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War is a part of nature

Manually tranquillise a dinosaur while it is fighting another dinosaur

War is a part of nature0
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  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade752,834
    16 Jun 2018 04 Jul 2018
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    In this video I will show you how to manually tranquilize a dinosaur while it is fighting another dinosaur.

  • TervaskantoTervaskanto215,506
    21 Jun 2018 21 Jun 2018
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    This will almost certainly require a carnivore, as I've never seen two herbivores fight. To get it as soon as possible, breed a Ceratosaurus and any herbivore in the same pen. You can also use a Dilophosaurus, but it's harder to hit with the tranquilizer, and will require a smaller herbivore to take down, which is also harder to hit. You may also want to go with a hardier herbivore, like the Triceratops, just in case the Ceratosaurus kills it before you can get there. Once both animals are released, jump in your helicopter and shoot one. You don't even need to fully tranquilize it, you just need to shoot one with the tranquilizer to pop the achievement. I myself did this on Isla Nublar with a Tyrannosaurus and a Torosaurus. I shot the Rex once and the achievement popped.
  • GdinutGdinut385,358
    12 Jun 2018 12 Jun 2018
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    On the first island you can get a Ceratosaur and a triceratops together in a small enclosure (that way they are more likely to start a fight faster) Just hover around on the ACU helicopter, it may take a minute or two but they will fight, just fly in and shoot both dinosaurs before one kills the other.
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