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Twin Birth Master achievement in Viva Piñata: Trouble In Paradise

Twin Birth Master

Create 10 sets of Twin Piñatas

Twin Birth Master0
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How to unlock the Twin Birth Master achievement

  • olde fortran 77olde fortran 77272,348
    03 Apr 2011 12 Apr 2011 26 Apr 2011
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    Here is how I got the achievement with exactly 10 species…

    Start a new garden and remove all vegetation and water to keep from attracting more piñatas.
    Have the complete Tower of Sour to keep out Sours.
    Purchase the Captain's Cutlass and build a wall to keep out the Ruffians and Prof. Pester.

    You need 6 of the same piñata and NO OTHER TYPES OF PIÑATAS in your garden. It doesn't matter how you get them. Gretchen fetched most of them for me. To repeat, the 6 piñata in your garden must all be the piñata you are working on for this challenge. I tried romancing two types of piñata simultaneously and neither worked until I sold everything else and had exactly 6 of the piñata I was working on.

    In order to keep the garden clear of other piñatas, I only used ones that eat fruit or flowers for their romance requirements. Remove the flowers and seeds immediately after their use to keep from attracting other piñatas. I used...
    whirlm, sweetle, bispotti, bunnycomb, mothdrop, mousemallow, buzzlegum, taffly, flutterscotch, raisant.

    Might as well start with Whirlms since they are the only thing that will still be attracted to your barren, lifeless wasteland of a garden.

    In the romancing mini-game, you will know you have the right conditions when the pink hearts in the maze are blinking. You will need to collect exactly as many hearts as are shown in the lower left side of the screen, and it will always be 5 hearts. At the end of the game, it will say "twin bonus", but only if you collect the 5 hearts and reach the other piñata with at least 10 seconds to spare. If you finish the game with less than 10 seconds left, you will not get the all important "twin bonus" message. Try again.

    Whack everything that comes into the garden but isn't a piñata that you need for the challenge.

    This plan might sound expensive, but when you sell all of the piñatas, houses, etc., you usually break even or maybe ahead a little. Also, the piñatas often hit maximum candiosity. While you are waiting for more piñatas to hatch or be fetched, send some off to parties if there is enough time to spare. Also, the twins sell for more than the regular piñata.

    p.s., I saw someone get all of the hearts and beat the Whirlm maze with 12 seconds to go. They got the twin bonus PLUS they were wildcards.

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    Monkeyman1188I misread your guide above. I got about 6-8 whirlms twins, about 4 mouse twins thinking it's just the amount, but misread that you needed all different species. Bloody hell.
    so yeah 10 different species is a must. if you think you can try getting the ach from all the same species, it don't work lol.
    Posted by Monkeyman1188 on 08 Oct 16 at 06:56
    The GlobalizerFYI, it's not always 10 seconds. Had a hell of a time getting 10 seconds with bispotti, but had a good run and got it around 9 seconds left, twin bonus popped up. So if you're having a good run and it's not 10 seconds, you probably should just see it through.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 08 Jan 17 at 23:08
    WhatsATopherJust a heads up as it isn't explicitly said in the solution - you have to wait for the eggs to hatch.

    I rushed one species and sold their house before the egg hatched and had to go back and redo the romance game.
    Posted by WhatsATopher on 06 Jun 17 at 16:18
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  • Ryn0 LRyn0 L554,597
    12 Mar 2016 12 Mar 2016
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    For those who have a Vision Cam:

    1. Scan in 7 eggs of a certain piñata.
    2. While waiting for them to hatch, have their home built.
    3. Once they start to hatch, pick two of them and fulfill the other romance requirements.
    4. Once those 2 are ready to romance, have them meet up and start the mini-game.
    5. Get through the mini game with a good time. It's okay to die and start over.

    Doing this sped things up quite a bit, as I only had to do each romance mini-game once. (I got twins every single time this way, except for once when I got a horrible time on the mini-game.)

    Oh, and I used the same 10 piñatas as outlined in Cosmic Katamari's solution (except i used Bunnycomb instead of MooJoo)

    Hopefully this is helpful!
  • Cosmic KatamariCosmic Katamari50,527
    11 Oct 2009 11 Oct 2009
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    You can get the following achievements by following what I did:
    Wildcard Variant Master
    Twin Birth Master
    Master Couch Socialite
    Wildcard Variant
    Twin Birth
    Couch Socialite

    This will net you 90 achievement points.

    Connect a second controller to your xbox (I used a play and charge kit) and make sure to press start, you will have two cursors in the game now. Once you get the Master Couch Socialite achievement, disconnect the controller so navigation is easier.

    Breed the following Pinatas:

    If you have enough items to meet the romance requirements, spam offspring until you have 6 total moving around (inside the egg does not count!). Then go for the 7th pinata. If you get only the wildcard, sell off one of the recently made children so you can go back and get the twins made (only collect the hearts till all of the pink is filled - not blue.)

    I never had the board fill up with every species I mastered but I did get the achievement from the pinatas I mentioned. I did get the following two pinatas mastered (wildcard and twin) but for some reason never got the achievement from them even though the player log shows I am a master romancer.

    Those pinatas were:

    Good Luck!
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