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Finish the game without killing any citizens (not unlockable in Story Mode)

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Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

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    To win this achievement, you must not kill anyone or do anything that may lead them to dying/killing later on. If your choice leads them to turning into a Skal or becoming a worse version of one then your choice resulted in death which may be the reason this isn't popping for some.

    Below is what I did to get this achievement, if you copy this like for like then you'll have no issues.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Also, I know it's probably obvious but please remember not to kill any of the NPCs you talk to along the way. Killing the Vampire Hunters, Ekons and other attacking monsters is fine. wave
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    05 Jun 2018 30 Jun 2018
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    Note: I earned this on the PlayStation 4 thanks to a review copy I received from the developer. Here is my guide to this.

    For this achievement/trophy, you must NOT Embrace any civilian that you meet during the games 7 chapters. This means that when given the option to mesmerise someone and lure them to a dark place, don’t embrace.

    As you might expect, this will make your experience through VAMPYR much more difficult as civilians are a vital source of EXP, especially after unlocking all their options while making you underleveled. However, you can counter this little problem with a healing skill called Authophagy. Simply use an off-hand weapon that also has a blood asorbtion ability such as the Used Knife in Chapter Two’s Morgue and you’ll have constant healing, while making the game feel Bloodborneish.

    EDIT 1: If you have the Hunters Heirlooms DLC pack ($5 on store) then use the Gun and Sword that come with that. The sword can be upgraded to steal blood and makes this much easier while the gun can rapidly fire off 6 shots, stunning bosses quickly.

    Something else you need to watch out for is your civilian sheet in the menu. Make sure that you are healing everyone that you can, even if you spend an hour or so grinding the materials since districts that go critical can start resulting in NPC's going missing and more enemies who are much stronger (sometimes +15 in level). Also make sure that you are doing investigations! Most civilians have them so chat with them while unlocking their clues for tons of XP.

    Important Choices
    - Spare Clay in chapter one.
    - Spare Dorothi in chapter two.
    - Spare Sean in chapter three.
    - Turn Aloysisus into a Vampire in chapter 5.
    - Spare McCullum in chapter 5. DONT TURN HIM.
    - Turn Doctor Swansea into a Vampire in chapter 5.

    Note: It would appear that killing the priest does void the achievement now. Although reports are mixed, I suggest making sure you’re well equipped to fight Mary since he will heal her.
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    Note: if you have a physical copy of the game and a USB keyboard, you can make this much easier on yourself by doing the infinite XP glitch (which I will detail below). A patch has fixed it, but you can get around this with a physical copy. I don't know if it's possible with a digital copy of the game, but you're welcome to try.

    Edit: SpiralOut46and2 has confirmed that the glitch cannot be done with a digital copy.

    In order to get this achievement, you must complete the game without embracing any named characters. In other words, mesmerizing and then embracing an NPC voids the achievement. Additionally, during the fight with Mary in the graveyard you must not drink blood from the injured priest, as this seems to void the achievement as well. Killing random Skals/Priwen/etc enemies is fine.

    As far as I know, you don't have to interact with any of the NPCs that the story doesn't force you to talk to, and it doesn't seem to matter if they die as long as you weren't the one to kill them. (Unless they turn hostile, in which case you should be able to kill them safely, though I can't confirm this myself.) During my playthrough, I used the infinite XP glitch to max all the skills at the start of the game and then rushed as much as possible. I never had a district turn hostile, though the docks did fall to around 54% by the time I finished. For the most part, I didn't even talk to any of the NPCs other than those the game required me to talk to to progress, and one or two did die before I finished. During the entire playthrough, I believe I only slept twice.

    Additionally, I took the following actions with these characters:
    Spared Clay
    Spared Nurse Crane
    Spared Sean
    Turned Dawson
    Spared McCullum
    Turned Swansea

    In order to do the infinite XP glitch:
    You must have a physical copy of the game to do this as well as a USB keyboard (though I'm told that the chat pad also works). It is not possible with a digital copy.

    Uninstall the game and then disconnect your Xbox from the internet. Reinstall the game from the disk while offline and then play up until you the game has you increase skills for the first time (after Reid shoots himself in the chest). Once you get to that point, select anything to level up, plug the keyboard into your Xbox and then hold down P to until you have around 170000 experience or so and that's enough to max out every skill (and max your level at 50). Level up whatever you want/everything. After that's done, reconnect to the internet and download the patches (it won't affect the experience/skills at all) and then play from there.
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    18 Jun 2019 18 Jun 2019
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    I followed everything with the characters except I turned Nurse Crane by mistake. So I ended up:
    Spared Clay
    Turned Nurse Crane
    Spared Sean
    Turned Dawson
    Spared McCullum
    Turned Swansea
    I also did NOT kill the priest during the Mary fight, and I made sure to keep everyone healthy when possible. Even though I turned Nurse Crane, I did not go back to the exclamation mark where she is and did not fight or kill her, so I don't know if killing her then would void the achievement. I did the same with any "Missing" citizens that came from sparing Sean, etc... Those people I stayed away from and did not fight. This is pretty much what the other solutions say, I just wanted to say that I still got the achievement even though I turned Nurse Crane. I ended up following the PowerPyx guide for all of the collectables and stuff, and I posted what I did here on Reddit.

    Hope this helps
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