Expert Records Keeper achievement in Viva Piñata: Trouble In Paradise

Expert Records Keeper

Restore all of Piñata Central’s Computer Records

Expert Records Keeper0
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How to unlock the Expert Records Keeper achievement

  • asmilonGRasmilonGR84,511
    05 Feb 2010 05 Feb 2010 29 Apr 2010
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    If you want to keep track of the species that you need for this achievement, without having to maintain a huge list (like I did on my playthrough), just aim for the Master Challenger achievement which will make you restore most but not all of Piñata.

    The Piñata that are not included in any of the Challenges are:

    Red Flutterscotch
    Blue Flutterscotch
    Pink Flutterscotch
    Black Flutterscotch
    Brown Flutterscotch
    Yellow Flutterscotch
    White Flutterscotch

    (List taken from

    Fill the candiosity meter of all the above Piñata (easier with a Joy candy or with a Choclodocus when you acquire it), send them to a party, play though the game and when you finish off all Langston's Challenges the Expert Records Keeper achievement will pop up along with other two (Region 7 Challenger achievement, Master Challenger).

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    ResinousHashishI didnt have the Choclodocus but my friend did, he sent it to a party in his garden and the achievement popped for me.
    Posted by ResinousHashish on 09 May 17 at 03:37
    EthigyGreat solution. Saved me a lot of hassle in the end.
    Posted by Ethigy on 02 Nov 18 at 22:22
    HEYOOOIf it's not popping, check your awards in your journal. A picture next to each pinata name means they've been sent. So if any pictures are missing that's what you still need to send. Also, when finished, you should get a popup congratulations from Langston saying all his computer records are complete, so if you haven't seen that then you're still missing something.
    Posted by HEYOOO on 26 Jun 20 at 12:17
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  • DragonYenDragonYen824,524
    20 Sep 2008 17 Sep 2008 20 Feb 2018
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    Every animal has to be sent to a party [fill it's candy meter, pack it in the box just outside your garden] (note, it does NOT have to be part of a challenge). This includes the Dragon and Dino. You can see the records that you have completed under your journal (Top Left I believe). It will also show the animals you have seen (as text) and the ones you have sent (as pictures). Finish up any that don't have a picture, and make sure you have 1 each of the following:

    * Arocknid

    * Badgesicle
    * Barkbark
    * Bispotti
    * Blue Flutterscotch
    * Brown Flutterscotch
    * Black Flutterscotch
    * Bonboon
    * Bunnycomb
    * Buzzenge
    * Buzzlegum

    * Camello
    * Candary
    * Cherrapin
    * Chewnicorn
    * Chippopotamus
    * Chocodoculus
    * Chocstrich
    * Cinnamonkey
    * Cluckles
    * Cocoadile
    * Crowla
    * Custacean

    * Doenut
    * Dragonache (just obtain, don't need to send it to a party)
    * Dragumfly

    * Eaglair
    * Elephanilla

    * Fizzlybear
    * Flapyak
    * Fourheads
    * Fudgehog

    * Galagoogoo
    * Geckie
    * Goobaa
    * Green Flutterscotch

    * Hoghurt
    * Hootyfruity
    * Horstachio

    * Jameleon
    * Jeli
    * Juicygoose

    * Kittyfloss

    * Lackatoad
    * Lemmoning
    * Lickatoad
    * Limeoceros

    * Macaraccoon
    * Mallowolf
    * Moojoo
    * Moozipan
    * Mothdrop
    * Mousemallow

    * Newtgat

    * Orange Flutterscotch

    * Parmadillo
    * Parrybo
    * Peckanmix
    * Pengum
    * Pieena
    * Pigxie
    * Pink Flutterscotch
    * Polollybear
    * Ponocky
    * Pretztail
    * Profitamole
    * Pudgeon
    * Purple Flutterscotch

    * Quackberry

    * Raisant
    * Rashberry
    * Red Flutterscotch
    * Reddhott
    * Roario
    * Robean

    * S'morepion
    * Salamango
    * Sarsgorilla
    * Shellybean
    * Sherbat
    * Smelba
    * Sparrowmint
    * Squazzil
    * Swanana
    * Sweetle
    * Sweetooth
    * Syrupent

    * Taffly
    * Tartridge
    * Tigermisu
    * Twingersnap

    * Vulchurro

    * Walrusk
    * Whirlm
    * White Flutterscotch

    * Yellow Flutterscotch

    * Zumbug
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    The GlobalizerI also had to get the Dragonache to pop the achievement.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 08 Jan 17 at 06:00
    Moldy Tacos5000Need dragonache for the achievement, but you don't have to mature it, baby works fine.
    Posted by Moldy Tacos5000 on 19 Feb 18 at 05:43
    DragonYenI've updated the list to mention you need the Dragon, but don't need to send it to a party. That's probably where the confusion for people came in originally. Knowing they didn't send it to a party.
    Posted by DragonYen on 20 Feb 18 at 00:54
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