Famous Piñata achievement in Viva Piñata: TIP

Famous Piñata

Obtain a special Piñata from the website (or trade one with someone who has)

Famous Piñata0
3 guidesOnline/Offline - These achievements can be obtained in either an online or offline game mode.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the achievement requirements.Viral - These achievements are obtained by contact with a player who meets the requirements for spreading it to others.

How to unlock the Famous Piñata achievement

  • Elem3ntal80Elem3ntal80817,502
    26 Feb 2009 06 May 2009 27 Mar 2013
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    Big thanks to Seanrock101! I lost my original famous pinata when I sent it out and did not get it back. He was kind enough to send me a new one. As a result, I do not send it out anymore, only invite people to my garden to unlock it.

    Edit 3/27/13:
    As confirmed by Eff GX, BIGsheep is no longer able to send out famous pinatas to people. Before you waste your time going for all awards, your best bet is to find someone that already has one and can unlock it for you. You could try joining random online games and look for someone who is level 196 and ask them nicely if they have a famous pinata and could help you out. All they have to do is unpack the famous pinata from a crate while you are in the garden and you will get the achievement.

    I am still willing to help people along with several others who have posted below. Thanks to everyone else (sparklefingers, Farnhammer, Ms Peepers, n1ckKz) who are helping to lighten the load for me a bit :)

    So if you need help with this, send me a friend request along with message saying you need help. Then just hit me up when you see me online and I can invite you to my garden and unlock it for you.

    Original Solution
    To get your own famous pinata, get ready for many long hours of pinata breeding because you need to obtain all 841 player awards which includes the following:

    - growing all plants + bonus growth
    - getting all pinata to visit and become residents
    - romancer and master romancer for all pinata
    - all pinata color variants

    You can check your progress by going into your journal.

    Once you get all player awards, you will be at level 196 and will receive a special message on your screen. At this point you can send a message to one of the game developers and ask nicely to be sent a famous pinata. The guy to ask is BIGsheep over at pinataisland. The link to his profile is:


    You may not even have to send a message to him, sounds like the leaderboard is checked every week and famous pinatas are sent out to people who have reached 841 awards. The pinata will show up in your in game mailbox, but may take up to 15 min to appear once you load your garden.

    Some people have gotten a famous pinata without getting all awards. I think some were sent out to people who were active on the pinataisland.info forums or took part in Viva Pinata community play dates.

    There was also a special award to the first 1000 people to get all 841 player awards, which was an elite color for your choclodocus (neon green)...you can't get this anymore.

    There is some confusion with this achievement because once in awhile if your pinata does something special like win a pinata show, a message will come up saying your pinata is famous and will get star by its name. This famous pinata will not work for this achievement, it needs to be one sent by a game developer who whacked it with the famous stick.

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    RegionalRaggerI need to get this too, I hope there’s a session or something in time as I don’t want to pm Elem3ntal80 on Xbox we should respect his privacy
    Posted by RegionalRagger on 29 May at 19:27
    HEYOOOI need this also. Can anyone help me out please?
    Posted by HEYOOO on 05 Jun at 12:08
    BrownyJackI need help with this could someone send me one and I return it please
    Posted by BrownyJack on 26 Jun at 23:34
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  • sparklefingerssparklefingers104,694
    16 Sep 2008 27 Sep 2010 13 Dec 2014
    38 3 12
    guys this is a viral achievement, and i have a famous pinata, send me a message on my tag and fr me and i should be able to help. (may take a couple of days but i should be able to help)

    EDIT: Date: 13/12/14 Hi Guys. I am currently without a copy of the game. My nephew has "borrowed" it and I have just found out about this. I will pester to get it back ASAP to continue to help. Sorry about that!

    EDIT: date: 7th June 2012

    Heya guys and girls just an update to inform you that I am still doing this achievement but due to work commitments I am not doing it as often as I don't have a lot of time on my Xbox anymore. It may take me a couple of weeks for me to help you is all.

    EDIT: Date: 10/03/2011

    guys i am still doing this but i want to add some additional information.

    Edit date 08/10/2012
    Hey there guys n girls I am still doing this achievement. Please don't think I have abandoned you guys with this one. Works been crazy at the moment and its hard finding time to do everything. I have a few people on my list to help but can always do more it might take longer then a couple of days to do this. I hope that is okay.

    i also DO NOT send it out as i had more then one and never got one back. i now only have this one and if i don't get it back i can't help people so i don't take the chance. what i do is invite you to my game and unbox him, this will unlock the achievement, it's done it for hundreds of other people so i will do it for you guys too.

    i am happy to get messages here but it's easier through XBOX. so send me a friend request on XBL and a message. no message no add as there seems to be a lot of people randomly adding me to insult me at the moment.

    due to high demand i can't do the 4 person co-op at the moment as i do not have a lot of time on the xbox and i am not finding time to get through other games. i will be able to help again once things sort themselves out.
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    Hercules SR117Do you still have this game? I FINALLY got all 841 awards, for my own enjoyment...but now I'm thinking it would be nice to have an achievement to represent my hard work. Would really appreciate any help here.
    Thanks in advance.
    Posted by Hercules SR117 on 13 Jul 14 at 22:50
    Carmineboy12i need help plz
    Posted by Carmineboy12 on 24 Feb 16 at 00:38
    Bob KhannAny chance you still have the game and can help me with this one? Would really appreciate it. smile
    Posted by Bob Khann on 16 Jun 16 at 16:48
  • FarnhammerFarnhammer204,358
    10 Apr 2009 27 Feb 2011 06 Jan 2015
    28 4 17
    I've been helping with this achievement for years, I've helped over 500 different people and am still helping, send me an xbl message when we are both online and I'll help as soon as possible. There is no specific times I'm available, but if you see me online I'm always willing to help, I will not send it out. Look forward to helping you all, thanks.

    Nov 7 2014

    Thanks to Games with Gold I am just announcing that I am actively helping with this achievement still.

    Jan 5 2014

    Unfortunately, my save data has become corrupt and I am no longer able to help with this achievement.
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    B Scrizzle21Can someone help me out with this please
    Posted by B Scrizzle21 on 24 Mar 19 at 18:27
    MaggotiaIf anyone still has this, I’d appreciate the help
    Posted by Maggotia on 22 Aug 19 at 22:47
    Jyro X2In need of this
    Edit: got it, thank you so much elemental! This dude is amazing!
    Posted by Jyro X2 on 29 May at 04:58
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