Aaaaand cut! achievement in Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast

Aaaaand cut!

Use a 55 points hot burn playing as a Single Star

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How to unlock the Aaaaand cut! achievement

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    This achievement can only be earned in Career mode or in Single Scene mode, where you battle an AI opponent.

    Chances are you'll acquire this achievement with natural play going for all of the golden parrots, but a few tips to help you along the way:

    1. Know your enemy's weakness. If you see a phrase that plays into their weakness, be sure to use it, as it gives you a 1.5x multiplier on the insult fragment. For example, Dirty Potter's weakness is insults directed at his masculinity. An example of a good insult phrase to use against him would be the mention of his 'red carpet dress.' You can see each character's weakness in their Bio on the character selection screen.

    2. Combos are your friend. Be sure to use the same subject for your insult as many times in a row as possible. This can come down to RNG, but assuming the game gives you the same subject option, capitalize on that as soon as you can, because the more times you use said subject in a row, the higher your multiplier goes per use (2x multiplier for 2 uses in a row, 3x multiplier for 3 uses in a row, etc.) Note: if your combo breaks and the subject you used for said combo comes up again later in the battle and you use it, it will NOT increase your combo multiplier, as the combo was broken the moment you didn't use it in an insult (thanks, RNG!)

    3. Use 'and' often! Insults directed at multiple subjects will score higher, as the game calculates score for each subject matter insulted in the roast individually. For example, if you constructed the insult, "-You- -and- -your mom- -post spoilers on Facebook-" the game will give you points for "you post spoilers on Facebook" AND "your mom posts spoilers on Facebook" separately, thus raising your overall insult score. Using multiple subjects will also increase your chances of getting combos in future insults, so if you see an 'and' in your choices, be sure to compound it with two subjects!

    4. Make insults that make sense. This is a given if you've played the game, but the more your insult makes sense, the better your score will be. Length doesn't matter if the insult doesn't make sense! After all, my ex can't possibly have a steamy makeout scene with my Beverly Hills mansion!

    5. Add a comeback for some extra, easy points! Comebacks come in three tiers and each tier gives you more guaranteed points based on what tier is used. A Tier 1 comeback gives the least amount of points (around 4 points if I remember correctly,) while a Tier 3 comeback gives the most (around 18 points I believe?) If your comeback bar is built up, and you want to bump up your roast score a little bit, hit cn_Y to give your insult that little cherry on top to get your roast over 55 points.

    Just playing the game, I've gotten insults that went as high as 80 ego points using a combination of enemy weaknesses, combos, comebacks, and compounding subjects with the use of 'and.' Just play smart, pay attention to the insult phrases you're given, and use them to your advantage before the AI selects them for themselves!
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