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The Dark Soul

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The Dark Soul-0.7
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How to unlock the The Dark Soul achievement

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    There is a lot to remember when obtaining all the achievements for this game in one run.
    I prefer to play games in the souls series at my own pace and you can obtain the majority of achievements in this game whenever you want.
    There is however, a number of missable objectives/items/NPC encounters that if missed can make the completion a lot longer than it needs to be.

    This guide is not comprehensive and is entirely based on what is missable, I highly recommend reading the separate achievement guides for help on each the individual achievements. There are also many helpful guides elsewhere on the internet that prove quite helpful if your looking to make your character quite powerful

    Note: Choose the "Master Key" as your starting gift or be the "Thief" class to save a lot of time, especially on your new game +1 and +2

    New Game

    Don't defeat bed of chaos before speaking to Quelana of Izalith
    You can find her in Blightown after getting a +10 pyromancy flame, she sells pyromancy's that you need to buy, she will give you a further pyromancy after you defeat the bed of chaos but you must speak to her before doing so

    Don't defeat Gwyndolin before levelling her covenant
    You need to obtain the darkmoon seance ring from the catacombs and level her covenant up once by giving her 10 souvenir of reprisals

    Don't defeat Nito before levelling his covenant
    Reaching Nito through a coffin in the catacombs and giving him 10 Eye of deaths is required for a miracle

    Don't kill any NPC's
    The only exception to this is Lautrec. He will drop a pretty useful ring and if left alive he will cause havoc in Firelink shrine, there is no achievement associated with keeping him alive but most NPC's are related in some way to an achievement so killing them is not recommended

    Complete the NPC questlines for Big hat Logan, Siegmayer and Rhea
    These are required for sorcery's and miracles, you need to save Big hat Logan in Sens Fortress and then in Duke's archives, Siegmayer in Sen's Fortress and in Anor Londo and save Rhea in Tomb of the Giants

    You only have once chance (3 for the gargoyles) per playthrough to get the tail weapons
    Everlasting Dragon
    Hellkite Drake
    Gaping Dragon
    Prioritise these during the boss fights, it won't be as easy on new game plus

    Never use the boss souls for anything but the boss souls weapons
    There are 15 boss souls weapons that need to be made in order to get the rare weapons achievement, the only boss souls you can use for souls are the DLC bosses

    To get the Darkwraith covenant achievement you need to defeat the Four Kings straight after Ornstein and Smough without talking to the giant serpent in Firelink Shrine
    Personally, I would recommend waiting until new game plus to obtain this as the Four Kings are quite difficult foes if you're still a low level.

    After saving Laurentius in the Depths, buy his pyromancies and get your pyromancy flame to +10 ASAP and be careful what you say to him
    When he asks you about Blightown, make sure to say "No" as he may leave Firelink, becoming hollow and the spells he sells will be unobtainable until you start new game+

    Buy Dusk of Oolaciles spells before obtaining the broken pendant
    Not exactly missable but if you obtain the broken pendant in the Duke's archives after freeing her then her spells will now not be purchasable until you start the DLC. You only need to beat the first boss to encounter a mushroom called "Elizabeth" who will sell you these spells instead.
    Note: The DLC is entirely optional and is not required for any achievement. It is however considered some of the best content in the game and there are some powerful spells available that can make the rest of the game a breeze. There is also a blue titanite slab in a much more user friendly location than the one in the main game.

    Everything else in your first playthrough is unmissable. Before defeating the final boss, you should have all sorcery's and pyromancies. You should have every miracle except the "Sunlight Spear" which is obtained by giving Gwyns soul to the sunlight altar. You should also have every rare weapon except 8 boss soul weapons (You may also be missing the "Dark hand" if you planned on joining the darkwraith covenant on your 2nd playthrough)

    You may want to get all the +10 weapons required for the boss soul weapons ready in this playthrough, so you don't have to obtain the large ember in the depths on your next new game

    New Game +1

    During the Ornstein and Smough fight, obtain the other boss soul to the one you got on your first playthrough
    If you defeat Smough first you then face a more powerful Ornstein. When defeated you get Ornstein's soul. If this is what happened on your first playthrough then you need to do the opposite and defeat Ornstein first and then the more powerful Smough and vice versa

    If you didn't on your first playthrough, remember to go straight to the Four Kings after getting the lordvessel

    The only optional bosses you need to kill are the Moonlight butterfly and Gwyndolin

    Choose the alternative ending to the one you chose on your first run
    You can either link the fire and light the bonfire or you can walk outside the boss arena the way you came, simply choose the opposite to what you have already chosen.

    Before killing Gwyn a 2nd time, you should only have 2 boss soul weapons left to complete

    New Game +2

    Kill Sif
    After killing Sif, ringing the 2 bells and making your way to Anor Londo via the Iron Golem, you need to run to the Giant Blacksmith to create the final 2 boss soul weapons and complete the game

    Good Job!
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    Abridged requirements:

    Complete two full playthroughs of the game, earning the two different endings.
    Obtain all Rare weapons (requires a shortened third playthrough)
    Obtain all 24 Sorceries
    Obtain all 19 Pyromancies
    Obtain all 23 Miracles.
    Discover all seven covenants.
    Defeat two optional bosses.
    Fully upgrade weapons on the 10 main upgrade paths.

    Everything else will come through natural progression. See individual achievement solutions for more detailed information.

    Note that the remaster includes content that was originally added via DLC on the 360 version, but nothing from that content is required for achievement completion.

    And if you're interested, this site offers a workable checklist that basically tells you what to do as you progress through each area.

    As always, refer to for specific information relating to items or locations.
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    vSullyGlad you asked. I just threw a video together showing how to get the Black Knight Halberd right from the start. This weapon is incredibly powerful, especially at the start of the game.

    There are many ways to progress and make your character powerful, but my preferred method is using the BKH and initially focusing on Vitality and some Endurance. Keep equip load under 25% for fast roll. Get Str to 32 around Anor Londo so you can 1-hand the halberd and block when needed. Then push Vit to 50 and End to 40 (this is the long term plan and will be a work in progress through NG+). After that I focus on Faith to use miracles, primarily Homeward and eventually Great lightning Spear as utility.

    I'm actually doing a full run with commentary to follow the video I linked showing how I progress through the full first playthrough and point out everything you need to do to most efficiently (IMO) complete all the achievements.
    Posted by vSully on 04 Jun 18 at 13:12
    x1001x PuppysHey Sully,

    Can you use the XB1 cloud to earn both ending achievements in one go? Such as saving right before Gywn, getting one ending, deleting local save, reloading, and getting second ending?

    Just curious as on PS4 you can get all trophies in one playthrough (plus returning to the sunlight covenant for Sunlight Spear in NG+)
    Posted by x1001x Puppys on 07 Mar at 05:55
    infamousSparkleI realize you (x1001x Puppys) already got the achievement, so this comment is for others.
    You can indeed get both endings in one go. Simply delete the local save once it pops. Same can be done with the last miracle (giving Gwyn's soul to the covenant). Simply delete the local save and you don't have to waste the boss soul.
    Posted by infamousSparkle on 17 Apr at 22:15
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