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The Dirty Dozen in Monster Slayers

The Dirty Dozen1,007 (180)

Complete Legendary Mode with 12 different classes

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Posted on 24 November 18 at 23:13, Edited on 24 November 18 at 23:14
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This achievement is for beating the game on Legendary difficulty with any 12 classes. There are 14 in total, so you can skip 2 that are giving you trouble. I tested that out by beating Legendary with the Merchant (was added as a later update to the Steam version of the game) before ever playing the Apothecary (one of the original 12). Note that you have to beat both Harbinger and the extra Shadow boss on each of the 12 characters for it to count.

As with any Roguelite game, each run has a considerable luck component. I'll give you a few overarching tricks that will help, but this game requires you to tailor your deck to the draws you are given.

I assume you have enough knowledge of the game to beat Harbinger on normal mode at least once. If you're not there yet, I recommend checking out the Steam forums/guides (note: I didn't write any of them, so all credit to the respective authors).

Here's an introductory guide:

This Steam user uploaded screenshots of his winning deck for most classes. My winning decks usually looked similar to his:

The Steam forums are good too - just search for the class you're using to see what other people have to say. The developer often responds to threads as well.

Legendary has 3 main differences to normal:

1) You don't get any +HP bonus from gear
2) Any gear you're wearing when you die will be permanently lost (see the "cheese" section below for how to avoid this) - however, gear that you buy/find but aren't wearing will go back to your inventory next run
3) Enemy decks will have fewer garbage cards (like Attack 1) making them stronger. Side note, in case you didn't already know this: One of your first priorities is to use the Healer nodes to delete your own garbage cards.


Ok, so since you beat Harbinger at least once, you should have some familiarity with the upgrade nodes that you earn from fame. Before attempting a legendary run, you should max out every bonus that is relevant for your character. That means:

1) Every circle on the top 2 rows
2) All 3 upgrades for the class you're playing
3) The 2 upgrades for each companion class you're selecting

It is not enough to max it out during your run of that character - often times, the bonus won't apply until the next time you start a fresh character.


This game can be cheesed. If you quit out (cn_start then cn_A) the game will bring you back to the town menu, before you select which dungeon you want to begin. Your progress from successful dungeons is saved, but all progress from the dungeon you quit out from will be lost (for better or worse). If you're about to die, hit cn_start then cn_A as fast as you can. The window to do it is quite generous - I quit out during a death animation many times, and never had the death save.

If you don't like the 2 companions you're offered, quit and try again. If you get unlucky with the first few drops, quit and try again. If you decide you made some horrible mistakes in earlier dungeons and you want to start from scratch but you don't want to lose your equipped gear, quit and try again. You'll be able to unequip all your gear and die naked so you don't lose anything.

When you retry a dungeon, some things change (treasure chests, merchant stock, etc) and other things remain the same. If you had 1 Azureripper and 3 Healers on the map the first time, that is what you'll have every time. If your Harbinger was resistant to physical the first time, that will be the case until your character dies or kills the Harbinger.

Listen to the Altar

It took several runs before I realized that the Altar encounter on the first dungeon will tell you exatly what the Harbinger is immune/resistant to. I thought it saying "THE HARBINGER DOES NOT FEAR THE THUNDER" was just weird flavor text. Turns out that means he's immune to thunder, and you shouldn't buy any thunder cards. If that ruins the strategy you wanted to employ, kill your character and start over.

Deck Cycling

Most classes winning strategy comes down to a variation of this: Remove all of your garbage cards (Attack, Improvise, Concentrate, etc), add lots of cycling cards (cards that let you draw 1, 2, or 3 after being played) and have a select few 'kill' cards. Your deck should be 80% cycle/kill cards, 20% utility cards (like the Guardian card, which gives you 1 turn of invincibility - or the Enough card). You won't get to this point until the 3rd dungeon, but every decision you make should be towards achieving this goal.

You should be able to play almost your entire deck every single turn. Start with the Rogue, since that class is easiest to do this with. You'll play a bunch of Chain Strikes, Daggers, Focus, Charge Up, Versatility, etc. You'll also have 1 to 3 Executes or Backstabs - those are your kill cards. Once you have that (end of 2nd dungeon or early in the 3rd) then every single turn, you should be able to play out your entire deck. Your draw and discard piles should be empty (or just have a random health potion or whatever utility card you don't want to use just yet).

Those kill cards happen to be Rogue specific, but each class has a very strong kill card - sometimes you won't have access to it until the 3rd dungeon. With some classes, you can kill most enemies (including both the Harbinger and the Legendary Shadow Boss) on the very first turn, unless the boss has an Enough card. To get around an Enough card, look for things that give you another turn (Time Stasis card, Bard companion's second ability) or make it so the enemy's turn is wasted (Guardian card).


My strategy for campsites was: If you see Alcohol (lets you delete a card), take it immediately. Even if it's your first card, it's not worth the 20% chance of losing. I'd rather have 1 Alcohol card than 10 other cards.

Otherwise, I'd quit after 4 or 5 cards, depending on how valuable they are. So if I'm playing a melee class and the first 4 cards are +HP or +AP, I quit after 4. If 2 are useless Mana cards, I'll go for a 5th, then quit.

And, don't just camp immediately. Even though your primary goal is finding an Alcohol card, you might as well wait until you're damaged so you can get the health refill also.

Gear Runs

The best gear has the following benefits:

1) Extra card on level up
2) +1 AP per support card played
3) +1 block per card played, combined with armor that provides free thorns (+1 damage per damage blocked) or combined with the actual Thorns card
4) For classes that rely on Mana Charge, +1 draw on Mana Charge played (helps with cycling)
5) For classes that have high dodge ratings, +1 draw per dodge (capped at 1 draw per turn)

If you don't have good gear (remember: anytime you beat the Harbinger, the gear you're wearing gets stolen - no way to avoid this, AFAIK) you need to do a gear run. Take an easy class (Rogue, Merchant, or Wizard great) on normal difficulty. Sail through the first 2 dungeons. Take the thief as your first companion, so you can get extra gold. Don't buy anything from the merchant (well, maybe a cheap card delete at 20 gold). You're playing on normal, so it should be easy. Your only goal is to make it to the third dungeon, buy up good gear from merchants, then die and use that gear on your next legendary run.

If you make it to the 3rd dungeon with a ton of gold but the merchant RNG sucks, quit out and restart the 3rd dungeon - the merchant gear will be different.


This is a fun game (if you like the genre) despite some bugs and a clunky UI. Most classes are really fun to play, especially once you get the deck to cycle freely and each card is working together. However, you should fully expect to try multiple times per class. Sometimes the RNG will just be bad for you. Sometimes you'll be playing the long game, waiting for the 3rd dungeon to buy good kill cards, and find that you're too weak to beat the 2nd dungeon. Just restart and try again - that's what Roguelite games are about.

Feel free to ask questions, provide more advice, or make corrections in the comments. I'll try to answer questions if I can, and incorporate other people's advice. Good luck, monster slayer.
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