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No Capes!

Create a custom character with a cape

No Capes!0
14 November 2019 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for No Capes!

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    23 Jan 2019 23 Jan 2019
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    13 Jul 2018 13 Jul 2018
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    After the first level is complete, you will be shown the world map after a very short video you can open the map and fast travel to Edna's house.

    Go in step on one of the two pads in front of you.
    Edit a character together make sure to add a cape.
    Save and exit.
    Achievement unlocked also unlocks Bold! Dramatic! Heroic! Achievement.
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    16 Jul 2018 17 Jul 2018 17 Jul 2018
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    Once you have completed the following:

    Undermined - Level 1

    You will be now inside the New Parr Family Home if you go to the exit highlighted area in the top right of the home you will be transported outside.

    New Parr Family Home picture:
    External image

    Now press the back button and you will open up your map if you move your left analogue stick down to the left you will see Edna Mode hover, over as seen in picture below select with cn_A and accept to fast travel.

    Map picture:
    External image

    Once you have fast travelled go in the gate and up the drive way to the front door shown in image below:

    Front door picture:
    External image

    Once you walk upto the door the camera above will scan you and open up, walk into Edna Modes home.

    Once in you can see Edna sat at a terminal with 2 incredibles icons on the floor stand on 1 of them and press cn_B

    Edna Modes character terminals:
    External image

    Now select any Custom icon this will auto create you a character if you add a cape which is in the middle of the second row you can add either a cape or a cape (fancy)

    Once selected press cn_B once scroll to the Save & Exit icon, you will be prompted to save or cancel press cn_A to save.

    Congratulations achievement unlocked

    You will of course see that you also unlock:
    Bold! Dramatic! Heroic! For 10g

    Happy Hunting
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