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Achieve a 5-Star Island Rating on every island in Las Cinco Muertes

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  • II LoadsmanII Loadsman483,529
    26 Jun 2018 12 Jul 2018 12 Jul 2018
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    This achievement can be confusing if you are unsure of what is required for 5 stars on each of the islands. Luckily, the game gives us all of the required information to obtain this with ease.

    The Island Rating is based on the average of two different stats: the Dinosaur Rating and the Facility Rating. In order to obtain 5 stars for your island, you must achieve 5 stars for both dinosaurs and facilities at the same time. These ratings are based on several different stats, and in this guide I will offer tips to maximise these stats and help you earn 5 stars.

    To check your Island Rating, press cn_X to go into Island Management, then A on Island Rating. Here, you can see a summary of the dinosaur and facility ratings, and you can to press cn_A to see more information. This information will be our main tool for raising the ratings to 5 stars.

    Dinosaur Rating
    Each individual dinosaur has a numerical rating based on its species, genes, and welfare. The Dinosaur Rating is simply the sum of the rating of all of your dinosaurs.

    Ways to improve dinosaur rating
    - Base Rating: Dependent on species, larger dinosaurs will provide a larger rating.
    - Authenticity: Dependent on the completeness of the genome, will provide the maximum bonus at 100% genome. Does not decrease with modifications.
    - Modifications: Modifying the genome in the Hammond Creation Lab will change the dinosaurs statistics and increase the rating. Adding modifications to the genome will not decrease the authenticity rating of the dino. Modifications decrease viability, so too many may cause the dino to fail to hatch. This can be rectified with a Success Rate upgrade to the Creation Lab.
    - Combat Infamy: If a dinosaur wins a fight, its rating can increase by up to half of the defeated dinosaurs rating.
    - Welfare Penalty: If the dinosaurs health and comfort are low, its rating will decrease. Ensure that it has enough food and water, enough room in the enclosure with the right amount of grassland and forest, and that the population in the enclosure is not too high (or low). Ensure these needs are met for the rating to be restored.
    - Variety Rating: This is not included in an individual dinosaurs rating, but having too many of the same species will cause you to lose points in your overall rating.

    The spoiler below contains a list of dinosaurs and their ratings, as well as some notes on dinosaur enclosures and populations.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The required rating for 5 stars is different for each island. I had 5 stars at:
    - Isla Matanceros: 1000
    - Isla Muerta: 1500
    - Isla Tacaño: 2000
    - Isla Pena: 2000
    - Isla Sorna: 2500
    - Isla Nublar: 2500

    Facility Rating
    You have to accommodate and entertain all of the guests to your island, as well as keep them safe. The more satisfied they are with the facilities, the greater your rating will be.

    - Shelter Protection: This is based on the coverage of your emergency shelters. Place the shelters so that they cover as many hotels, viewing galleries, viewing platforms and gyrostations as possible.
    - Guest Injuries: This will stay low as long as dinosaurs stay in their enclosures: if they do break out, activate the shelters as soon as possible to minimise guest deaths. If guests do die, this stat will recover over time.

    - Operational Hotels: The more guests you have, the more hotels you need. You should have at least 1 hotel on each island. If the summary screen states that you only have "Okay Capacity", press cn_A on one of your hotels and check the "Park Overcrowding" stat - if this is over about 10%, then you should build another hotel.
    - Another way to increase capacity is to increase the number of staff in your amenities. Press cn_A on any guest building, press cn_RB to go to the "Manage" tab, scroll down to the "Manage Staff" option and press cn_A. You can now adjust the slider to increase or decrease the number of staff in the building. This will increase the number of guests that can use the building. For example, a Gift Shop might have 240/240 guests, but increasing the staff may increase that to 320/435 guests. Do note that upkeep will increase with more staff,
    so be sure to increase prices to cover that cost.

    Guest Satisfaction
    This is based on dinosaur visibility, transport rating, and the amenity (food, drink, fun and shopping) ratings.
    - Dinosaur Visibility: Ensure that viewing platforms and galleries cover most of the enclosure. Place feeders close to the galleries
    so that dinosaurs congregate in front of the galleries.
    - Transport Rating: This is based on walking distance between hotels and amenities, including monorail coverage. Try to have one main path that goes
    across the entire island, with smaller paths branching off of this and connecting to the amenities. Have monorail stations connecting hotels and
    entertainment districts to main dinosaur enclosures.
    - Amenity Rating: Each amenity building has a star rating based on the services that it provides. Try to keep a balance of all types close to hotels and enclosures.
    The most basic setup is to have a Fast-Food and a Gift Shop near all enclosures. Use the management views (the eyeball symbol on the left hand side of the screen) to see what services are in demand and where. The spoiler below lists the services provided by all of the amenity buildings.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Once all ratings are 90% or above, and you have great capacity and safety, you will have 5 stars for the facility rating.

    Final Guest and Hotel Count
    -Isla Matanceros: 2100+ Guests, 1 Hotel
    -Isla Muerta: 5000+ Guests, 2 Hotels
    -Isla Tacaño: 8200+ Guests, 4 Hotels
    -Isla Pena: 2000+ Guests, 1 Hotel
    -Isla Sorna: 12000+ Guests, 7 Hotels
    -Isla Nublar: 10000+ Guests, 5 Hotels

    Finally, once you have obtained 5 stars in both the Dinosaur Rating and the Facility Rating, you will receive 5 stars for that Island. When you reach 5 stars, there will be a small voiceover by Dr Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum). If the rating does later drop to below 5 stars, it will still count towards the achievement, meaning that it will still unlock as long as each island reached 5 stars at least once. Isla Nublar is not required for this achievement, but is required for some of the InGen Database entries.

    Once complete, enjoy your successful islands and your 70G achievement.

    Other notes and tips:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
  • BSimmons4PrezBSimmons4Prez156,475
    24 Jun 2018 30 Jun 2018 15 Jul 2018
    7 1 8
    Less is more when it come to Facilities. One Hotel, 1 Restaurant, 1 Gift Shop, 1 Bowling Alley. All in close proximity to the entrance.

    Build a Power Station.

    Then just build a giant enclosure, sectioned off into 6 paddocks while Leaving a walled alleyway from a Hammond Center. This way when you release a dinosaur, you can open a gate specifically for their paddock. Put water to cross the fences between 2 sections. Get a Ranger Station and ACU Station. Fill with dinosaurs! Fill one with the low population herbivores, 1 with 2 Ceras or 3 Diplos, throw some version of Triceratops, Stegos, whatever you want. Throw a T-Rex in one. Make sure (for variety’s sake) you throw a Gallimimus, Archeo, and Struthiomimus somewhere, and if you haven’t hit 5 stars for Dinosaurs, then be ready to hatch as many high value, not yet used, dinos back to back. I-Rex, I-Raptor, whatever. Just release them all at once. Your rating will fill up quickly.


    Once you’ve done all of this, you should hit 5 stars for both Dinosaurs and Facility. If you hit 5 stars for Dinosaurs, but your Facility rating is not there yet, close your park. You are probably over-crowded. You’ll hit it quickly.

    I hit 5 stars on all 5 islands by using this method.

    You do not have to have 5 Stars on all Islands at the same time. Once you reach 5 Stars for the Island, it does not matter if it falls back down again. I did not use modified Dinos to complete this.
  • Silent HuskySilent Husky263,506
    09 Jul 2018 09 Jul 2018
    4 0 1
    Just a heads up and I can confirm that you do NOT have to "hold" 5 stars, you just need to get them.
    Isla Nublar (sandbox) is NOT required for this achievement.

    **My Achievement unlocked**
  • YourMumLikesMeYourMumLikesMe88,063
    29 Dec 2018 16 Jun 2018
    7 5 0
    the problem with 5 stars is, the better the island the more guests you have and ultimately bringing down the rating. When you get to around 4/4 and a half stars close the island reducing the capacity and increasing satisfaction. This should put you at 5 stars.
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade750,868
    03 Jul 2018 28 Oct 2018
    0 0 0
    In this video I will explain the requirements on how to get five stars on the five islands.

  • JoLaBilout3JoLaBilout3189,000
    15 Jun 2018 16 Jun 2018 17 Jun 2018
    1 4 2

    Maximize the dino's note:

    on my islands when the notes of dino stagnated I made big carnivores with the modified dna in order to have the best possible score on them for example an indominus gives 698point (which saves 1 star in the final notation).

    Maximize the installation note:

    For this I looked at all the information indicated by the eye on the left in your bar of task must be in the blue for a greater note
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