangs from the snakes. You need 38 drangon fangs minimum for the compulsive ach and if you on each turn killing the 4 snakes (Wich i do/did) you get extra 60.000 FOL from killing that mimic chest out there. So when you do have 38-68 Dragon fangs as you even need more to be able to kill a boss later you should have gotten a lot of fol by the time you are done collecting Dragon Fangs!
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 13 May 16 at 15:41
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