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Stalwart Servant

Complete 25 events during the missions.

Stalwart Servant+13.6
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How to unlock the Stalwart Servant achievement

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    Update: Just thought I'd update my guide. If you haven't made it over to the Neocore - Inquisitor Martyr community forum yet. A guy named Fluster, so all credit to him, made a great detailed guide about side missions and I recommend you go take a look.


    Mission: Harbingers of Hate - The Last Port on Nereus III
    Type: Silence the Guns
    ***Does not count toward Suppression side quests

    If you play the campaign mission The Last Port on Nereus III which is one of the three campaign missions to fight the Black Legion Invasion there is a side quest to save some soldiers on the north side of the map. After saving the soldiers I checked my progress (84%), dashboarded (right after, don't finish the mission), quit the game, reloaded the mission and they were there again (88%), repeat (92%).

    1) Sorry to those who finished the campaign and can't go back.
    2) Could make this even faster if you put it on the lowest difficulty to speed run side quest.
    3) Found this so much easier than grinding out Bunker Buster missions, crossing fingers for a side quest.

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    FlabyoAfter the most recent update I’ve started seeing these cropping up in priority assignments again.
    Posted by Flabyo on 02 Apr 19 at 12:05
    CuthredVoid Crusade, first mission to the right always seems to have an event
    Posted by Cuthred on 29 Feb at 08:15
    KimitchiiHmhm, for those who have the Prophecy DLC, the mission "Inquisitor in Peril" has a side mission right at the start. You need to go north-east for like 2s and a group of soldiers is under attack.

    Farming there.
    Posted by Kimitchii today at 11:35
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    Unlocking this achievement is fairly simple, but there is A LOT of confusion regarding what counts and what doesn't. There is also a Heroic Deed that ties into this achievement, and you need to complete the Heroic Deed to unlock a different achievement. There are three types of events you can complete:

    1). You can rescue groups of Imperial Guard soldiers at various points during the campaign (there are currently 5 of these in the campaign), and you can also find them randomly on certain types of open world missions, namely Purge, Hunt, and Bunker Buster.

    2). You will occasionally find blue teleport beacons that will transport you to unmapped secret areas of the map. These are usually small one or two room areas that contain an Elite enemy and a loot chest or reliquary.

    3). Very rarely you will come across an allied psyker and a group of Imperial Guardsmen. You will get an objective to "protect the psyker until the warp gate closes" along with a timer bar. You can simply destroy the warp gate and go on about your business. No need to hang around for the timer bar to run out.

    Now, for Stalwart Servant achievement, all three of these types of events will count, as the description of the achievement is "complete 25 events". However, apparently only #1 and #3 are considered a "side mission". The Heroic Deed of the same name (Stalwart Servant), requires you to "complete 25 side missions", and ONLY the first and third types will count toward it.

    The reason this is important to note is that completing the Heroic Deed unlocks a skill tree, and therefor ties into the following achievement, as well:

    Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – MartyrBibliophiliacThe Bibliophiliac achievement in Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr worth 186 pointsUnlock all Skilltrees.

    So to give you an example, I unlocked the Stalwart Servant achievement when I was only showing 11 of 25 in the Stalwart Servant Heroic Deed. And just for reference, I had the best luck finding side mission on the Bunker Buster open world missions, and on Tarot Purge missions.

    Good luck!
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    Comrade SpannerNote that the events only increase the tracker for the related skill tree if you complete the mission. I was quitting and restarting to get this cheevo, but I still need a load more for the skill tree
    Posted by Comrade Spanner on 26 May at 18:23
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