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The Enigma

Beat Episode 1

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How to unlock the The Enigma achievement

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    Just do all four parts of an episode. Each part consists of six series which can take anywhere between 3 and 17 races. Most important is to choose your races carefully. Sometimes you can get through the series with only 9 races where a different path would take 11. Look carefully at the map and select the path with the least amount of races.

    Always select the weakest opponent. A higher rated one will only give you more reward points (that may give you more free cards with upgrades or 5 energy) but not increase actual money payout. And the reward for beating higher opponents is not worth it in the long term, because you take more tries to beat them and thus spend more on repairs.

    While going through, only buy the 5 energy crates. They cost 5 credits each. The big energy crates cost six times as much, so they only start to make sense once you have reached car collector level 10 and you actually have 30 energy to begin with.

    For the cars, just put everything into one car. The repair packs are easy to come by (at one point I had 17 just waiting to be used) just by playing the game. I used a 2* Mercedes 300 SL throughout episode 1, managed to upgrade it to level 2, rank 3 with a power index of 510 something. Leveling up the car will also level your collector's score.

    One last piece of advice: If you can, use a street car (depends on what luck gives you). They are less prone to blocking your view on acceleration points, muscle cars in particular tend to move the camera so that you don't clearly see when to accelerate in some corners.

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    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzWhat are energy crates? Can’t seem to find what/where your talking about or how to buy them. Appreciate the help! toast
    Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 04 Jun 20 at 04:10
    MistalityEnergy crates can be purchased by selecting the green numbers on the top of the screen on mobile. It takes 1 energy point to travel to each checkpoint along the path of the event. Energy will refill on its own, there is a timer below the energy box showing when the next point will be added. You can get free refills as you play too and save them. I suggest saving them until you have a good car and 30 energy.
    Posted by Mistality on 23 Jun 20 at 04:36
    wereszkoI win today
    Posted by wereszko on 14 Sep 20 at 06:32
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    To add to the other solution(s): Leveling PI Advice. This is more for after you beat the first episode but need to keep leveling for Episodes 2 and 3. Just a heads up.

    I found that after a while I'd rather just auto-race, especially when looking to level up the PI of my cars. To do this I needed to maximize my challenge packs, IRL time, and avoid spending wrenches, which meant that I needed to be able to auto-race every race in a given event.

    Once I played through the first episode, I began doing the daily upgrade and special races as well. After getting a sports (yellow), street(green), and super (blue) car to 514 or so, you can start grinding easier. You'll need to be at least Level 15 to have 3 cars to race with.

    Episode 1, Street Event 6, gives you 7 races if your follow the lower path. By auto-racing and choosing the +300 match ups, I was able to get 4 challenge cards a run in about 4-5min IRL. You can do this twice at level 15, based on the amount of energy you have at full, before having to wait or get partially through the event for a third time before having to stop and wait.

    Doing this for about a week, I was able to level 12 cars to 514, and I picked my best ones to level higher. Why 12? Some of the special races and story races require a Modern Super, or a Classic Muscle, or a Retro Street, etc. 3 types of cars x 4 car "classes" = 12, if you want to be prepared. You'll need the three various types of cars to be leveled in each class to do the "class " specific races and get the upgrade parts you need, as you can only race for "class" upgrades using class cars (except for the wild event upgrades that is random).

    Once I got a muscle, super, and sport, to 540-550 PI, you can start auto-racing and getting 5 challenge cards a run.

    Episode 1, Muscle Event 4, gives you 9 races. By running auto-race at +300 that's 27000, enough for 5 challenge cards. As before, it took maybe 4-5 minutes to do the entire event (if I was watching TV or doing something else), and I could do it twice without issue before needing to wait for energy or only getting a portion of the way through the event for a third time. You will use a sport, muscle, and super (any type is fine), but if you want to auto-race them all the highest PI needed is 541.

    There were a few set backs, in that I would end up getting a better quality car that was a much lower PI than the one I spent time on leveling but I like to think it was probably better in the long term to level up that silver or gold car over a generic one. As other guides have suggested, always level 3*** cars that you need, ignore 1 and 2 stars. if you end up getting a four star car, level that too, even if it is common.
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    Sir PaulygonI was stumped on where to exactly go since I'm not familiar with the icons/logos, but when you stated Episode 1, Street Event 6 -- maybe including Part 2 to the episode would help even more. Just some constructive criticism. :)
    Posted by Sir Paulygon on 16 Jun 20 at 16:33
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