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EMBAR Mastery

Get 3 kills in one clip with the EMBAR 10 times (Public Versus only)

EMBAR Mastery0
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Achievement Guide for EMBAR Mastery

  • PHT999PHT999607,978
    08 Jun 2018 08 Jun 2018 30 Jul 2018
    33 5 9
    It turns out EMBAR executions count towards this achievement.

    Play casual coop vs AI and down enemies however you want (lancer is probably easiest since the AI drop ammo for it). Hold cn_Y while standing over their body with the EMBAR equipped to perform the EMBAR execution. Rinse and repeat to obtain 3 kills "in one clip", no need to worry about misses or ammo limitations.

    Executions work for some of the other weapon achievements too like the Torque Bow.

    You can even perform all 30 kills in a row (credit to Xx JaY2SiKk xX & Agnt Washintub)

    EMBAR appears on the following maps:

    Lift Apex
  • Yurgi WinduYurgi Windu296,419
    17 Jun 2018 07 Jun 2018
    13 13 0
    An easy way to do this on coop vs AI is to hit cn_B to down the AI, it should take two hits. Once the AI is downed you have a clear one shot kill with the embar. Rinse and repeat 3 times without reloading and you are good. This can be done multiple times in one match. Be careful to not do this among a group of AI in case you get downed yourself and the other thing to watch out for is other players stealing kills once the AI is downed.
  • B ROCKN187B ROCKN187190,992
    12 Aug 2019
    0 1 0
    If you are able to get two groups of five to search and find each other in Competitive Warmup, this becomes quick and easy.

    On a map with the Embar, have all the opposite team line up in a single-file line. The person going for the Embar kills lines up, charges, and headshots them. One shot can take out all five people. Rinse and repeat. Once Person 1 has the achievement, wait (or kill boost) until the Embar respawns and have Person 2 take over.

    Doing it this way makes 3 kills in one clip fast and efficient.
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