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Do You Even Lift?

Complete a 25 or 50 wave variant of Horde on Lift with 5 Soldiers on Insane

Do You Even Lift?0
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Achievement Guide for Do You Even Lift?

  • Yarto PlagachoYarto Plagacho851,277
    08 Jun 2018 09 Jun 2018
    50 14 37
    The EASIEST method:
    Start the lite horde with 5 soldiers on the map Lift, once the game starts, without picking up the fabricator, everyone needs to leave the game excepting the host, then re-join with any class you want, once inside, using the speedrun method, complete the first 23 waves, on the 24 leave 1 enemy alive, then the same players needs to leave one more time the horde, and re join with the soldier class, finish the final wave and the achievement will pop.
    Speedrun method:
    Starts at 02:07
  • HowletxHowletx316,780
    03 Dec 2018 03 Dec 2018
    6 0 0
    Hei. This is not a complete guide but more of some helpful advise to people still going for this achievement, we unlocked this achieve with this method.
    We combined this with the "You Are The Support Son!" Achievement. If you are not going for both of these achievements other solutions are easier!
    I tried with a good team to do these achievements legit which was nearly impossible, and we were all players who did not like to "cheese". After over three hours we decided to give up doing them legit.

    Step one is find a crew to do this, everybody should have good soldier cards and atleast one more class.
    Step two is start a private horde match on the lift map. Use normal 50 waves, this is because of the time between the waves, witch is necessary for speedruns Everybody should be soldiers. The host uses the normal speedrun loadout - please refer to this method on other guides for the two achievements.
    Step three everybody but the host commits suicide and leaves the match
    Step four the host sends invites to the other members who leaves and returnes with the desired classes for the speedrun.
    Step five, play the game as you normally would in a speedrun, but make sure to spend all the energy on fabrications (this means NO HoD!), (everybody but the host can spend energy) and to create several decoys and sentries on the backside of the map, so that you have a place to run to at wave 50
    Step six, when there are only a few guys left on wave 49 host most pause the game. All the other players leave and rejoin as soldier classes. Have a mix of grenade bonuses and assault rifle. The Cover Boost card is nearly imperative! The host keeps the game paused until everybody else has rejoined. From this point onwards, nobody uses ANY energy! No building, repairing, buying weapons or usage of HoD or Team Revive!
    Step seven, the host unpauses the game and goes way back to a safe place and pretends he is a coward, this to be certain of no death until the wave is over.
    Step eight, one or two players run and plant grenades at normal positions, and everybody should be at their prior round start placements.
    Step nine when most the normal enemies are dead run back to the fabricator (this should be protected with fabrications). The boss (all of them) are now a complete idiot as he does not have allies, and will focus on your decoys and be damaged by both the team and your sentries.
    Step ten, the boss dies and the wave is completed, you should unlock both theese achievements and if the host never died, and nobody died during wave 50 you should also get the perfect run achievement.
    (Optional step elleven) Give me an upvote as you become very happy that both these difficult ahievements became much easier!

    If i have left anything unclear please comment and I will see what more I can say.

    The achievement requirements with this method are only to start and finish the game with five soldiers, and that the host dosn't spend any energy during the entire match, and everybody else don't spend any power during wave 50.

    Hope this helps :)
  • beavisbeavis486,526
    08 Jun 2018 08 Jun 2018 08 Jun 2018
    11 8 2
    I am sure there will be a fancy solution with a video soon, but hopefully this will help for now.

    Note: I am going to reference the Lift speed run. If you don't know how to do that, learn it first. Knowing the map and the spawn patterns will only help you here. If you insist on skipping that, check comments for a brief location guide.

    So obviously Lift on Insane with all soldiers.

    50 waves: It takes longer, but you have more easy waves to collect money on with the same number of boss waves.

    Cards: I wouldn't attempt this with low level cards. You want a good mix of grenade and assault rifle cards. Damage, capacity, plant are the most important. Resupply, less so because you'll be wiping for a full arsenal. Then your best mix of assault rifle cards. I would have at least 1 player dedicated to assault rifle (p.s. accuracy boost is very helpful). 1 guy with high level hammer (ideally the assault rifle guy). Team revive... We didn't use it. If everyone is dead, it's a bad wave, wipe. Ignore fortification cards. You won't be building. Fortifications are just a money pit. They are easily destroyed and the repair tool is a waste (you will die a lot).

    Strategy: Same positions as speed run. Plant grenades in the kill box, but don't overdo it. You want the "scout" to have full grenades. Put your AR guy at Sniper and your floater at Sniper Decoy. When wave starts, "scout" should move center and lob grenades from cover. You won't have shock grenades often, so this lob extends the damage phase. Clear waves and save money. Use wipes to reload grenades and collect more money. And to get a feel for difficult waves.

    Hammer: Try not to use it until 30 at the earliest. Then use sparingly. 38/39/40 are okay to use it, but see how far you can get without it. Resist the temptation to drop it when things are falling apart. Worst thing is to use it and die. Best time to use it is when you've failed a few times and then start off the wave strong. During "hammer waves" we waited until the red bar was about halfway down and had at least 4 guys alive. 1 hammer drop at that point usually left us with 2-4 enemies remaining. Be careful, they can still ruin your wave.

    Gear: Pick up your favorites when you can, but don't get attached. You will lose them. Save your loot boxes for when you need them. Drop shot, salvo, and shock grenades are very helpful and you probably won't be earning many bonuses in the later waves. Don't waste them early.

    Money: You really want to have around $100K at wave 40, so that you can drop the hammer once per wave from 43-44 and still have enough for multiple drops at 49/50. You can be more liberal with it and fail a few waves to earn it back, but no one wants to be scrambling after 48 waves of horde, so keep an eye on it.

    Time: Took us 3 hours. 38 is where it got tough. 41 and 42 were okay and then 43 and up took multiple attempts. 50 was easy because we had 90-something in the bank. And we used it. It took 5-6 level 4 hammers to kill a stubborn snatcher.

    That's all I got.

    Boobs before noobs.
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