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The Doubt achievement in Forza Street

The Doubt

Beat Episode 2

The Doubt-3.5
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How to unlock the The Doubt achievement

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    To add to the other solution(s): Leveling PI Advice.

    I found that after a while I'd rather just auto-race, especially when looking to level up the PI of my cars. To do this I needed to maximize my challenge packs, IRL time, and avoid spending wrenches, which meant that I needed to be able to auto-race every race in a given event.

    Once I played through the first episode, I began doing the daily upgrade and special races as well. After getting a sports (yellow), street(green), and super (blue) car to 514 or so, you can start grinding easier. You'll need to be at least Level 15 to have 3 cars to race with.

    Episode 1, Street Event 6, gives you 7 races if your follow the lower path. By auto-racing and choosing the +300 match ups, I was able to get 4 challenge cards a run in about 4-5min IRL. You can do this twice at level 15, based on the amount of energy you have at full, before having to wait or get partially through the event for a third time before having to stop and wait.

    Doing this for about a week, I was able to level 12 cars to 514, and I picked my best ones to level higher. Why 12? Some of the special races and story races require a Modern Super, or a Classic Muscle, or a Retro Street, etc. 3 types of cars x 4 car "classes" = 12, if you want to be prepared. You'll need the three various types of cars to be leveled in each class to do the "class " specific races and get the upgrade parts you need, as you can only race for "class" upgrades using class cars (except for the wild event upgrades that is random).

    Once I got a muscle, super, and sport, to 540-550 PI, you can start auto-racing and getting 5 challenge cards a run.

    Episode 1, Muscle Event 4, gives you 9 races. By running auto-race at +300 that's 27000, enough for 5 challenge cards. As before, you will want to take the lower path and it took maybe 4-5 minutes to do the entire event (if I was watching TV or doing something else). I could do it twice without issue before needing to wait for energy or only getting a portion of the way through the event for a third time. For this race you can use any Muscle, Super, and Sport type but for a full run the highest PI needed for an auto run at +300 is 541.

    There were a few set backs, in that I would end up getting a better quality car that was a much lower PI than the one I spent time on leveling but I like to think it was probably better in the long term to level up that silver or gold card over a generic one. As other guides have suggested, always level 3*** cars that you need, ignore 1 and 2 stars. if you end up getting a four star car, level that too, even if it is common.

    EDIT: As the comments suggest, save your gold.

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    ScuzzyBunnyDef good advice and a little more relevant than the other solution that was based on earlier builds of the game. Just as a heads up, DEFINITELY save gold (always try to have more than 250) as you sometimes get an "offer" when you receive a duplicate. Most times its a crappy car or a 500 gold deal that is a bunch of upgrades, but twice I've gotten a 250 deal that jumped a 3* car from halfway to 4* in addition to some other misc rewards. I now have 3 4* cars (all common), but they allow further upgrades, allowing for the higher pi you need going into that last chapter/episode.

    My advice is to play at least twice daily, every day. Get all your daily rewards and do all the daily challenges every day. Other than that I try to dominate the upgrade events every day, then burn energy making progress on story. I finished the bare minimum of 2nd episode today, and had a 530 modern sport, 548 modern super, and a 555 modern street.
    Posted by ScuzzyBunny on 07 Jun at 00:49
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    This is hard. If you are not lucky enough and like me don't have a 3* car or higher you are in for a bad surprise. I hope you have stocked up on 2* repairs, you will need them. I went from 20 to 1 just in the second episode. Part of the problem is that you get almost exclusively 3* repairs as rewards. The few 2*'s are scattered throughout the tracks, forcing you to take longer routes just to get a fresh repair. If you have two fully upgraded 2* cars even better, that saves you one repair.

    Still, by the time you reach part 4 you will curse a lot. You don't get enough gold to buy energy, so now you have to wait an hour between sessions unless you want to pay. And don't even dare to buy a car card for 100 gold. You need every little piece of gold you can get. And while going through part 4 watch the stats of your opponents. You do not want to get stuck near the end because you overlooked a car that is +30 to your best.

    I beat every car almost on my first try and a fully upgraded Mercedes Benz 300 SL at 551 power rating is enough to beat episode 2, even though you will meet tons of 3* cars. The trick is in the corners. The fast cars struggle there, just try to stay with them as best as you can, boost the first time you can, then try to collect boost for two bars. You will then use that double boost on the finish straight. Sometimes you can make opponents crash in corners if you time your brake right.

    In any case episode 2 is tough. It also brought me much closer to 500 miles, I am sitting now at 85 %.
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    Tendoman77I don't know about you but I been very lucky with the cars I been winning quite early on, gotten three gold/3-star rated cars (A Camero during either the 2nd or 3rd rival in Episode 1, a Skyline towards the end of Episode 1 and, very recently, a Porsche 918 Spyder). Also gained a crapton of silver/2-star cars even aswell. Maybe the patch that came with the recent name change for the game made things a bit easier.

    Don't forget the upgrade-specific events if you need to tune your cars up further, they are the only way to go beyond 3-star ratings I can assume.
    Posted by Tendoman77 on 23 Apr 19 at 20:51
    NomstuffThe solution is a little outdated.

    Wrenches are no longer tied to star levels, one size fits all now, making it a little easier.

    Other than that, FWIW, spend your gold on cars, that way you're far more likely to get the flavour of car you need for these events. Energy packs can be won daily in the Upgrade races normally, the better your cars the more you can get from them.

    To go above 3* cars You need to get a over 5 dupes of the same car so that's gonna be a pain in the arse as it's random.
    Posted by Nomstuff on 13 Jul 19 at 12:26
    Dynamite AndyJust unlocked this, you need a minimum of level 3 cars at tuning level 7 to be balanced/ just above the pi for the final driver. Hitting this early on makes the previous drivers a breeze.
    Posted by Dynamite Andy on 12 Jun at 05:48
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