Sith Master achievement in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Sith Master

Complete Game - Sith Master difficulty. Do not change the difficulty after the game has started.

Sith Master0
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How to unlock the Sith Master achievement

  • Tyrone HoneybeeTyrone Honeybee68,042
    28 Sep 2010 22 Aug 2010 23 Aug 2010
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    This guide is an extension of Fatal Mentality's Save Cheat Trick. This glitch still works as of 8/21/10. Here are the steps:

    1) Start a new game and set the difficulty to Sith Master
    2) Complete the prologue
    3) At the beginning of the Tie Fighter Facility input the following codes:
    Maximum Force powers Enter KATARN
    Amplified light saber damage Enter LIGHTSABER
    All Force combos Enter MOLDYCROW
    All lightsaber crystals Enter HURRIKANE (BEWARNED! entering this code will prevent you from winning the jedi holocron collector achievement, so if you are planning on going for the collector achievement on your sith master playthrough, skip this code. If not, Sigil is a must as it significantly strengthens your lightning attacks)
    All Force Talents Enter JOCASTA
    4) In the Tie Fighter Facility, enter the first main room and kill all of the rebels and stormtroopers
    5) Destroy 5 hanging tie fighters to complete a bonus objective giving you a yellow force talent sphere
    6) Go to the Force Talents tab of the Force Upgrades menu and press X to reset your Force Talents
    7) Then go back to the input code screen and reenter the code JOCASTA
    8) Repeat steps 6 & 7 until you have around 200 extra Force Talent spheres
    9) Use Force grip on the main doors to leave the hangar and go down the hallway. This triggers an autosave point even though it won't be shown on the screen
    10) Die. There are some rebels down the hallway with stun batons that can take care of this for you
    11) Once your game reloads, Exit to Main Menu
    12) Select Continue
    13) Manually save your game
    ** You will know that you've done it right if after restarting from the Dashboard your character still has all Force Upgrades AND you can save your game. Basically, if you can save, you can win achievements.

    The reason you want 200 extra Force Talent spheres is because as you play, if you are ever about to die, you can press the start button, press X to reset your Force Talents, manually reapply all of them, and when you exit the menu to return to the game, you will have full health and force power. This is really helpful against some of the tougher bosses.

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    Tecstar70Awesome! Still works. Thanks! Soem of the levels can still be a challenge for sure, but this makes it doable.
    Posted by Tecstar70 on 25 Jan at 11:58
    EclipseThanks still works 2021!
    Posted by Eclipse#8293 on 31 Jan at 19:16
    Dokter VStill works July 2021
    Posted by Dokter V on 21 Jul at 13:27
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  • Fatal MentalityFatal Mentality75,255 75,255 GamerScore
    28 Feb 2009 01 Mar 2009
    283 81 119
    Easiest way to get this achievement, start a new game and complete the prologue. This only has to be done ONCE!

    Save Cheat Trick:
    Maximum Force powers Enter KATARN
    Amplified light saber damage Enter LIGHTSABER
    All Force Talents Enter JOCASTA
    All combos Enter MOLDYCROW
    1) Input Code Cheat Code (maxing stats)
    2) Reach a known checkpoint (the game will auto save even though it won't be shown on the screen.
    3) Die.
    4) Exit to Main Menu.
    5) Select Continue.
    6) Save your game.

    The game is still a bit difficult with this, however, it makes it do-able and doesn't really take the fun out of it, it takes the frustration out of it. Games are suppose to be fun!!!
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    MoneyShot360Is it possible to do this 1 run by changing the difficulty after the prologue with the SITHSPAWN code or do you actually have to start a new game on Sith Master and complete the prologue on Sith Master?
    Posted by MoneyShot360 on 17 May 16 at 14:47
    bLaKgRaVyDoes this still work as of January 2017? With it being GwG for February, I would like to finish this game up (just have the three difficulty achievements left).
    Posted by bLaKgRaVy on 24 Jan 17 at 17:09
    SaracinActually check the solution below this one. Not only does it have more info, but there's a post from a week ago that confirms it still works.
    Posted by Saracin on 25 Jan 17 at 03:58
  • kevthejedikevthejedi129,275
    12 Feb 2009 25 Jun 2009
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    Getting through the game on Sith Master can be very frustrating at times. You'll have already gone through the game at least once in order to unlock Master (unless you used the SITHSPAWN cheat) so you should know what to expect on each level.
    Unlike the first solution here, for me I found the best way to get through was to be patient and take my time. Use cover from blaster fire, your lightsaber on anyone who gets close, and use the force on distant enemies.
    There's lots of guides for defeating Vader or the Emperor, so I'm going to list the places where I got stuck the most.
    Also worth trying to save picking up jedi holocrons for when you're low on life, as they boost your life and force back to full.
    When fighting bosses if you're able to knock them to the ground stand beside them and use the stab technique to take their life more rapidly.

    TIE Fighter facility - the only real place I got stuck for a while was when you're sealed in by force field with a load of militia. Get in the middle section so the ones with baton's can't hit you, then use force grip to throw the guys with the authomatic guns into the force field. Once they're dead you can run around force pushing or using grip to throw the rest into the force field.

    Raxus Prime 1 - be patient, electrocuting objects before throwing them causes a lot more damage. Also useful to pick up enemies and throw them into others.

    Felucia 1 - if you get surrounded use repulse, otherwise use grip to pick up the closest enemy and throw him at the next enemy or off an edge where possible.

    Empirical - The Purge troopers are the toughest opponents on this level, the first one I defeat by force pushing the door open, but not going through it. Use Push to kill the two stormtroopers, and lightning to take out the Purge trooper. In the last section stay on the walkway overhead and use repulse to knock enemies below, then use a mixture of lightning and push from above to wipe them all out. Keep moving so you don't get shot.

    Cloud City - Use the grapple move on imperial guards to make short work of them. The load lifters are very annoying, try to deal with them one at a time, using the one you're fighting to block attacks from the other one. Always take out scout troopers (snipers) as a priority.

    Kashyyyk - Activating lightning shield and then laying in to Purge troopers will knock them to the ground, you can then stab them repeatedly to kill them quickly. Don't do this when another one can see you or their rockets will kill you quick.

    Imperial Felucia - try to take out rancors from a distance by throwing objects (especially exploding flowers) and using lightning. Maris is very annoying, but you can get her stuck in a corner and just repeatedly attack until she's dead.

    Imperial Raxus Prime - Darth Maul is the hardest part by far, I hid behind a pillar, as he runs around to get you use repulse to fling him away. If he hits the wall and lands close use the stab technique, otherwise stay behind the pillar and repeat the repulse method.
    When bringing down the star destroyer the most frustrating part is lining it up (I found), if you think you're almost there and the TIE's start shooting at you, don't keep pulling, get behind cover and pull again when it's safe. They will kill you very quickly otherwise.

    Death Star - takes a lot of patience. Avoid fighting in the first part by running straight to the floor that you have to open and repulse so that you fall through.
    The final section before Vader go straight down to the bottom and wipe out the 2 at-st's so you can activate the lifts. Take the lift all the way to the top, take out hover troopers and scout troopers in the middle (below). Then jump straight down to the observation platform. Sometimes purge troopers will shoot you with missiles, although not often. Fighting the 5 imperial guards, try to knock them over the edge using repulse, use grapple moves to keep moving about and knocking them down fast. Don't jump, their saber throws will knock you over the edge. There is a Sith holocron on the right and a jedi holocron on the left, use them to help you through the fight. Be patient, you probably won't do it on your first attempt.
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    kevthejediThanks for your additions, I'm sure people will find it useful!
    Posted by kevthejedi on 07 Dec 10 at 09:23
    Fuelled by BeerThis guide still works as of April 2012. Thank you very much for it.
    Posted by Fuelled by Beer on 04 Apr 12 at 10:15
    Mr DuckGreat solution, I used you're Darth Maul method and it worked like a charm, cheers! Thumbs up!
    Posted by Mr Duck on 25 Jul 14 at 00:17
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