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Bomb 1,000,000

Use 1,000,000 Bombs

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How to unlock the Bomb 1,000,000 achievement

  • Shadykilla420Shadykilla420708,323
    07 Mar 2019 24 May 2020
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    No matter what, this is going to take hours upon hours. There's no way around it. That being said, if you intend to 100% this game, you should save this for last. You will get most, if not all progress towards this while grinding out the million blocks.
    EDIT: if you use my million block solution you will probably still have quite a few bombs left over, maybe even close to half.
    In the event that you finished everything else and still have some bombs left over, or you really just want to grind this achievement, there are a few things I would suggest besides playing the game normally.

    1) Play through a campaign until you get 8 bombs in stock and get to the end of a stage where enemies don't respawn. From here, instead of finishing the level, you can sit here and use your 8 bombs endlessly to grind out progress.

    2) If you have purchased the power zone(which you probably have to grind out gems), this map starts you with max bomb capacity so you can just grind it out here with very little setup, but this way requires 2 controllers.

    Rules: Battle Royale
    Player: 4P
    Com Level: Off
    Sets: Your preference
    Time: 9
    Start Position: Fixed
    Revenge Carts: Off
    Pressure Blocks: Off
    Skulls: Off
    Special Abilities: On

    Under normal maps, select power zone, then select whichever bombers you want, and bomb to your heart's content.

    3) This method only applies to those who have a turbo controller, but it's probably the most efficient idle turbo method without getting too crazy.


    Stage: Power Zone
    Character: Plasma Bomber

    (Both of these can be unlocked in the shop after gem farming for an hour or so)

    Rules: Battle Royale
    Player: 8
    Com level: Weak
    Sets: 5
    Time: Any
    Start Pos: Fixed
    Carts: Off
    Pressure Blocks: Off
    Skulls: Off
    Special Abilities: ON

    After selecting Plasma Bomber, just add 1 cpu, set the others the none, and start the match.

    You want to use the 8 player map for this method as the rows are a little longer, allowing for a few extra plasma bombs to be laid before dying.(normally you can only lay 8, but the plasma bombs go off fast enough that you will be able to place the full row of 18 bombs, since the 1st one will be exploding by the time you drop the 9th bomb.)

    Turbo the A button, and keep something pressed up against the side of your turbo controller's stick so it is always moving right, or use a rubber band to hold it in place. This will ensure it drops the full row of 18 plasma bombs before killing yourself and restarting the match.

    It's approximately 75 bombs per minute, so if my math is right, from 0%, it should only take 225 hours of turbo boosting to get the achievement. I'd recommend only going this route after you've obtained the 'Destroy 1,000,000 blocks' achievement first.

    Credit for method 3 goes to MattusMattus17.

    I must also add that me saying 50 hours using my method is a pure guess. I dont recall using any rough calculations to figure that out, but it should theoretically be anywhere between 50-200 hrs, since you never have to wait for match restart times.

    Also, now that I think about it, the 8 player map is probably the ideal for all scenarios of grinding bombs since it gives you a little more room to work with.

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    TyzirkleSorry my bad, I guess I missed that.
    Posted by Tyzirkle on 30 Jun 19 at 04:13
    Ar0nP1aYz05Very tedious.
    Posted by Ar0nP1aYz05 on 24 Apr at 20:34
    Shadykilla420This is pretty easy for people to figure out themselves. These are the two fastest methods. About 50 hrs this way, or 2777 hours for the turbo controller method. If this continues to get negatives, I'll just take it down. No sense helping people that dont appreciate it.
    Posted by Shadykilla420 on 29 Apr at 21:20
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  • sm182sm182782,290
    29 Mar 2020 30 Mar 2020
    0 1 2

    ***Turbo Controller Method***

    Set-up a 1 or 2 player multiplayer game with the following settings:

    Rules: Battle Royale
    Player: 4P
    COM Level: Off
    Sets: 1
    Time: 9
    Start Position: Fixed
    Revenge Carts: On
    Pressure Blocks: On
    Skulls: On
    Special Abilities: On

    Pick any Level & Bomber Types and when the game starts set controller 1 to turbo the A & B buttons. Doing this will result in Player 1 dropping a bomb down and killing themselves instantly, followed by the game automatically picking 'Battle Again' and repeating the process.

    Following this method will also unlock:
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    SUPER BOMBERMAN RLocal Battle 1,000The Local Battle 1,000 achievement in SUPER BOMBERMAN R worth 578 pointsPlayed 1,000 Multiplayer Battles
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    NBA KirklandI calculate you would have to leave your Xbox running for 140 days straight to get 1mil bombs dropped. Whoa.
    Posted by NBA Kirkland on 11 Apr at 01:29
    sm182True but you get a fair few rare achievements out of it for leaving your xbox on overnight while you sleep.
    Posted by sm182 on 11 Apr at 11:04
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