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Activate all Scarabs

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How to unlock the Perfectionist achievement

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    Update 2018-12-14: As mentioned by PNibbles and confirmed by izret102, an update "now displays missed scarabs on the map. They appear as light blue circles with a vertical line down the center."

    Scarabs are found in some of the pinball sections and initially their wings are closed. As you complete the requirements for their section of the pinball area (lighting up nodes) they will start to open their wings. This can sometimes take anywhere from 2-5 cycles. When the scarab is completely opened, fruit will burst out and the scarab will completely disappear if you go far enough away and come back.

    While not a solution, I'd recommend that you be aware of this (secret) achievement and work on completing all the scarabs as you work your way through the game. Of course, this doesn't help if you don't know that you need them.

    As far as I know, there are no in-game map items that will display scarabs on the overworld map like there are for chests and wickerlings, but IGN has a map that is useful for mopping up.
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    izret102Was going to say the same as PNibbles. Scarabs are on the map now!
    Posted by izret102 on 13 Dec 18 at 22:54
    CarlosMaestre85Here's a link to an image. They appear within the walls
    Posted by CarlosMaestre85 on 23 Dec 18 at 21:15
    J ROLLER 1979I'm at 71% on my achievement progress bar and there are still not showing up on the map.
    Posted by J ROLLER 1979 on 04 Jan 19 at 21:49
    BoogieDidn't see the Scarabs on the map until I had opened at least 70%-73%, so If you don't see them use an image to help make progress to reach that point.
    Posted by Boogie on 08 Jan 19 at 07:02
    PlayUltimate711Yeah I found a steam thread where the developer stated that they start showing scarabs on the map once you get to 32/42 completed. I didn't know I needed to do scarabs until the end and it still wasn't hard to get up to 32 since they are in most pinball areas, so you just go back to a few and easily get to 32.
    Posted by PlayUltimate711 on 03 Feb 19 at 06:33
    micca76% is the achievement percentage to reach to get them to show up on the map. The math lines up with PlayUltimate711's info on needing 32/42.
    Posted by micca on 27 Mar 19 at 00:12
    DREAM PenanceI'm stuck at 97% and there aren't any showing on the map. Has anyone else had this problem?
    Posted by DREAM Penance on 02 Oct 19 at 01:25
    Kbeau73I can confirm that the scarabs on the map showed up right around the 74-76% range. I've still got at least 6 showing so we'll see where we are after that.
    Posted by Kbeau73 on 10 Nov 19 at 23:46
    RockTomorrowAlso having the 97%/no icons left problem. DREAM Penance, did you solve it?

    Edit for follow up: Just earned it. I initially did a full run round the map on my main save slot following the IGN guide with no luck. I'm absolutely certain I'd activated all scarabs and the game had missed counting 1 out of 42, so this achievement can glitch.

    I started a new game in the next slot without deleting the old one. This time I followed the IGN guide from the start, numbering each one in the order I activated them as I went. Luckily the achievement popped after the last one - the single one right at the bottom of the map in the centre (when you're rescuing the three sword guys around the big wheel thing). This suggests you need to activate them all on a single save slot, because that's one you absolutely have to get in order to finish the story.

    I found the easiest tracking method was to copy the map jpg into a PowerPoint and just drop a text box with the number on top of the icon immediately after activating it. I didn't have a printer, but if you do then doing it by hand is probably quicker. It took me about 3 hours to activate them all the second time round. Good luck if you hit the same glitch, because you can overcome it if you have the time and the inclination!
    Posted by RockTomorrow on 12 Apr 20 at 12:14
    TinCannEdAs @Kbeau73 said, the Scarabs DO NOT show up on your map until U hit 75% completed on collecting them (Which is absolutely STUPID!!)
    Posted by TinCannEd on 03 Aug 20 at 15:21
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