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How to unlock the Mad Scientist achievement

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    27 Dec 2008 03 Jan 2009 03 Jan 2009
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    For this achievement you must have Seraphina create the Holy Grail item. Seraphina must be at IC Level 6 and you must complete the General Shop Upgrade Quest(for the Novo Herb) and the Alchemy Upgrade Quest (for the recipe). This can also only be obtained end-game on normal or higher difficulties, unless you kept the materials found earlier in the game.

    For the General Shop Upgrade quest, in Halgita talk to the Old Nightwhisper found in the church. Then talk to the General Store Owner and she will ask you for 3 Lentesco Wood. Lentesco Wood is a rare drop from Lumpers in the Bihar Mines or Mandragoras in the Cobasna Timberlands. After obtaining 3 talk to the shopkeeper and you will be able to buy new items.

    For the Alchemy Upgrade Quest, in Fayel Castle enter the small left room in the hallway and talk to the Alchemeister (only available after loading your finished game save), he will ask you to bring him 1 Dragon Eye. Dragon Eye is dropped by Lava Gluttons in the Cobasna Timberlands section of the Seraphic Gate. After obtaining one talk to the Alchemeister and he will give you more alchemy recipes including the Holy Grail.

    Now for the Holy Grail you will need the following materials:

    10 Miraculous Medicine- Bought from most item shops or from Genma.

    1 Atlantis Metal- Rare drop from Hill Gigas in the Graad Woods section of the Seraphic Gate, or can easily be bought from a shop with the "A" Voucher.

    3 Claridian Medicine- Can be made by Kiriya and require the following materials:

    1 Mysterious Medicine- Easily made by Kiriya

    4 Novo Herb- Can be bought at the Halgita General Store after completing the upgrade quest.

    1 Green Berry Potion- Can be made by Kiriya or dropped by many enemies.

    Note: Make sure you save before you attempt to create the Holy Grail as it fails very easily.
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    Bek151Aren't serphina and kiriya secondary characters so how are you able to use them for ic if you can't bring them into your party
    Posted by Bek151 on 24 Jul 09 at 21:22
    Crimson DrifterYou can use them for IC when in towns by connecting with them
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 25 Jul 09 at 04:30
    Bek151Yeah i found that out for myself later on so i worked on them abit are seraphina and kiriya the only ones who can make those items or are you able to use michelle to make the holy grail since she's already at ic lvl 6
    Posted by Bek151 on 28 Jul 09 at 04:39
    Bek151Oh also want to add that when you first get to the marshlands that if you beat the dragon in under 2 minutes i think you'll also get a dragons eye as a situation bonus
    Posted by Bek151 on 29 Jul 09 at 01:28
    Crimson DrifterNah only Seraphina has the ability to create the Holy Grail, Michelle might be able to do some of the other items ( can't remember) but I think most of the items needed are unique to Kiriya and Seraphina.
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 30 Jul 09 at 14:52
    Leo AscendentThis Lentesco Wood, this is dropped in the normal areas right? I'm having a helluva time finding just one of them.... Any tips? Items that increase drop rate or anything?
    Posted by Leo Ascendent on 21 Dec 09 at 20:00
    Crimson DrifterCheck out the the downloads for the game, look for Voucher A and B, these vouchers are free to download and allow you to buy many materials from any merchant (including metals, woods, clothes, etc.) I believe the Lentesco wood is included.

    If that isn't an option, then you must farm them, and yes it is dropped by the two mention enemies in the regular areas of the game, not the Seraphic Gate.
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 24 Dec 09 at 18:19
    PerdiptA note here for the Lentesco Wood. Most people probably missed out on it, but, here it goes. Right after Halgita is attacked by the Order and you have to run to the Empress, Faina and Leif will be outside of the church. Talk to Faina to have her go into "OMG I love Capell" mode. Then, she'll want you to get he Damsk Cloth. You can buy these from any store with the Voucher A and B downloads. Give them to her, then she'll have you wait 30 minutes. Afterwards, she'll give you 3 dolls. Talk to her again to barter with her. She will be selling Lentesco Wood. Buy 99 of them to be safe. Faina might also sell the wood on the different times that you see her so be sure to check.
    Posted by Perdipt on 01 Jan 11 at 03:05
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