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Seraphic Gatekeeper

Defeat the ultimate foe waiting for you at the end of the ultimate challenge.

Seraphic Gatekeeper0
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How to unlock the Seraphic Gatekeeper achievement

  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter827,408
    08 Jan 2009 20 Jan 2009 08 Jan 2013
    37 8 19
    Hands down the hardest achievement in the game, you must defeat the Ethereal Queen on Infinity Mode.

    Bare with me, this is all from memory :)

    Preparation is the key for this battle so make sure you have the best equipment possible, have 3 fighters and 1 magic user. Here was my setup:

    Capell Lvl:179 HP: 50k+ MP:6k+
    Azureal Blade (see Haephestus Hammer solution for details)
    Hydra Armor (anti-magic, very important, forged by Edward)
    Eclipse Helmet (anti-magic, forged by Edward)
    Kylin Greaves(Hp Regeneration, forged by Edward)
    **Casandra Ring (Hp+10%, MP+10%, Quest Item!)
    Sacrificial Doll (revives character one time when they die)

    Edward Lvl.176 HP: 55k+ MP: 5K+
    Karathos Blade(forged by Edward)
    Karathos Armor(Dropped by Seraphic Gate Dragonbone Shrine Boss)
    Eclipse Helmet (anti-magic, forged by Edward)
    Eclipse Greaves(forged by Edward)
    Ring of Life(forged by Kristofer)
    Sacrificial Doll

    Eugene Lvl: 176 HP: 30k+ MP: 8k+
    Cadaceous ( forged by Eugene)
    Top Crafted Armor from Eugene
    Top Crafted Boots from Kristofer
    Bloody Hat (HP Regeneration, forged by Kristofer)
    Magic Aria (casting time down, forged by Kristofer)
    Sacrificial Doll

    Komachi Lvl: 176 HP: 35k+ MP: 5k+
    Nighthawk(chest after defeating Gabriel)
    Phoenix Feather equipment (found in different chests)
    Eternal Rose (HP Regeneration, forged by Kristofer, but you will need access to Sigmund to forge Lei and Blossom ring required for this)
    Sacrificial Doll

    Besides having top crafted weapons/armor for your chosen characters make sure you have: 99 Miraculous Medicines, 99 of every berry you can buy, 99 Sacrificial Dolls.

    Now for the battle, before you even get to the Queen, you will have to fight Leonid again. Use the same tactics as before and don't try to be to hasty, you will want to use the least amount of Miraculous Medicines and Sacrificial Dolls as possible (you can even wait to equip S.D's until you fight the Queen).

    Now once Leonid is out of the way you will fight the Queen, first off I will go over her attacks:

    Magic Spells: She will use various magic spells, if you're fighters have either hydra armor or eclipse helmet on they will not be harmed by this, just be careful of your other characters. (Also this will be noted by a blue circle around her)

    Seraphic Law: Very common and very dangerous attack, pretty much a homing fireball attack (non-magic attack) no way to avoid it unless very far away, will most likely kill a character if all fireballs hit.

    Southern Cross: She won't start using this attack until at about half HP I believe. A flurry of physical attacks (similar to Gabriels Noble Play) easily avoided and escaped from.

    Accused: DO NOT GET CAUGHT BY THIS ATTACK! Once she starts using Southern Cross, she will start using this attack as well. She will mumble something, then slam her staff into the ground and cause any characters nearby to be stunned and dealt 1 damage, she will then release a million bubbles that will do massive damage and WILL kill anyone caught in it.

    Now for the fight: As Capell, do not fight her, you will be responsible for re-equipping S.D's when people die and killing foespheres (kill as many as you can, but don't put yourself in danger to get to them), nothing else, let your other characters deal the damage to her, and spam that "Y" button a lot to keep your characters as healed as possible.

    Keep as far a distance from her as you can, but not to far so that your melee fighters won't fight her. Watch the battle and when you see Survived! pop up next to your ally (and they have 1HP) that means they have used their Doll, go into your menu and equip another on them.

    It's a simple procedure, but you must stay on top of things or you can go down quickly.

    This fight will take a VERY long time, expect around a 1 hour battle.

    *Note: If you are having trouble with this fight then consider using the "Grimoire Method" to increase your HP into the hundreds of thousands.

    I warn you though that doing this method takes MANY hours (you'll see if you start farming) and honestly is a waste of time considering you could level grind to Level 200 much quicker and be able to take her down with much less hassle than I had at 179.

    I ended my Infinity Run at 64-65 hours.


    Much thanks to Van Uden for many suggestions and improvements as well as the walkthrough to get the Casandra Ring

    **After the incident at Halgita go to the church (1F right in front of the entrance). Connect with Eugene and take the elevator up to 3F. Step out of the elevator and take a left. You'll walk past a room with 2 guards. After that take a left and you'll find Karin the Aristo walking around. Talk to her and she'll mention the Queen lost her ring. She suggests to look in her room and maybe ask some soldiers.

    After the conversation walk back to the elevator and take a left. You'll run into a door with 2 guards. This is the Queen's room. Go into the room and immediately exit. Talk to the guards and one of them will mention that they noticed animals running about when they were cleaning up.

    Disconnect with Eugene and take the elevator back to 1F. From the elevator go straight ahead into the shopping street. At the end of the street you'll find Rico. Connect with him and go back to the elevator. Go to 2F and take a left after you exit the elevator. Near the end of the hallway make a left and enter the last room on your left. There is a rat running around there, talk to him and he will return the ring to you.

    Disconnect with Rico and go back to the church on 1F to connect to Eugene again. Take the elevator to 3F and go talk to Karin the Aristo again. After talking to her walk back to the elevator. Before reaching the elevator you walk past a room with 2 guards on your right. This is the room Queen Svala is in (not the same room you had to walk in before talking to the guard at the start of the quest). Talk to the Queen and you will hand over her ring and in return finally receive your reward, the Casandra Ring.

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    dropK1CK ninJAJust to add to this since I just finished it. I did my Compulsive run with my Infinity Run, I tackled the EQ (hehe) in 52 hours and change. I followed the exact equipment loadout that is listed above except I didn't feel like crafting another stupid ring of life and for whatever reason no one in my party could equip the Eternal Rose.

    I had Capell/Edward/Sigmund/Eugene at levels 188/181/173/183 AFTER the fights were over. My last save before was 184/176/168/178. I fought my way in from the Kolton save to grind up some more levels (never hurts). I just followed the technique of replacing SDs when they were needed, hammering the Y button for heals, and taking out Faespheres when I could. I kept Capell far enough away from the action overall but if the EQ teleported need me I'd pop her a couple of times then move well away before she'd cast a spell.

    The entire run from Kolton save to defeating the EQ took maybe 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes.
    Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 29 Jul 11 at 10:25
    Crimson DrifterNice work DK! As for the reason you cant equip the Eternal Rose, is that they are only equippable on females :)
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 29 Jul 11 at 15:37
    come on and tryNice guide, though personally I never used the books on anyone other than capell since they never did much than run around so I just used 60-ish on him once he hit level 120-ish then leveled him up some more til max (for the money achievement) then made more books and fought the queen other than taking some time she died without capell ever getting lower than 75%. and again nice guide.
    Posted by come on and try on 04 Jul 12 at 13:47
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  • TheDumpSweatsTheDumpSweats204,694
    03 Feb 2009 03 Mar 2009 12 Dec 2009
    26 8 10
    Forge many Genius Quills and Halgition papers and write Memoirs of a Mercenary 60 times.

    Use 30 on capell.
    Use 10 on ed.
    Use 10 on touma
    Use 10 on Michelle.

    This should give capell well over 1 million hp and significantly increase the HP of your other characters.

    Its time consuming, but do it this way and the fight is long, but VERY EASY.
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    PerdiptYou do not need all of that. I used this method, but I didn't use as many Mercenary books as said. I only used 20 on Capell and about 5 on the rest of the characters. Combine this guide with Crimson Drifter's guide and you will have no problem as long as you stay on top of things. Other than that, great guide.
    Posted by Perdipt on 23 Jan 11 at 23:41
    Dazeldorffv2This way is definitely a LOT less risky, I managed to get away with only making 10 Memoirs on Capell at level 190 and that's all. The Queen only killed off my other party members at the same time twice but I found found spamming the heal request kinda helped against that. I only got low on health once and that was when she did that Acussed move in my face -_-
    Posted by Dazeldorffv2 on 01 Oct 11 at 07:53
    xMANNY FRE5HxThis is definitely the best way to beat the queen. You can get 50 fangs in no time with Vics steal ability. Just have capel & vic in your party. Equip 2 four leaf clovers on each and stack the %5 LUC enchatment on each characer 4x. Remove vics weapon & spam steal on each snake. : )
    Posted by xMANNY FRE5Hx on 08 Oct 13 at 16:06
  • JoociferJoocifer370,335
    16 Apr 2011 26 Apr 2013
    4 1 0
    this isnt a guide, but a simple tip i found that helped me.

    if you use any magic users, turn off ALL healing spells (all healing and reviving spells, and any attacks that you dont want spammed for that matter)
    the reason for this is that on the hardest difficulty, if the magic user is the last person alive (seeing as their usually away from the ****storm its more common than not), he will never be able to finish his spell (VS most enemies and almost all bosses), and they wont use items if he can use a spell (they would just run away, try casting, get hit, repeat til dead). in battles like this just stock up on healing items so not only do you not have to wrry about that, but they can just focus on attacking rather then constantly healing the party. this helped me thru-out the entire infin difficulty run, hope it helps you. (i think i replaced my magic user for this fight actually, for just four brawlers)
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