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The Tide of Battle achievement in Infinite Undiscovery

The Tide of Battle

Watch out for the tsunami.

The Tide of Battle0
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How to unlock the The Tide of Battle achievement

  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter839,071
    15 Jan 2009 20 Jan 2009
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    This achievement takes place during the fight against Niedzielan and the Cerulean Chain on the Zalan Coast, after arriving in Port Zala.

    For this achievement you must not let any of your party (that includes Capell) get hit by the incoming tidal waves that periodically pound the battlefield.

    It's recommended to do this on Easy or Normal, but can be attempted on any difficulty.

    As for the battle I recommend bringing only up close fighters and leaving long range and magic users out of the equation (as that means your party members will be close to you). Use Capell, Edward, and Gustav. If you have been upgrading your equipment via IC you can even do this with just Edward or even by yourself to reduce the chance of any of them getting struck by a tidal wave.

    As for the battle make SURE that you kill all surrounding minor enemies (fish and crabs) before attacking Niedzielan, the reason being if a minor enemy is alive as a tidal wave comes and they knock you down you will still be hit by the wave.

    Fight the battle like normal and every once and a while a tidal wave will come, you will know it is coming as the tide will recede, the controller will shake, and if you have companions they will spout a line about one coming (about 10 seconds before it hits). As soon as you hear/feel/see this sheath your weapon(so your allies will come near you) and take cover behind one of the many rock walls, do this everytime one comes and make sure not to get damaged and finish the fight by attacking Niedzielan and then attacking the chain until he dies and the chain bursts.(Also when the tidal wave comes all minor enemies respawn, MAKE SURE to kill them all before doing anything else so they don't knock you down.)

    Note: If you want an extra damage boost, enchant earth damage onto your weapons.

    Video: In this video the player was way over leveled to 33 to obtain Capell's Reigenlief attack which he then used to deal massive damage and end the fight very quickly, I don't think this is necessary, but if you are having a lot of trouble this is for sure a good option.

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    caelichI used a combination of the above methods to get it on normal at lvl 28. Only used Capell, cristalite sword, anti-water, and earth damage enchantments. Took 0 damage :D Thanks for mentioning anti-water fuuldrin, i really didnt want to go grind levels.
    Posted by caelich on 20 Jan 12 at 02:50
    How do I level up the main character and been level 7 but the rest of the party around level 25?
    Posted on 10 May 15 at 03:33
    AlgurI don't think it's possible to have Capell at level 7 but the rest of your party at level 25.
    Posted by Algur on 20 Mar at 18:56
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  • WeisGuy9WeisGuy9654,634
    28 Jan 2013 27 Jan 2013 27 Jan 2013
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    The easiest, and least frustrating, way to get this achievement is to play just using Capell in a party by himself. This way there is no need to keep track of your stupid AI teammates, sheath your weapons, scream at your TV, throw your controller, etc. Here's the set-up you need:

    - Make sure you are playing on Easy or Normal difficulty. (I was playing on Normal).

    - Make sure you are at, or near, level 30 with Capell by the time you reach Port Zala. (I was at level 32). If you need to level up, go to Bihar Mines and fight the Lumpur Leaders.

    - Have Edward smith you a decent sword. I used the Crescent Sword.

    - Have Edward smith you the Mercurius Armor. This gives you a -50% water damage. Go ahead and have him smith you the Mercurius Headgear and Mercurius Greaves if you want, too. They're not necessary, but they add a good armor boost. The armor is the important one.

    - Equip the Ring of Life, if you have it, for health regeneration.

    - Go to the Party menu and remove everyone except Capell from the party. Go to options and set cursor memory to ON. Go to the Items menu and place the selector on your best healing potion (I used Green Berry Potion) although using this strategy I never had to heal myself even once during the battle. Just set it up for safety.

    - Go to Battle Skills and set Eternal Refrain to your "B" button.

    - Make sure that you have at least 1 Sandstone, 1 Ceramic, and 1 Cork Wood in your inventory.

    - Save your game at the Inn.

    Okay, now you're ready for battle. Here's the tips you need for the battle itself. After the first cutscene, and before the battle starts, go to the Enchant menu.

    - Enchant Capell's weapon with "Earth Damage", then enchant it again with "Earth Damage +30%".

    Head on in to the battle. Start off by taking out all the crabs and fish, then hit the boss with Eternal Refrain. This will usually down him in one hit. If not, just hit him a few more times with normal attacks. Once he's down, go pound away on the chain. When the water starts to recede, go take cover.

    Be sure to take cover behind the V-shaped wall in the middle of the beach area. This covers you from the front and both sides. It will usually even cover you if the boss comes around behind there and knocks you down. Watch for the water receding as your cue to retreat to cover. Do not wait for the controller to vibrate before running for cover. You won't have enough time.

    Repeat the sequence of taking out minor enemies, down the boss, pound the chain, take cover. You should probably kill the boss on the third time you attack him, maybe the fourth. When he's dead, just go hit the chain one more time to unlock your achievement.

    When the tsunami cutscene is ending, if you see yourself laying down and being swept along by water, then you are going to need to reload your save and try again.
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    poochz0rzI like this, but just noting, all I needed to do was use the "Earth Damage" and anti-water enchantments, no special armor or anything and it caused me no trouble. The only difficult part then is knowing when to hide from the tsunami because your party isn't there to warn you.
    Posted by poochz0rz on 05 Feb 13 at 04:16
    WeisGuy9Glad that it helped you.
    Posted by WeisGuy9 on 05 Feb 13 at 08:43
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