Midyear Maniac achievement in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Midyear Maniac

Kill 100 players during Midyear Mayhem.

26 Jul 2018 until 06 Aug 2018

Midyear Maniac
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How to unlock the Midyear Maniac challenge

  • JblacqJblacq592,600
    04 Aug 2018 30 Jul 2018
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    This requires you to get 100 killing blows on other players. Assists obviously do not count.

    In addition to the PvP Campaign (Cyrodill), you can also kill players in the various Battlegrounds. IMHO, it is quicker to do this in battlegrounds as you will be competing against less people for player kills (and there's no NPC's either).
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  • mcnichojmcnichoj206,680
    05 Aug 2018 05 Aug 2018
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    Self boost method utilizing two Xbox systems.

    Presumably you have at least one copy of the game and your main account has Xbox Live Gold.
    You can either Home share the gold (and game if it's digital) or you can take advantage of the current Sea of Thieves Chip's Ahoy! promotion if you live within the US/Canada. They give out Gold and Game Pass five day subs when you redeem the codes off the bottom of the packages on the promo site.
    Base Elder Scrolls Online game is currently apart of the Game Pass.

    So now that you have two accounts that can play this game, you just have to worry about getting them in to the PVP.
    Your main Xbox account should have an ESO character that can already do PVP but just in case you don't, I'll go through the process anyway as you'll need to do it for the new character and maybe people have forgot how.

    Make a new character for the second profile and make sure they're an opposite faction of the character on your main account. Nothing else matter about the character. Clear the tutorial area and escape. Now you have to level your character up to level 10. I suggest using one of your experience scrolls and just do as many quests as quickly as possible. Skip all text and just run from objective marker to marker. This took me roughly two hours?

    Once you hit level 10, you'll see the "CAMPAIGNS" option pop up on start/menu screen cn_start and then have both your characters join the same servers. If bot of your characters are below 50 then have them both go in a below 50 server. This would be ideal as I believe these servers generally have less people.

    Now have your dummy account spawn at one of its team respective towers and have your main account sit a comfortable distance away from it.
    Remove all the dummy accounts gear if it has any on and then run out to go be slaughtered by the main account. Respawn and repeat.
    If no one bothers you, you're looking at roughly two hours of grinding.
    If people do start to interfere, just move to a different tower.
    This should be fairly easy.

    IF you start this now from scratch you may still have time to complete it.
    Whether it's worth it or not to do all this is a different story entirely.
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