Hours of Darkness

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Hours of Darkness

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DLC Vietnam: Complete the game in Survivor Mode (Host only).

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Achievement Guide for Roguelike

  • ComboChristComboChrist683,468
    10 Jun 2018 10 Jun 2018 30 Jun 2018
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    aka Apokalypse now-run.

    Kill the 4 dummy-enemies at the beginning of the game to get full perks & proceed to the Camp.

    Mark everyone in the camp and wait until the guy on the left dragged the body for a few seconds. Send one strike in the middle of the first group and immediately another on at the 3 guys on top. Pick up an AK and proceed until you get to the River.

    By following the River you will eventually get to the objective with running into almost no enemies/troubles. Should someone spot you just sprintslide and stay down for a few seconds.

    Your only detour should be to rescue Pvt. Walter(?). He's in the Ghost Village Camp behind the Napalm fields. If you hug the right side while approaching the camp you can drop down into the house where he is being held. Talk to him, walk a few meter out of the room until your character starts talking and "Mission completed" shows up. Go to your roster and unassign him and immediately leave the area WITHOUT getting spotted. Keep hugging the right side and you should be in the clear. He shouldn't die this way and despawns after a few 100ms.

    Once you reach the final area hug the left side and kill the guy at the mortar with a throwing-knife and make sure to stay undetected otherwise the enemies will wreck you. Don't worry, if they do there's a checkpoint once you get to the area.
    Pick up the C4 and plant it at the AA-Gun but DON'T detonate it just yet. Use the mortar to destroy the other AA-Gun, get up and back away a few meter from the C4 and destroy the 2nd AA-Gun.
    You now have infinite Airstrikes availaible. Use them to kill the remaining enemies and call Walter before picking up the documents. As soon as you did, get down in the trench-rooms and use airstrikes to get rid of the enemy-groups. Save the Ak-Ammo to get rid of the helis by shooting the pilots.

    All in all 2/10 difficulty.
    13 Jun 2018 13 Jun 2018
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    I just want to ad you can just run straight there in 20 minutes ignore everything make your way to the top get on the mortar to the left of the extraction like above says, a c4 is hidden behind the AA gun, once you’ve taken both AA out go to the cabin at the top of the hill then when choppers /ammo issues bail to the underground bunker area for cover and ammo
  • The Bartlez 2The Bartlez 255,535
    13 Jun 2018 14 Jun 2018 14 Jun 2018
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    If you don't want to rush this mode I have some tips after completing it 100% (all rescues, collectibles, etc.)

    Stealth is vital in most cases - do not engage enemies head on when possible as you cannot tank through this mode like normal.

    You can distract enemies using cn_down to throw a rock and make enemies look/search that area.

    You can tag enemies using binoculars cn_up and zoom with cn_RT. Useful to tag enemies before attempting to engage.

    You get 4 Survival Instinct perks by performing stealth kills - each kill gives you 1 perks and you lose them if you are spotted. The perks are in order (from Wiki):

    Adrenaline Perk - Allows players to move faster in crouch and auto-tags enemies within 10 meters.
    Ghost Perk - Reduces the noise players make when walking, sprinting and landing. Fall damage is reduced.
    Sixth Sense Perk - Automatically tags enemies about to detect the player. Also makes predators less inclined to attack the player. (Consider using bait to attract animals while this perk is active)
    Predator Perk - Allows the player to tag enemies through walls using the binoculars. Extends auto-tagging to 20 meters.

    Finally, silenced weapons are key to survival. Here are some guaranteed locations of silenced weapons.

    First NVA camp you after you get your gear back in a open air hut on the left side.

    Silenced 1911 Pistol:
    In the tunnels on a box below the house where you find NVA Colonel Loc

    Silenced Skorpion SMG:
    On a table at the Con Song Temple (fills sidearm slot)

    Silenced CZ57 Sniper Rifle:
    Best stealth weapon in the game and a one-shot kill to body except heavies. Found in the sniper tower at Fishing Village (where you rescue Yokel) after crossing the river. There is no one in the tower but this will trigger Lt Col Trang to come out and try to execute Yokel just FYI.
  • Segendary TySegendary Ty622,844
    05 Jun 2018 05 Jun 2018
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    There are two game modes unlocked after your first playthrough. This one is the harder version. Unless you still need other achievements you don't need to do anything other than getting to the destination on the other side of the map.

    I also recommend picking up one of your fellow US Soldiers so you can be revived as you get less health. You also get less weapon slots so shooting down the helicopters in the end can be a little tougher

    Good luck and have fun. Achievement will pop when you get past your results and into the credits
  • szogyenyi1993szogyenyi1993274,980
    02 Jun 2019 02 Jun 2019 12 Jun 2019
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    The easiest way in my opinion:

    You don't wanna go for any other chivo during your survival run. No 25 airstrike kills, no 25 takedowns, no rescuing prisoners of war, nothing. As you get control over your character, run to the downed chopper and get your gear. Kill the 2 enemies nearby. Now head to the camp. There are another 2 enemies, get rid of them. Now you will get the ability to call airstrikes. Use them on the near camp, and after clearing it, head toward theextraction point on the other side of the map. I suggest to stay close to the river and follow it. Along the way you will most likely run into some enemies. Past them if you can, only get into conflict when there is really no other way.

    When you arrive to the LZ, stick to the left side (beforehand you can also jump onto the rocks to get past the little waterfall, you don't have to go around it) Slowly sneak up on the guard and kill him. Get the C4, blow up the AA gun, and use the mortar nearby to destroy the other AA gun. (Others suggest to first kill the enemies, but i think it is much harder, because you are very exposed while using the mortar) Now you'll enjoy the advantage of unlimited airstrikes. Clear the zone, get the papers, and head down into the treches as fast as you can! This is the safest position of the area. Enemies are most likely not gonna approach you, but even if they do they cannot really surprise you. When the choppers are coming, don't go out, just try to lure them at one of the entrances (i used the stairs, because it is the easiest to defend) Still, you regularly have to go out and check on enemies. During these times call airstrikes on them. Once the LZ is clear, get to the choppa and leave the area. You don't even have to touch the controller, just make sure you often change seats to not get killed.
  • BradLeafsFan9BradLeafsFan9361,040 361,040 GamerScore
    18 May 2019 18 May 2019 25 Nov 2019
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    - After the first camp run to the extraction point through the jungle avoiding enemy sights as best you can

    - Grab a truck once your just past the Fishing camp and drive the rest of the way to the extraction point - 14:50 - (in the video)

    - Skip to 16:42 if you want to see how I finished the last part, basically stay in the house you p/u the documents in and utilize your unlimited airstrikes

    - I died once in my play-through but it's cut out of the video so feel free to watch this death-free video for further help :) P.s. It starts with commentary explaining the basics for you

    All of my Far Cry 5 | Hours Of Darkness DLC Achievement Guides can be found here! :) (Mobile Friendly)
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