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You Are The Support Son!

Complete a 25 or 50 wave variant of Private Horde on Insane without spending Fabricator power

You Are The Support Son!-1.0
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Achievement Guide for You Are The Support Son!

  • Taillear DubhTaillear Dubh1,092,119
    15 Jun 2018 15 Jun 2018
    59 1 16
    Here is what I just did to get the achievement:

    1). 25 wave Monster Mash on Blood Drive (on Insane)
    2). Anybody but the host can spend power through rounds 1-24.
    3). Have everyone leave in wave 25 (except the host), come back as a different class, and then don't spend any power from that point on.

    We just did this and everyone in the group got the achievement.

    Long version:

    We were going for Perfect Run by having everyone but the host quit out at the end of wave 24, but screwed up in wave 25 (bloody Carriers!) and two of us died. We figured "what the hell" and left AGAIN and each switched to a new class again. Once we were back in, nobody touched the fabricator, nobody refilled any sentries or shock turrets (as we didn't have an engineer anymore) and we killed off the last three enemies.

    Surprise, surprise! As soon as wave 25 ended, all 4 of us in the group got the You Are the Support Son! achievement. Pretty clearly, the only requirement is that the host stays in the match, and never spends ANY power. The rest of us died, revived, built fortifications, etc. all the way through, and by leaving during wave 25, coming back as a new class, and not spending any power from that point on, it gave us all the achievement.

    Much easier than doing it legit.
  • Bastian ReaderBastian Reader596,394
    08 Jun 2018 08 Jun 2018 14 Jun 2018
    24 5 4
    Map- Blood Drive

    First some general tips.
    You CANNOT revive people using their cog tags as this will void the achievement. I recommend that you never pick them up.

    You must do this achievement on the 25 wave horde variant. I recommend horde lite. I have received reports from my friends that they did not receive the achievement on a 50 wave horde mode. Plus, 25 waves is less than 50 waves, so don't make your life harder.

    You CANNOT purchase anything from the fabricator. That means you cannot buy weapons, fortifications, class items such as the hammer of dawn, team revive, etc.

    You CAN deposit money into the fabricator (there isn't a point to depositing money unless you want some extra points).

    It is okay to fail a wave. In fact, you can purposefully fail a wave to resupply your grenades/weapon ammo and to change the boss (for further information regarding the boss please see section 7).

    You must play on INSANE. This will not stack with inconceivable.

    If a player gets disconnected, IMMEDIATELY pause the game, reinvite the player, and continue the match when that player is fully loaded into the match. We had a player get disconnected on during the countdown to wave 25. He rejoined and still unlocked the achievement. He was only missing for 10 seconds during the countdown for the wave.

    Game details

    1) Decide which classes you will run. Any combination of soldier and heavy will work. Having 1 sniper would also be helpful.

    I recommend either
    4 soldiers, 1 heavy
    3 soldiers, 1 heavy, 1 sniper

    Recommended cards for each class are the following:

    Soldiers should run grenade damage, grenade plants, grenade capacity, and resupply.The fifth card is up to you, but I would recommend either assault rifle capacity or assault rifle damage.

    The heavy should run explosive launcher capacity, explosive launcher damage, and marked damage (especially useful against bosses). The next two cards are up to you, but we personally used heavy weapon damage and thick skin.

    Sniper should run called shot and mark boost. The rest are up to you but I would recommend explosive headshot, headshot damage, and precision rifle damage.

    As always, the higher your cards are the better. I would recommend level 6 green cards, level 5 blue cards, and level 4 purple cards at a minimum.

    2) Decide which map you will run. The two best choices that I have had success with are blood drive and war machine. This guide will describe the process for blood drive (dlc map)

    Make sure to be on INSANE! it will not stack if you do it on inconceivable.

    3) Game mode. I recommend horde light. This mode has 25 waves with a boss wave every 5 waves.

    The way to change your game mode is to press start in the horde lobby for match options, click on enemy list, and change to horde lite.

    4) Fabricator placement. The first thing you should do on blood drive is move the fabricator to the diner spawn (if you are going down the stairs the rooms will be on your right) and place it in the doorway of the room. Just make sure you leave enough room to walk your character through the doorway. This will ensure that enemies cannot enter the room except for the carrier.

    5) Grenade plants. Grenade plants help a lot. Make sure your soldiers place many grenade plants between waves. Also, make sure that you put enough space between each grenade so that one enemy doesn't create a chain reaction and blow up all of your grenade. Also, make sure to save a few grenades for later in the round.

    I recommend putting some grenades just outside the doorway, throughout the staircase, the small room across from the doorway, the corridor heading towards the train station, near the ammo box between the diner and hospital spawns, and near the ammo box between the train station and triage room.

    6) Player positions. Have two players hugging the walls on the doorway to the room. They should both be soldiers. Throughout the game they will be throwing grenades at enemies that are approaching the doorway. These two soldiers should have the highest level resupply of your group. When they don't have grenades they should use their lancers.

    The heavy should be a little bit further back in the room, face the doorway, and shoot boomshots, drops shot, and heavy weapons.

    A third soldier should be covering the windows. Juvies will climb over the windows, and it is their job to kill the juvies and warn the rest of the team that they are coming. A shotgun would be the best way to kill the juvies. Also be careful as the juvies tend to glitch through the right wall, so don't have the soldier hugging the right side of the doorway to the windows.

    The fifth player (soldier or sniper) will ensure that enemies do not spawn in the room. If you are facing the doorway and windows the enemy spawn is on your far back right. The fifth player will also reinforce soldiers 1 and 2 at the doorway, and will reinforce the third soldier at the windows when juvies come if there weren't any enemies spawning in the room.

    7) Choosing your boss. During a wave you can kill yourself in order to change the boss. The first 3 attempts of a boss wave will give you the same boss. After that the boss will change every wave. If you get a carrier kill yourselves until you get a different boss. Carriers are the only enemy that can get through the doorway, and will kill you all quickly. We found that the snatcher was the best boss to go against since it gets stuck in the doorway which means that the soldiers can throw grenades at it and kill it quickly. Swarmak would be the second best boss since it typically gets stuck in the middle of the map between the diner and hospital spawns. However, they take a lot longer to kill as compared to the snatcher.

    Good luck with the achievement. I welcome your feedback and will make changes to the guide accordingly.
  • JPertuJPertu263,969
    08 Jun 2018 08 Jun 2018
    22 6 9
    Just now beaten this and i want to give you my solution.

    I CAN confirm that if you do this in the 50 waves mode is glitched atm so you will not get the achievement, but you will get it in the 25 waves mode.

    Map: Clocktower

    Mode:Monster Mash (To set it: press start in the horde private lobby, horde options and switch from standard to monster mash)

    -1 Sniper (Called shot, explosive headshots, sniper rifle damage, sniper rifle capacity, headshot damage)
    -3 Soldiers (Resupply, plant granades, granede capacity, granade damage, assault rifle damage)
    -1 Heavy (Marked damage, reload speed and all heave weapons damage cards)


    Setup: Get the fabricator back to your spawn, plant granades on the stairs on the right side and arond of the rectangular thing in front of the stairs. You can then take cover where you have 2 small "windows" and in case you start having a rough time you can rotate back to the fabricator. My group did the last 5 waves around the fabricator but still planting the granades in the same spots.


    Sorry for my english and good luck, is a tough achievement.
  • Pembo 1991Pembo 1991201,840
    14 Jun 2018 14 Jun 2018
    8 3 2
    I've just got the achievement tonight on War Machine. Just wanted to say somebody was revived once (wave 25) for 0 power and the achievement still unlocked. I personally wouldn't risk it, but if you happen to be in a game where it happens, don't just quit. See it through and you might get the achievement still. Happy hunting.
  • Davis 888Davis 888522,929
    17 Jun 2018 17 Jun 2018 17 Jun 2018
    7 3 0
    Map suggestion: Blood Drive
    Game variant suggestion: Monster Mash (25 Waves)
    Difficulty: Insane

    There are already a few good guides out there for how to go about this but 25 seems to work best. I will clarify what other people have figured out so you will hopefully know exactly how to do it confidently.

    Basically everyone can start the match as any class, I personally went with an engineer a scout a sniper and soldiers but anything will work. Try to avoid being heavy as you will probably want to re-join after quitting as heavy for best chance.

    My guide is focused on how to make sure you get the achievement on Wave 25, this will be a step by step on how to do it successfully every time.

    1. Play normally and once you hit wave 25 and your base is all set up with sentries the way you want you will want the host to pause the game (Let the match timer run down so the wave officially starts, but don't let it go on to long so you save up your sentries and base).

    2. Everyone but the host will leave the match and re-join the game as a different class (For us it was re-joining as all heavy's with marked damage boost card).

    3. Now once everyone else is loaded in game and they can see the overhead map, the host of the match will want to disconnect from the match by pulling his Ethernet cord from his Xbox until he is kicked from the match. If you are on Wi-Fi, then it is best you pull the power from your router.

    4. Once the host can see that he has been kicked from the game he can re-connect his internet. The rest of the group will still be in the pause menu and a new host of the match will be selected. Keep an eye out as it should tell the person who is the new host they have been selected.

    5. Let the last guy re-join the game and once he is loaded in and everyone looking at top down map then the new host will press the pause button and select the option to resume. It should restart the match and fail the wave, allowing the host to resume from current wave.

    From this point just don't deposit any power or go near the fabricator just to be safe and you will have yourself the achievement!

    If for any reason you mess up you can just re-do the steps above again until you get it. Just make sure you pause so that you have time to go through the steps again.
  • OperativeEmeralOperativeEmeral261,485
    08 Jun 2018 09 Jun 2018
    9 5 0
    Currently the Achievement is still possible to obtain if you get disconnected. I was disconnected from the game on wave 25 (out of 25) and got back in after my group had failed a few times. We failed another time, then we cleared the last wave and I got my Achievement despite the connection loss.

    Maybe it's because they hadn't moved on from wave 25 or because they'd repeated that wave a few times or because I got back into the game in less than a minute, either way, I still got the long haul ribbon and the Achievement.

    So if you get disconnected from your game, don't panic, and just focus on getting back in as soon as possible. And your team should refrain from making ANY progress until you are back in. And by back in I mean respawned. So as soon as you're connected again your team should fail out so you get respawned at the start of the wave.
  • HowletxHowletx319,589
    03 Dec 2018 03 Dec 2018
    3 0 0
    Hei. This is not a complete guide but more of some helpful advise to people still going for this achievement, we unlocked this achieve with this method.
    We combined this with the "Do you Even Lift?" Achievement. If you are not going for both of these achievements other solutions are easier!
    I tried with a good team to do these achievements legit which was nearly impossible, and we were all players who did not like to "cheese". After over three hours we decided to give up doing them legit.

    Step one is find a crew to do this, everybody should have good soldier cards and atleast one more class.
    Step two is start a private horde match on the lift map. Use normal 50 waves, this is because of the time between the waves, witch is necessary for speedruns Everybody should be soldiers. The host uses the normal speedrun loadout - please refer to this method on other guides for the two achievements.
    Step three everybody but the host commits suicide and leaves the match
    Step four the host sends invites to the other members who leaves and returnes with the desired classes for the speedrun.
    Step five, play the game as you normally would in a speedrun, but make sure to spend all the energy on fabrications (this means NO HoD!), (everybody but the host can spend energy) and to create several decoys and sentries on the backside of the map, so that you have a place to run to at wave 50
    Step six, when there are only a few guys left on wave 49 host most pause the game. All the other players leave and rejoin as soldier classes. Have a mix of grenade bonuses and assault rifle. The Cover Boost card is nearly imperative! The host keeps the game paused until everybody else has rejoined. From this point onwards, nobody uses ANY energy! No building, repairing, buying weapons or usage of HoD or Team Revive!
    Step seven, the host unpauses the game and goes way back to a safe place and pretends he is a coward, this to be certain of no death until the wave is over.
    Step eight, one or two players run and plant grenades at normal positions, and everybody should be at their prior round start placements.
    Step nine when most the normal enemies are dead run back to the fabricator (this should be protected with fabrications). The boss (all of them) are now a complete idiot as he does not have allies, and will focus on your decoys and be damaged by both the team and your sentries.
    Step ten, the boss dies and the wave is completed, you should unlock both theese achievements and if the host never died, and nobody died during wave 50 you should also get the perfect run achievement.
    (Optional step elleven) Give me an upvote as you become very happy that both these difficult ahievements became much easier!

    If i have left anything unclear please comment and I will see what more I can say.

    The achievement requirements with this method are only to start and finish the game with five soldiers, and that the host dosn't spend any energy during the entire match, and everybody else don't spend any power during wave 50.

    Hope this helps :)
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