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Making Parr

Chase down Screenslaver in ''Elastigirl On The Case'' within 3 minutes and 15 seconds

Making Parr0
18 November 2019 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for Making Parr

  • LitaOsirisLitaOsiris766,724
    20 Jan 2019 21 Jan 2019 29 Jan 2019
    22 0 2
    This is actually very easy with a flying character with a laser ability.

    Select Fironic (unlocked for fully completing Undermined - costs 250,000) OR a Custom Character created in Edna's House with the light super power as your first character and select Elastigirl as your second character.

    Load up: Elastigirl On The Case - Free Play - Screenslaver Chase

    - Simply fly over everything in the first corridor section
    - Use Elastigirl to pull down the stairs
    - Use Fironic/Custom to fly up and push the buildable down and then assemble the cannon
    - Use Elastigirl on the pad
    - Use Fironic/Custom to laser the gold fuse and then fly up and out the door
    - Simply fly over everything in the second corridor section
    - Use Elastigirl to pull the handle
    - Use Fironic/Custom to laser the gold wall and then fly up and down the corridor for the last time

  • ShadowRaven9ShadowRaven9228,760
    18 Jun 2018 18 Jun 2018 18 Jun 2018
    20 2 5
    Some good news, this achievement can be done but selecting "Screenslaver Chase" from the free play menu

    The time window is a little tight but follow these tips and it should be a piece of cake.

    -Mildly Important: Have Elastigirl and Reflux selected BEFORE you start up the scene from Chapter 4. Like I said, the chase has a tight window so having an active character that isnt optimized for this level will waste time.

    -Take your time and be quick, its a speed run section sure but you'll waste more time fighting the games mechanics if you go to quick. Run the level a few times, remember the queues of what's to come and dont just jam on the B button to build. Wasted time really hurts and undoing the ball thing she does isnt fun.

    -The hallway run sequences are pretty straight forward.
    -On the first, just try to go slow, none of the citizens do anything seriously sporadic so you should be fine.
    -On the second hallway, there are two brown box piles, put your character on the same side of the wall they're falling from, jump at the right time and you'll walk over the biggest piece of the pile.
    -Third hallway has nothing that will hold you back too bad, just keep dodging stuff.

    -Have a smart phone or a computer handy for a timer. As soon as the scene starts, hit the go button. It will be the most accurate way you'll know if your on time.

    Like I said, piece of cake. I wish I could show you a video of it but I can not. Ask me questions rather than downvote, I'm happy to help you perfect your path.
  • fanta2Pochefanta2Poche308,146
    21 Jan 2019 21 Jan 2019
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