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2000 kills

Get 2000 Kills in Online Matches

2000 kills+5.7
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  • GW2GW2171,335
    26 Feb 2013
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    Create a ranked game and get your partner to join. alternate killing each other or if they already have/you're using a dummy account you can kill every time.

    Assuming a rate of 1 win and 1 kill per minute with a boosting partner who doesn't need the achievements (or a dummy account) this will take ~34 hours.

    Converting the minutes to hours: 2000min/60min = 33.33h

    If you can get it down to 45 (3/4 or 0.75 of 1 minute) seconds per match/kill it will take ~25 hours. Multiply by two if both players need this.

    Converting minutes to hours: 2000min*0.75 = 5500min/60min = 25h

    While doing this you will also get 2000 kills.

    This is easily one of the most time consuming achievements I've seen.
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