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Shoooot heeer!

Tranquillise a dinosaur from a distance of at least 125m

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Achievement Guide for Shoooot heeer!

  • Fuzzmeister JFuzzmeister J531,272
    13 Jun 2018 13 Jun 2018 13 Jun 2018
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    When Doing the security missions on the first island, you will have to build an ACU center. When it's built, press A on it and select the helicopter and take control of it. I stayed outside the original pen a good distance and shot until I hit the dinosaur. You do not have to full tranquilize it for the achievement. You just need to hit it once from that distance. There is quite a large bullet drop when you are that far back. If it's too hard to see where the dart lands, just move forward some more. You have unlimited shots, so just keep trying until you get a hit.

    You can also fly up and shoot 125m down and have less trouble with the bullet drop. (Thanks: MAST3R SHAKE04)

    Shoot it two more times for this achievement:

    Jurassic World EvolutionShoot her!The Shoot her! achievement in Jurassic World Evolution worth 6 pointsManually tranquillise a dinosaur with the ACU helicopter

    Hit one while it's running for this achievement:

    Jurassic World EvolutionNobody move a muscleThe Nobody move a muscle achievement in Jurassic World Evolution worth 19 pointsManually tranquillise a dinosaur while it is running

    While you are at it, shoot a dinosaur in the head for this achievement:

    Jurassic World EvolutionGet a clear shotThe Get a clear shot achievement in Jurassic World Evolution worth 21 pointsManually perform a headshot with the ACU helicopter
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade754,808
    17 Jun 2018 04 Jul 2018
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    In this video I will show you how to tranquilize a dinosaur from 125 meters away.

  • cooper101183cooper101183691,032
    31 May 2019 31 May 2019
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    I found it far easier to create a herbivore enclousure, incubate around 5 brachiosaurus, put the large feeders in close proximity to each other, these herbivores are so huge that as long as you place the feeders together just aimand youwill hit them. You need to aim about 5-10meters above the target to hit it from that distance.
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