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The tools of the profession

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How to unlock the The tools of the profession achievement

  • TheDustyCactusTheDustyCactus59,312
    08 Jun 2018 08 Jun 2018
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    All credit for this guide goes to SnowNinjaRaccoon (DK) & PowerPyx from who provide a complete guide to finding all collectibles and all weapons in Vampyr. This guide covers all 12 one-handed and 8 two-handed in chapter order, although the guide they created also covers all collectibles and ranged weapons as well.

    [One Hand Weapon #1] Used Machete
    You will run past it at the very beginning of the game. You will have to pick it up in order to protect yourself.

    Chapter 1:
    [Two Hand Weapon #1] Used Scythe
    After passing the hideout on the higher floor you will cross a bridge and enter a tunnel. Jonathan will mention fresh blood. A bit further down the tunnel, you will find the scythe.

    [One Hand Weapon #2] Used Bludgeon
    Granted for Defeating William Bishop.

    [One Hand Weapon #3] Used Hacksaw
    Hospital, 2nd floor.

    Chapter 2:
    [Two Hand Weapon #2] Common Barbed Cudgel
    Found at the start of the Sewer Section (you go there during the story).

    [One Hand Weapon #4] Used Hatchet
    Whitechapel District, Northwest, Second Floor of the Warehouse with a Sewer Monster in it.

    Chapter 3:
    [Two Hand Weapon #3] Common Mace
    Hideout in Sewers (area where you meet Bridget).

    Chapter 4:
    [One Hand Weapon #5] Remarkable Saber
    Granted for defeating Doris Fletcher.

    Chapter 5:
    [Two Hand Weapon #4] Common Axe
    Found at the end of the sewers section with the Leon Augustin Boss Fight. After the part where you use the 3 valves to raise/lower the water. After lowering the water and making it to the other side there’s a bridge you can teleport up to (there’s a lady held hostage in the tunnels here called “Louise Teasdale”). It’s just before the sewer exit.

    Chapter 6: Important: Make a manual Save Game Backup at the start of Chapter 6! See spoiler:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    [One Hand Weapon #6] True Dragonbane: This weapon has it's own guide and achievement associated with it and is likely the most difficult item to unlock in the entire game:

    [One Hand Weapon #7] Clay’s Hatchet
    Kill Clay at the hospital.

    [One Hand Weapon #8] Rakesh’s Surgical Saw
    Embrace Rakesh in Hospital and loot his chest.

    [One Hand Weapon #9] Newton’s Saber
    Embrace Newton in Hospital.

    [One Hand Weapon #10] Seymour’s Bludgeon
    Embrace Seymour in the Docks.

    [One Hand Weapon #11] Louise’s Machete
    Embrace Louise in West End.

    [One Hand Weapon #12] Archer’s Hatchet
    Get it from Archer in the Docks.

    [Two Hand Weapon #5] Joe’s Barbed Cudgel
    Embrace Joe Peterson in Whitechapel and open a chest in Harry Peterson’s House (2nd Floor).

    [Two Hand Weapon #6] Booth’s Axe
    Embrace Booth in the Docks.

    [Two Hand Weapon #7] Rodney’s Scythe
    Embrace Rodney in the Sewers (Docks Event on a map).

    [Two Hand Weapon #8] Samuel Connor’s Mace
    Kill Tippets in Hospital, Loot Tippets, Loot his Desk/Drawer/Locker (don’t remember which one it was) in Doctor’s Room in Hospital. With the small key head to the basement of the morgue where a corpse lies on the table. Loot the chest there for the weapon.

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    HealttiTheLoneGinger said:
    I fucked up and Archer in the Docks died from sickness.
    Faustus PHD said:
    I too had residents of the Docks die after killing Sean.
    If you're reading this after things went tits up on your first playthrough (most likely someone from the Docks died) here's a top tip: Turn Sean on your second run!(If you spare him his gang will start randomly killing people, and if you embrace him the health rating will plummet.)
    BqCaduceusMD said:
    Can you sell any weapons after finding them (since they track)?
    You can.
    WLC93 said:
    Does this have to be done in one playthrough?
    BLAZE VII said:
    The weapon didn't drop for me automatically at all: -Doris Fletcher's remarkable saber.
    A known, if rare, bug. Should this happen immediately delete your LOCAL save and recover the cloud backup. You'll lose a bit of progress but salvage the playthrough.

    P.S. If I ever bump into another game that does collectibles this way, that'll be too soon. Way too soon.
    Posted by Healtti on 06 Jun 19 at 09:11
    AzzrikFor Archer's Hatchet, all the guides say to "Get it from" this originally had me thinking I got it after rescuing him.. But to be clear: Embrace Archer for the Hatchet :P
    Posted by Azzrik on 24 Mar at 07:54
    LeGagnanDid the offline backup trick and popped in like 15 minutes.
    Posted by LeGagnan on 29 Mar at 16:07
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    Welcome, Here is videos walkthrough for all weapons and collectibles, Enjoy wink

    Credits for youtube video goes to PowerPyx channel

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