Sith Master achievement in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Sith Master

Complete Game - Sith Master difficulty. Do not change the difficulty after the game has started.

Sith Master+1.5
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How to unlock the Sith Master achievement

  • Tyrone HoneybeeTyrone Honeybee68,332
    28 Sep 2010 22 Aug 2010 23 Aug 2010
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    This guide is an extension of Fatal Mentality's Save Cheat Trick. This glitch still works as of 8/21/10. Here are the steps:

    1) Start a new game and set the difficulty to Sith Master
    2) Complete the prologue
    3) At the beginning of the Tie Fighter Facility input the following codes:
    Maximum Force powers Enter KATARN
    Amplified light saber damage Enter LIGHTSABER
    All Force combos Enter MOLDYCROW
    All lightsaber crystals Enter HURRIKANE (BEWARNED! entering this code will prevent you from winning the jedi holocron collector achievement, so if you are planning on going for the collector achievement on your sith master playthrough, skip this code. If not, Sigil is a must as it significantly strengthens your lightning attacks)
    All Force Talents Enter JOCASTA
    4) In the Tie Fighter Facility, enter the first main room and kill all of the rebels and stormtroopers
    5) Destroy 5 hanging tie fighters to complete a bonus objective giving you a yellow force talent sphere
    6) Go to the Force Talents tab of the Force Upgrades menu and press X to reset your Force Talents
    7) Then go back to the input code screen and reenter the code JOCASTA
    8) Repeat steps 6 & 7 until you have around 200 extra Force Talent spheres
    9) Use Force grip on the main doors to leave the hangar and go down the hallway. This triggers an autosave point even though it won't be shown on the screen
    10) Die. There are some rebels down the hallway with stun batons that can take care of this for you
    11) Once your game reloads, Exit to Main Menu
    12) Select Continue
    13) Manually save your game
    ** You will know that you've done it right if after restarting from the Dashboard your character still has all Force Upgrades AND you can save your game. Basically, if you can save, you can win achievements.

    The reason you want 200 extra Force Talent spheres is because as you play, if you are ever about to die, you can press the start button, press X to reset your Force Talents, manually reapply all of them, and when you exit the menu to return to the game, you will have full health and force power. This is really helpful against some of the tougher bosses.

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    Dokter VStill works July 2021
    Posted by Dokter V on 21 Jul at 13:27
    Perserverance23Pffft,got this legit without having to use exploits
    Posted by Perserverance23 on 16 Nov at 02:36
    FlawlessPine483Still works November 2021!!
    Posted by FlawlessPine483 on 17 Nov at 02:31
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  • Fatal MentalityFatal Mentality75,255 75,255 GamerScore
    28 Feb 2009 01 Mar 2009
    284 81 119
    Easiest way to get this achievement, start a new game and complete the prologue. This only has to be done ONCE!

    Save Cheat Trick:
    Maximum Force powers Enter KATARN
    Amplified light saber damage Enter LIGHTSABER
    All Force Talents Enter JOCASTA
    All combos Enter MOLDYCROW
    1) Input Code Cheat Code (maxing stats)
    2) Reach a known checkpoint (the game will auto save even though it won't be shown on the screen.
    3) Die.
    4) Exit to Main Menu.
    5) Select Continue.
    6) Save your game.

    The game is still a bit difficult with this, however, it makes it do-able and doesn't really take the fun out of it, it takes the frustration out of it. Games are suppose to be fun!!!
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    MoneyShot360Is it possible to do this 1 run by changing the difficulty after the prologue with the SITHSPAWN code or do you actually have to start a new game on Sith Master and complete the prologue on Sith Master?
    Posted by MoneyShot360 on 17 May 16 at 14:47
    bLaKgRaVyDoes this still work as of January 2017? With it being GwG for February, I would like to finish this game up (just have the three difficulty achievements left).
    Posted by bLaKgRaVy on 24 Jan 17 at 17:09
    SaracinActually check the solution below this one. Not only does it have more info, but there's a post from a week ago that confirms it still works.
    Posted by Saracin on 25 Jan 17 at 03:58
  • kevthejedikevthejedi130,037
    12 Feb 2009 25 Jun 2009
    67 6 8
    Getting through the game on Sith Master can be very frustrating at times. You'll have already gone through the game at least once in order to unlock Master (unless you used the SITHSPAWN cheat) so you should know what to expect on each level.
    Unlike the first solution here, for me I found the best way to get through was to be patient and take my time. Use cover from blaster fire, your lightsaber on anyone who gets close, and use the force on distant enemies.
    There's lots of guides for defeating Vader or the Emperor, so I'm going to list the places where I got stuck the most.
    Also worth trying to save picking up jedi holocrons for when you're low on life, as they boost your life and force back to full.
    When fighting bosses if you're able to knock them to the ground stand beside them and use the stab technique to take their life more rapidly.

    TIE Fighter facility - the only real place I got stuck for a while was when you're sealed in by force field with a load of militia. Get in the middle section so the ones with baton's can't hit you, then use force grip to throw the guys with the authomatic guns into the force field. Once they're dead you can run around force pushing or using grip to throw the rest into the force field.

    Raxus Prime 1 - be patient, electrocuting objects before throwing them causes a lot more damage. Also useful to pick up enemies and throw them into others.

    Felucia 1 - if you get surrounded use repulse, otherwise use grip to pick up the closest enemy and throw him at the next enemy or off an edge where possible.

    Empirical - The Purge troopers are the toughest opponents on this level, the first one I defeat by force pushing the door open, but not going through it. Use Push to kill the two stormtroopers, and lightning to take out the Purge trooper. In the last section stay on the walkway overhead and use repulse to knock enemies below, then use a mixture of lightning and push from above to wipe them all out. Keep moving so you don't get shot.

    Cloud City - Use the grapple move on imperial guards to make short work of them. The load lifters are very annoying, try to deal with them one at a time, using the one you're fighting to block attacks from the other one. Always take out scout troopers (snipers) as a priority.

    Kashyyyk - Activating lightning shield and then laying in to Purge troopers will knock them to the ground, you can then stab them repeatedly to kill them quickly. Don't do this when another one can see you or their rockets will kill you quick.

    Imperial Felucia - try to take out rancors from a distance by throwing objects (especially exploding flowers) and using lightning. Maris is very annoying, but you can get her stuck in a corner and just repeatedly attack until she's dead.

    Imperial Raxus Prime - Darth Maul is the hardest part by far, I hid behind a pillar, as he runs around to get you use repulse to fling him away. If he hits the wall and lands close use the stab technique, otherwise stay behind the pillar and repeat the repulse method.
    When bringing down the star destroyer the most frustrating part is lining it up (I found), if you think you're almost there and the TIE's start shooting at you, don't keep pulling, get behind cover and pull again when it's safe. They will kill you very quickly otherwise.

    Death Star - takes a lot of patience. Avoid fighting in the first part by running straight to the floor that you have to open and repulse so that you fall through.
    The final section before Vader go straight down to the bottom and wipe out the 2 at-st's so you can activate the lifts. Take the lift all the way to the top, take out hover troopers and scout troopers in the middle (below). Then jump straight down to the observation platform. Sometimes purge troopers will shoot you with missiles, although not often. Fighting the 5 imperial guards, try to knock them over the edge using repulse, use grapple moves to keep moving about and knocking them down fast. Don't jump, their saber throws will knock you over the edge. There is a Sith holocron on the right and a jedi holocron on the left, use them to help you through the fight. Be patient, you probably won't do it on your first attempt.
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    kevthejediThanks for your additions, I'm sure people will find it useful!
    Posted by kevthejedi on 07 Dec 10 at 09:23
    Fuelled by BeerThis guide still works as of April 2012. Thank you very much for it.
    Posted by Fuelled by Beer on 04 Apr 12 at 10:15
    Mr DuckGreat solution, I used you're Darth Maul method and it worked like a charm, cheers! Thumbs up!
    Posted by Mr Duck on 25 Jul 14 at 00:17
  • SemanticV0idSemanticV0id255,670
    17 Oct 2010 29 Jul 2012 17 Nov 2013
    34 3 6
    I highly recommend using the codes given in the other solutions, they will help immensely, but otherwise here are some tips:

    General Tip (VERY IMPORTANT) - In any open level, such as Raxus Prime and Felucia, use Jump then Dash followed by Dashing Blast (so press A, then LB, then B). Do this repeatedly, and you can skip almost every enemy in the game by doing this. I am not kidding. The only enemies that you need to kill are bosses and enemies that are guarding something that needs to be gripped and moved to advance. Enemies have a hard time hitting you when you are using this method.

    Kota - Use lightning and make sure to jump when he does his saber slam, but basically just stun him with lightning and saber him a lot.

    Kazdan - Ridiculously easy, just jump and then lightning him from the air until you run out of force power, then jump around until you get it back and repeat. He can't hit you in the air for some reason, so just do this until he is dead. Same for the titans that he spawns.

    Shaak Ti - I feel that I should repeat this, so when you get to the room just before her with the 3 rancors, DO NOT FIGHT THEM. Run past, using Dashing Blast and you can skip the whole fight. Once you get to her, try using saber slam (Jump + X) and sometimes repulse and then hit her with your saber. Dodge the sarlacc arms that come down, obviously, and make sure to watch out for the exploding bubbles on the ground. There doesn't seem to be a solid strategy for her, but if you get lucky, there is a glitch. When you get her health down to half or so, she will jump down to a lower level. At this point, the battle will end if the glitch kicks in, and the level will be complete. No QTE, no second half of the battle. If not, just beat her as normal.

    Empirical Finale - You do not have to jump down to the lower level to pull up the generators that power the force field (with Juno). With the correct positioning you can pull them up from the catwalk above and avoid the numerous threats that await you below. Just take cover when an enemy sees you and tries to line up a shot.

    Cloud City - You must kill the two AT-ST type things at the end before the mini-Sith comes out, so just get behind them so you can't be shot by the troopers and use the X,X,Y,Y combo to keep them stunned and vulnerable, otherwise they will stomp and take a chunk of your health. When the mini-Sith arrives, keep close to him or he will throw things, and that will kill you very quickly. Use Repulse and hopefully he will be caught off guard, then just dash to him and stab him on the ground for extra damage.

    Kashyyk – Keep using the Dashing Blast method to avoid enemies, and once you reach the AT-ST (Ozzik) boss, take it SLOWLY. Move from cover to cover, using the partitions as cover while you pop out and use lightning or throw take out enemies. Do not remove any rods until all enemies are dead, because Ozzik will come out after 4 or something, which will make it harder to kill everyone else. Use the wookies, though they will die quickly, they make a good distraction.

    Proxxy: The first two stages are easy, just fight as normal. When he becomes Darth Maul, your best strategy is to hide behind a pillar. When he approaches you, surprise him with Repulse, then stab when he is on the ground. Repeat this until he is dead.

    Death Star: When you must rotate the large lever to open the massive door near the end, there will be an invincibility holocron nearby. Instead of fighting the multiple extremely cheap Sith apprentices, just grab the holocron and start moving the lever. Since you are invincible they can't interrupt you, so you can get it open and go through the door without having to fight any of them.

    Darth Vader: He is immune to any direct attack, so just hold LT (block) the entire time and he won't hurt you with his lightsaber. When he grabs you, you must mash the B button with ungodly strength and speed to break free or else he will damage you significantly. The only time to attack him is when he stops and begins to glow red. Jump behind him and he will unleash a Force blast in front of him, then pause for a few seconds. This is your small window to hit him as many times as you can, especially with lighting saber attacks since he is weak against lighting. Continue this pattern and the achievement is yours.

    Sorry this isn’t a complete solution (thought it is quite long...) but I wrote this up a while ago and I can’t exactly remember all of the level strategies. I’ll add stuff if I think of it.
  • GWS ZedmanGWS Zedman139,841
    27 Sep 2008 21 Nov 2009
    34 4 0
    This difficulty mode can be very frustrating. It's hard to put into words the exact things you should do to make this easier. It's hard because you really can't. I just have a couple of tips:

    1. Force Lightning IS YOUR FRIEND. Use it AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. If you run out of force power, run around and dodge til it comes back. This got me through SO MUCH in the game, including the part where you are facing three rancors at once. I hid on one of the ledges because the rancors cannot hit you up there. The only thing you have to worry about is the little enemies, but they aren't bad.

    2. Bosses SUCK. Most notably Kazdan at the end of Raxus Prime, as well as the Bull Rancor with Maris Brood. Darth Maul is also very tough. My tips for Kazdan... well, pray :\ Sometimes he decides to be REALLY cheap, and some times he doesn't. It's sad when it is almost a good thing when he summons the trash titan thing. At least you can lightning that for health! Lightning, dodge, and try catching the rocks he throws at you to throw them back. There really is no easy way for this battle.

    As for the Bull Rancor boss, i found that lightning shield works pretty well because all you have to do to stun the rancor is run around, thus you can hit him with lightsaber attacks simultaneously. This battle doesn't help the difficulty with the fact that Maris Brood has an unblockable lightsaber throw!

    3. If there are enemies you can skip, DO SO. You may not level up as fast, but if there are big robotic stormtroopers in your path and you are running low on health... RUN. Find easy enemies and replenish your health. It's glorious that you can skip that whole first part of the Death Star level.

    In all, lightning everything, never stop moving (which was said before), and if there are enemies you can skip, do so. This difficulty is tough and can get VERY annoying/boring (with just force lightninging everything, lol) but it could be worse... it could be Ninja Gaiden 2 :P
  • BoxBox#447398,685
    22 Oct 2008 03 Jan 2009
    30 8 7
    This is probably hardest to do from the beginning, and gets easier going on. The main thing to remember is to don't stop moving. If you gut stuck repelling blaster shots at a low level, once you stop repelling and start moving again you will most likely be torn up. So for me the first thing I started leveling up was the Defense Mastery talent and Push for powers. But just general suggestions would be to stay moving and when you use your lightsaber be sure to charge it with lightning on your attacks.

    Here's a youtube vid on fighting the emperor, although one thing I would suggest: When he does his quick bursts you should sidestep him so his lightning doesn't hit you at all, and then block the longer ones to shoot back at him. Sidestepping is done by locking on with RB and then pushing left or right and hitting LB.
  • HelmarocHelmaroc143,245
    31 Oct 2010 03 Nov 2010 13 Nov 2012
    17 6 1
    This is just a quick guide for the last boss, as that's where I found the game got the most frustrating. I suggest you use Fatal Mentality's cheat at the top to go through the whole game, as it cuts down on a lot of frustration. Plus, you don't really feel like you're cheating, as it's still pretty hard.

    Now for the last boss, when you have to choose between fighting Darth Vader or the Emperor, jump down to Vader. First thing you will find is normal attacks are basically useless against him. He'll simply negate your attack and hit you. He has three attacks basically. The first is the obvious lightsaber attack. The annoying one is Force Grip. There's no way of preventing him from grabbing you, but when he does, you have to rapidly press B to get out of it and not recieve any damage. Do this, and you're fine. The last attack is Force Push. He'll start glowing red for a few seconds, and will then unleash the attack. Right after he uses Push, he is at his most vulnerable. More on that in a bit.

    My strategy was just to block (LT) the entire fight. He'll never hurt you with his lightsaber attacks this way. You can still be hit by Force Push and Force Grip though. To counteract Grip, just keep your finger on the B button. When he grabs you, just tap it as quickly as you can to get out of it, and continue blocking afterwards. Now to actually hurt him, you have to wait for him to charge his Force Push. When he sudenly stops attacking and glows red, jump behind him as quickly as you can. After he uses his attack, he pauses for a few seconds. This is when you just start slashing him with your lightsaber. Personally, I always used the Sith Swipe or Sith Slash, which is when the lightsaber has lightning with it. To do this, just tap X a few times and then Y. After you repeat this blocking and attacking process a bunch of times, you will eventually be able to execute the QTE. Finish this correctly, and you get the achievement.

    To help even more, there is a way to cheat and regenerate your health. If you notice you're running low on health, go to the Force Upgrades screen and go to the Force Talent section (the yellow one). Simply reset your points here and reallocate them. This will cost one Talent point, but if you used the cheat codes, you will probably have a bunch of left over Talent points. Once you unpause, you'll have full health again.

    Also, if you do end up dying, you can easily hurt Vader at the beginning. The moment you respawn, start madly tapping X. You'll end up locking lightsabers with Vader (most of the time). If you tap X fast enough and overtake him, you can do a nice bit of damage to get you going.
  • prokopprokop238,747
    28 Mar 2011 27 Mar 2011 27 May 2020
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    alright im a little rattled. Spent maybe 2 hours using solutions from different sites and using all the tips from people i messaged and i had to figure this out on my own and it was the easiest thing in the world. this solution is just for when proxy turns into darth maul.

    i thought this was impossible so i took a break for 2 months and now i dont even know how to really play the game so i thought, screw it ill button mash the crap out of him. What i did was just mash X the whole time and i ended up cornering him. He blocks for quite a while but sooner or later you'll start landing a few hits or he will jump into the air, if he jumps dont worry just keep hitting the x button and he will just fall down. That is pretty much all you have to do. If he gets away from you just dash to him and continue mashing the X button. I even had him cornered up against my screen at one point.

    good luck.

    this also works on vader except you may want to force push him a little bit too. trust me if i can do it so can you.
  • THE Wheelman 87THE Wheelman 8780,962
    06 Nov 2010 07 Mar 2010 12 Jun 2010
    12 7 5
    I used the first one here and a combination of the others for the bosses. This tip is more geared towards the certain boss fights

    I used the codes given in the first guide, along with the hurrikane code for all saber crystals and used the very last power crystal. The one that siphons health off your opponent. Using that and charged saber throws I managed to get back up to 1/2 health and go down into the red 3 times. The amount of health you get back seems to be related to how much you have and how much damage the attack does, but if you get any or not is still random.

    This along with constant jumping and dashing kept me alive. The real key to the rancor fight isn't the rancor, it's Maris. Her attacking you will make or break that fight, but she won't attack you if you aren't on the ground. Stay in the air as much as possible. Always be jumping and dashing between throws and always try to know where both Maris and the rancor are.

    To beat Maris herself I found that keeping the same power crystal didn't get me much health, but using the charged Lighting Shield a lot was helpful. It will stun her, it will attract to her even while she is invisible, and it will help you find and attack her while she is cloaked and defenseless, while dealing extra damage. I died twice before trying that and defeated her quickly and easily once I thought of it.

    PROXY is another one that tends to give people trouble.

    The first part isn't bad, fight him like anyone else. The problem comes in the last part of the fight, with Shaak'ti and Darth Maul. The key is to keep PROXY off his feet. He is very susceptible to lighting attacks and force repluse. I used the random electrical damage power crystal and a lot of force repulse on him. You don't even have to charge it, just repulse him and he goes flying about 80% off the time. Then get over and stab him once or twice while he is down, and repulse again. Worked great, was easy to do.
  • a Fi1thy Casuala Fi1thy Casual353,964
    27 Dec 2011 27 Dec 2011 17 Oct 2014
    9 5 1
    I am actually doing this for a 2nd time (I have this done on Youngb1ood81, not on this account yet but I am on the Death Star now about to face Vader) and I just wanted to comment on a few things:

    1. Lightning Bomb: When fighting Maris and she goes invis, just zap her and then grip. You will do the lightning bomb that will knock her down where she stands. Then run over and stab her a few times. I took minimal damage from her doing this.

    2. Lightning Grenade: 2 bosses were extremely susceptible to the lightning grenade technique: Kazdan and Proxy. When fighting Kazdan, just zap him. If the attack hit, grip him, zap again and throw him at random things. Rinse and repeat.

    When Proxy turns to Darth Maul, keep your distance behind the center pillar as stated above. When he starts running towards you to do that annoying lightsaber combo (that takes away almost everything you got) lift him up. 9 times out of 10 he can't guard against it. Then you zap him and throw him at random stuff. WARNING: I threw him too far once and I got a wonderful LONG WAY DOWN bonus off from Proxy, but I was stuck in the boss fight with no boss to fight.

    3. You don't need the cheat codes. Don't even bother with them. The only annoying point in the game is the Shadow Guard on the Death Star. It will take a while, but it is doable. And by the time you get to that point you will have everything you need maxed out.

    4. Lightning Shield: I read above to use lightning shield on purge troopers. It works fine, but even with my force talents maxed I have to wait way too long for my power bar to regen. Here is a useful tip on purge troopers: XYY combo and then zap them with lightening. They will fall over. Sometimes, if they are blocking you need to zap them first, then do the combo and zap them again. Either way, they fall down. If you are facing one and don't want to waste the time with the shield that is the way to go.

    5. GRIP IS YOUR FRIEND: You don't need to max it out, but it will be utilized. Throwing enemies off of ledges or just off the screen is an instakill. Keep you distance whenever possible and just start chucking people every which way.

    6. In terms of talents I went with everything in health and force upgrades. Defense, combo and battle meditation were all secondary. Being able to take a hit is necessary towards the end, and saber mastery is only useful on bosses, and I found not necessarily vital. If you need more upgrades, replay a level that you missed a holocron in, or just the TIE factory level. It's easy, you can accomplish kills towards your force achieve's and you can burn through it fairly quickly.
  • GremlinSAGremlinSA100,108
    16 Jun 2015 15 Jun 2015 22 Jun 2015
    6 3 0
    While not a complete solution.. I have a easy method to complete Imperial Felucia.

    Most of the map is easy, You may need to kill the purge troopers on the bridge, use the 'Glass' shields for this as sometimes you are invisible behind them, also depending on his placement, the second purge trooper wont be able to pass between two of the Shields to pursue you, making it easy to sidestepcn_RB+cn_LSr+cn_LB, zapcn_Y, sidestepcn_RB+cn_LSl+cn_LB and regenerate.

    The two AT-ST's are easy to bypass, for the first one simply blast out the bottom of the cave in, you can use the Ledge on the left into a small tunnel as a direct access. You can then jump up to the upper level to collect two holocrons, and perhaps take out the AT-ST from above (You should have the Holocron Chevo already from your previous play through, I did).. The second AT-ST you can simply dash passcn_LB and head straight towards the Sarlaac Pit.

    At the entrance to the pit take your time and know that Force Gripcn_RT is your best friend here. Also again make use of the shields on the ground. For the generators above, i found that slipping around the back and coming up behind them worked better. Also use Force Repulsecn_LT+cn_B once you've jumped to the top, quick and easy to push most troopers off.

    Inside the Sarlaac is pretty standard, and just as easy as in apprentice mode. Heading to the Bone yard is a little harder, you may need to kill the Rancor, but I used the Mushroom like standing areas on the Right side of the map to completely Jump and dashcn_Acn_LB pass them all. Picking up a few of the Holocrons along the way..

    I then spent 4 hours (over two days) battling the Bull Rancor, and just as I'm getting him down, Maris Brood would kill me with the Unblock-able/ Undodge-able Saber throw... After much dodging and running and dbl jumping I found a small corner of the map, where you stand on top of the Local 'reeds'.. In this corner the Rancor cannot swipe at you, and thus you do not need to run, but can stand and face him.. Only his stomping can knock you back, however, if you time your dbl jumps nicelycn_Acn_A, you can avoid them (watch as he shifts his weight to the right).

    Now once in this corner you can spend all the time in the world hitting him with force lightning cn_LT+cn_Yand saber throwcn_LT+cn_X, and while waiting for the recharge, keep jumpingcn_Acn_A. I did not use any Saber attacks cn_X as they cause you to step forward, and slip off from on top of the 'reeds'.

    In this position, I also did not have any issues with Maris Brood, as the rancor blocked her from getting close to me. In fact the whole time i did not hear any of her "Tear him to pieces" rants while shocking the crap out of the rancor.

    Maris Brood there after was easy. Hold block cn_LT and when Maris is close (even while she's invisible, and you see the blur near you) tap cn_B (Force repulse). If she is not is Blocking mode, which I had 2 or 3 times. she will fly to the side of this very size limited map. Dash overcn_LB and stab at her oncecn_X, and dash backcn_LB to the middle, then Blockcn_LT and repeat. You may be tempted to stab more than oncecn_Xcn_Xcn_X, but quite often she gets up quickly, and will hit back for a considerable amount of damage.

    I was down to my last drip of life before i figured out this method, and i took her from 95% to 0 with out been hit once. and i managed to complete Maris brood within 10 min after killing the Bull...

    Funny thing is, Maris Brood made the Bull Rancor near impossible, however individually she was so easy..

    This was the HARDEST Boss fight i've had in the whole game, Maris Brood was the spanner in the works that nullified most systematic efforts to kill the Bull...

    Some notes for Imperial Raxus Prime...

    Most of the early parts of this stage is easy to bypass, again Force Gripcn_RT is your best friend. Once you get to the Drop-ship entrance, you need to kill all but 2, for the door to open. I found that grabbing the invincibility holocron and diving straight down and taking out as many storm troopers as possible before it wares out.

    Take out the first purge trooper, but keep to the left side, Lure the remaining two purge troopers, one at a time, to the left and take them out. once you kill the sniper and two storm troopers at the back the door should open. Lure the AT-ST as far out as posible and kill it. Again lure the two purge troopers out one at a time. Once they've been taken care of, you can dash in and take the lift up.

    Most of the rest of the stage is simple. Although, with Proxy as Darth Maul, Hiding and using a well timed force replusecn_LT+cn_B does take time, Once done you head uptop to activate the nodes.. when you come out the lift, Head off left, and get to under the first node.. Use the lower levels to pick off the different troopers before activating the node. Starting with the one on the far end helps, as the nodes are just close enough that the sniper and airborne troopers take pot shots at you.

    At the Death Star...

    Try to get to the laser-tube ASAP, Use force repulsecn_LT+cn_B on the panels, and drop down, most of the rest is not too difficult, once at the Convergence room, before just dropping down, I found that going to the middle, and using the top support beam of the lowest laser, cross over and jump up over the cross beam. drop down to the ledge just above the Generator, from here you can use force lightningcn_LT+cn_A on the AT-ST, if you kill the first one from uptop here, the game glitches and only the one spawns... Use the gravetron beam, head to the top, and clear out just the top two levels, before heading on to the platform.

    follow the instructions on the other solutions here for how to kill the imperial guards, Darth Vader and/or The Emperor.
  • ratstookmymoneyratstookmymoney145,254
    02 Oct 2010 18 Jan 2011
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    i went through this relatively quick. i would recommend that using Kevthejedi's guide in conjunction with an all out speed run. this will get you through most of the game easily. an addition to K's guide, when fighting the Bull Rancor dodge and then jump saber him for as long as you can when you land shock him as this will buy you the time to jump saber him again. i also found that hiding in between his legs would work for a while as the only effective attack he has is directed forward so just boost backwards then back under before he turns round. On maris, counterattacks seemed to work well however restraint should be exercised as if you hit her more than twice she hits back,HARD. the star destroyer was deceptively easy although this could be purely psychological as i built it up in my head a lot. my honest advice for bringing down the behemoth, dodge,lightning and all important, DONT TAKE THE PISS. if the ties are getting close while your pulling it down kill them and come back to the ship, it can wait, trust me. THE DEATH STAR :( as i mentioned above i went through this quite quick, the only only reason it took me two hours longer than on easy was this level. just follow Kev's guide and it should be fine. PLEASE NOTE: always choose the dark side ending(kill vader) unless you are very cocky or extremely masochistic as the Emperor will tear you up. if your choose him and then change your mind you have to START THE WHOLE LEVEL AGAIN you have been warned.

    NB. when i played through there were some minor glitches in the game, these are as follows;
    1- Darth Maul fail, i force repulsed darth maul(PROXY) so high that he landed outside of the map, after 20 minutes he spontaeously died and i could continue. odd or what?
    2- large and often vital parts of the gaming environment, sometimes including characters( general kota, shaak ti, the floor) have gone missing.
    3- in the very last fight against Darth Vader him and his health bar decided that they were not entirely needed so they left the visible world as well, wierdest part, his lightsaber stayed behind. :0

    none of these were problems with the machine i played it on or the disc itself as these have all been checked by me and my friends.

    for the record i beat the master difficulty in 10 hours 25 mins.
  • OperativeEmeralOperativeEmeral394,599
    13 May 2017 22 Jun 2017 22 Jun 2017
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    For anyone having trouble with this Achievement, a bit of advice with Force Lightning; for whatever reason many enemies have trouble blocking it if you use it while in the air. If you activate it while in a jump you'll be held in place and the Force Lightning will seem to be a bit more effective at stunning enemies being hit by it and getting through blocks. Just keep in mind that this makes you a sitting duck.

    Kazdan Paratus is vulnerable to Force Lightning, especially if you attack while in the air. Even during his second phase when he starts throwing stuff at you he can be targeted, though it's much more useful to grab the stuff he throws at you and throw it right back at him.

    Shaak Ti is quite vulnerable to Force Push and Force Repulse. You get bonus damage if you can knock her onto the exploding parts of the ground. While grounded you can also damage her with Force Lightning.

    Ozzik Sturn rides around in a custom AT-ST. AT-STs are allergic to Force Lightning. Just spam him with Force Lightning until he keels over and dies.

    Maris Brood's pet Rancor is easy enough to do hit and run attacks every time it slams the ground. Maris herself is vulnerable to Force Push and Force Repulse.

    PROXY is a cheating bastard, he's one of the few enemies who can resist damage from Force Lightning but then gains vulnerability to Force Push and Force Repulse.

    Darth Vader is a stupidly easy boss, his first fight at least, if only because it's an a balanced encounter. The Emperor by contrast is a cheating bastard, but his overconfidence is his weakness. None of your attacks will ever do as much damage as his purple Force Lightning, and you can reflect it back at him, so that should be your primary offensive strategy; pretend it's Ocarina of Time and you're fighting Ganondorf again. I tried dozens of times with different Force Powers and Combos and none of them worked against the Emperor, then I found an old walkthrough that suggested guarding his Force Lightning so Starkiller will reflect it back at him. And sure enough, it worked the first time.
    08 May 2017 10 May 2017
    5 5 7

    I know there's a few threads already, but the info is spread out so sporadically, I just wanted to say that it's May 2017, and I just got the Sith Master achv, using cheats.

    On Xbox One.

    I did 2 legit playthroughs already, so don't bother whining to me.

    * Start a new game on Sith Master.
    * Beat the first level (as Darth Vader).
    * Play the first real level as Starkiller.

    These are the cheats I used:

    KATARN All Force Powers Unlocked and Maxed
    ADEGAN All saber throw ranks unlocked
    JOCASTA All Talents Unlocked
    LIGHTSABER Amplified Damage
    RAGNOS Combo Unlock

    (DO NOT USE: EXARKUN Maximum Force Push. Note: disables saves and may block some unlockables)
    * Now you need to get to a checkpoint, so I played until I got RIGHT PAST the first room with the hanging Tie Fighters on the ceiling and you have to use force power to open the door (2 locks). Then the game saves.

    * Go a little further and let yourself die (in the "communications" looking room with red omnicron in the center).

    * When you respawn, manually SAVE the game.

    * Exit to XB1 dash, force quit the game. (I've also read you can just go to main menu, but THIS is what I did and it worked).

    * Start the game, DON'T click "CONTINUE GAME" - instead click "LOAD GAME" - and manually load your Sith Master game.

    You will now have all the cheats still enabled, and you can still get achvs.
    I ran through the entire game, speedrun style, on Sith Master, in 1 sitting. It took over an hour (maybe less than 2), because even fully leveled up, bosses just have so much health on Sith difficulty, it's time consuming killing them.

    (I read that the LIGHTSABER cheat does not save if you exit the game and come back - but I did in 1 sitting so I cannot confirm)

    But MOST of the game, you can just RUN RIGHT PAST. You do not need to kill 95% of all enemies! Every so often I would use FORCE REPULSE to kill large groups to refill my health, that's it. I really only killed bosses.
  • XxP1KExXXxP1KExX334,457
    17 Nov 2012 19 Nov 2012
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    Just to let people know, this happened to me..... My first play through i chose the dark side. Next time it was using Fatal Mentality's method, and went to dark side again, and the achievements didn't pop. Loaded last checkpoint beat the game on light side (fighting the emperor) and then it popped< 3 for 300.
  • ViperX700ViperX70020,079
    28 Oct 2011 30 Oct 2011
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    Tips for Kazdan Paratus: use sith slash, i found this to be extremely effective.
    Maris brood: Upgrade saber throw; then you'll have to dodge and repeatedly throw against the rancor. For the second phase you should use electric shield.

    Always remember that you do not have to kill every single enemy, it is advisable to rush through if possible.
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