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How to unlock the ENTER YOUR INITIALS achievement

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    26 Jul 2018 25 Jul 2018 09 Sep 2018
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    To win this achievement, you need to complete every challenge in the single player mode. Each challenge awards you a certain amount of Superstar points.

    On the championship selection menu (Origins, Uprising, etc...) you can see the amount of points you have accumulated / total amount of points, in pink under the graphic for each championship. On the event menu, the points for this specific event are displayed under the picture.

    A few tips about the challenges :

    In the event selection menu, on the left of each challenge, if you see :
    - Trophy icon : you have to win the race after meeting the requirements to truly complete the challenge.
    - Helmet icon : if you play the event in co-op, any player can contribute to the challenge counter.

    About the event types :

    - Single match event : you don't have to complete every challenge in one go, but the counter for each failed challenge will reset each time.

    - Weekender events : each match has specific challenges and it works the same as a single match. However, you can contribute to the Weekender challenges by playing any match as many times as you want.

    - Tournament events : you will probably have to win the entire tournament to complete these challenges. However, if you lose at any point (even the finale), the counters are reset and you will have to do the whole tournament again. Same thing if you win the tournament but haven't completed the requirements. Here's the good news : if you're about to lose a race, or if you think you haven't made enough progress for a challenge (capturing 15 zones in Lockdown can be a pain), you can restart the race as many times as you want.
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    romisthebestAny tips or strategy for the SWITCH events where you need to 'win by 3 switches'?
    Posted by romisthebest on 24 Sep 18 at 07:51
    romisthebestHow do you invite a friend to an event?

    Edit: If anyone's still wondering: highlight the event you want to play but don't press A now. Instead press Y to invite your friend(s), and then press A to select the event once you see your friend(s) with you in the top-right corner of the screen.
    Posted by romisthebest on 24 Sep 18 at 07:57
    ElQuaNarXBOXCapturing 15 zones in Lockdown, Red Rock Refinery tournament.

    I played first round and captured 4 zones.
    I pressed "Accept" and saw challenges for second round.
    I pressed "Back" and a message advised me that I was going to lose my progress.
    I accepted the message, but didn't lose the captures.
    I played again first round, and my 4 captures remained on scoreboard.
    Then I repeated this process to achieve 15 captures (actually 12, and 3 more on the other two rounds).

    Although the message warn you that you are going to lose your progress, you can repeat first round and captures remain.

    EDIT: only works on Tournament, not on Single Event nor on Race Challenges from Weekender. You always go back to first round of the tournament, but progress remain. You can't lose races, of course.
    Posted by ElQuaNarXBOX on 02 Oct 18 at 12:35
    PhillipWendellThanks, @ElQuaNarXBOX, going to try that tonight. Stuck on this one as well as the one where you have to get 28 takedowns in a tournament and win. Have played that at least 10 times and the best I've gotten is 27 angry.
    Posted by PhillipWendell on 23 Nov 18 at 23:29
    DyssidentI just want to confirm that ElQuaNarXBOX's tournament trick works (Thanks!). Just choose to Quit in between rounds and it will keep your challenge progress.
    Posted by Dyssident on 02 Jan 19 at 04:28
    DyssidentI have some tips for anyone doing Red Rock Refinery 12 Takedowns (solo) as that was the hardest challenge for me.

    -At the very start of the race, boost and suicide dive into the large group of opponents for 1-3 quick Takedowns. Restart if you fail or can't reach them in time (depends on where you spawn in).
    -Disregard the gates for Round 1 and only go for Takedowns. If you won then AVOID gates in Round 2, but if you lost then go hard for the gates the last 2 rounds. This is to make sure the game always lasts 3 rounds.
    -Obviously your score target should be at least 4-5 Takedowns after Round 1, 8-10 Takedowns after Round 2. If you have much less than that then just restart.
    -If you're far behind the majority of opponents then come to a stop and let the game teleport you up front or hold the Back/View button. (Both methods seem to average out to about the same time to get back on the road and into the action.)
    -Don't waste your Rush power. It's better to save it a few seconds until you can get a group of opponents ahead of you for a possible 2-3 Takedowns.
    -If no opponents are directly ahead of you, look behind and slow down to let some catch up so you have more targets. It's not a race, you don't need to try to stay at the front of the pack constantly.

    Also, nothing was more painful in this game than getting the 12 Takedowns and losing Round 3 by 0.1 seconds. shock
    Posted by Dyssident on 02 Jan 19 at 23:47
    ExpiredRaindropGetting tired of trying the Red Rock Refinery 12 take downs challenge. Gotten close many times. Anyone willing to help? Got this one and 6 take downs or assist in a zone! 3 achievements left!!! smile
    Posted by ExpiredRaindrop on 04 May 19 at 18:35
    Extase4u2same here, only need the 12 takedowns, i would love some co-op help. PM me pls
    Posted by Extase4u2 on 23 Aug 19 at 21:10
    Clutch RinoGot the 12 knockouts in my second match and lost. Shitty feeling

    Edit: Just got it with 13 knockouts. Didn't think it was too bad. Just need a little luck at the start
    Posted by Clutch Rino on 28 Aug 19 at 20:43
    EliteSpartanI still need the 12 takedowns at the refinery message me if you can help and I’ll help your challenges. It’s my last one I need
    Posted by EliteSpartan on 20 Feb 21 at 16:28
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