I read your book achievement in Jurassic World Evolution

I read your book

Unlock all InGen Database entries in the game

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How to unlock the I read your book achievement

  • eHeadeHead89,065
    12 Jan 2019 12 Jan 2019
    75 10 12

    Its not mine. But after reading over seventy comments of garbage, and three solutions that said you just play the game man, I found this website and it took me half a hour to mop up the game after spending hours, just playing the game man.

    One tip ill give you, obviously your doing this after five stars and all dinosaurs and everything else so turn your park to closed, kick everyone out, then request the missions to boost reputation from the fractions. You will find that they are simple like get 1000 guests and you inevitably fly through maxing out the reputation bars.

    Vote up, vote down, i dont care this is the end of the solution. Peace out.

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    ICE Faux PirateMaor Nahmias, I'm having the same issue. For some reason, Nublar North and Sanctuary from the Claire DLC aren't appearing in my database for my main campaign. I hate that they clear your database and make it appear you're starting from scratch for several of these DLCs. So dumb.
    Did you ever figure out a solution?
    Posted by ICE Faux Pirate on 15 Sep 20 at 05:44
    ICE Faux PirateFigured it out! Travel back to Mantanceros (the first main campaign island) and those two locations will unlock and pop the cheevo!
    Posted by ICE Faux Pirate on 15 Sep 20 at 05:50
    Spiderkid13After completing Claire`s Sanctuary I went back to isla Sorna. I did all the new stuff that popped up and then the achievement popped up for me. Check out the archive for 100% progress!
    Posted by Spiderkid13 on 23 Jan at 09:34
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  • i SPARTAN 117 oi SPARTAN 117 o54,099
    17 Jun 2018 17 Jun 2018 17 Jun 2018
    14 4 3
    Ok to get this achievement and this is how i got it.

    1. Get a 5 star rating on all islands including Isla Nublar.

    2. Complete all Primary missions for each division when u get enough rep on all islands. You dont need to do the little contract missions for this achievement. Unless of course you need the rep thats all there good for.

    3. You will need to hit max rep for each division on all islands at least once to unlock all memos.

    4. Click on a gift shop and change to item selling to ( Barbasol) to unlock 2 characters.

    5. Unleash the indominus rex by letting it smash through a concrete wall and start attacking tourists to unlock Simon Masrani.

    7. Research all items in your research lab.

    8. Make sure to complete all dig sites.

    I hope this helps yous out post anything if u think i have missed something.
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    xx Kenshira xxAnd a few carnivores are required to eat people, I just got my last character, #23, for a cerarosaurus eating people. Just easy to spawn 1 of each and let them eat people.
    Posted by xx Kenshira xx on 17 Jun 18 at 17:04
    Sneaky G WizardI have had a couple of achievements glitch on me, can you help me figure out if they will stop me getting this achievements please?
    Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 14 Jul 18 at 23:58
    IceBlazeWintersi'm missing these locations: 5, 16, 30, 31, 34.

    i'm missing characters: 4, 5, 10, 12, 28, 34, 35, 38, 43

    i'm missing memos: 2-6, 8-15
    Posted by IceBlazeWinters on 27 Aug 18 at 16:15
  • KoicommanderKoicommander920,084
    14 Jun 2018 15 Jun 2018 18 Jun 2018
    12 5 76
    Hold on to your butts! (as this is a work in progress)Although im not exactly sure how to unlock most of it, by the time I was done with my 5 star of every island play through I can confirm that in order to get all memos you need to reach max reputation with each faction on EVERY island as each time you unlock a new memo. I can also confirm that in order to unlock the characters Dennis nerdy and Lewis Dodgson, you need to switch to selling barbasol in the gift shop options. Comment below on what you find to unlock certain entries that are out of the way and ill update the guide. Good luck!

    Update 6/17/18:In order to unlock each of the dig sites and paleontology you need to complete every dig site. (III Deadman III) When the digsite is completed you will see a green checkmark over it.

    I can also confirm that you do not need to complete every mission each faction gives you as I never completed a "assist dinosaur in combat victories"

    It is also important that you complete all research as researching all the different gene modifications gives you all the unlocks for the genes category.

    One way to unlock character #23, Paul Kirby, is to allow a ceratosaurus eat people (xx Kenshira xx)
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    Chad WilburnCan someone tell me how to unlock Eddie carr character?
    Posted by Chad Wilburn on 07 Jul 19 at 14:09
    Maor NahmiasThe only thing I've got left is the 2 locations from the sanctuary dlc and I've finished the dlc but still missing those two. Anyone else faced the same thing?
    Posted by Maor Nahmias on 09 May 20 at 11:56
    JOHN SWFCYou absolutely don't need paid DLC to get this achievement, I got it without any apart from the Fallen Kingdom update which was included with my game anyway (I played the free Games With Gold version). The guide includes the DLC characters but if you don't have it installed they aren't on the in-game list. However if you install the DLC before completing the database...who knows, maybe you then have to complete the lot for it to unlock.

    I did almost everything on the 5 main islands without even touching Isla Nubar, all I had to do to unlock the last few characters and locations on Isla Nubar was get the overall rating up to 4.5 stars, you definitely don't need to 5 star that island.
    Posted by JOHN SWFC on 21 May 20 at 09:45
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