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A kind of biological preserve achievement in Jurassic World Evolution

A kind of biological preserve

Take a photograph worth more than $100,000

A kind of biological preserve+1.2
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How to unlock the A kind of biological preserve achievement

  • SlipKnoT 008SlipKnoT 008599,923
    03 Jul 2018 03 Jul 2018
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    Although it may take longer, this method is pretty much a gaurentee.

    Once you have unlocked Indominus Rex( 100% genome for raptor and T-Rex, 4 research centres which is one on four different islands and $2 million), go to Isla Nublar and create a small pen, ranger station and a Hammond creation lab.

    Start incubating a T-Rex and Indominus. By this point you should also be able to modify the Indominus to have above 150 attack for the Mommy’s very angry achievement.

    When both are ready, select one of your ranger vehicles and drive it into the pen. Release both dinosaurs and then take control of the vehicle. Within a minute the two will begin to fight. Get into photo mode and when one of them attack the other snap the photo.

    When I did this I got $117,000 for the picture. Because of their rating it’s almost foolproof to get above $100K.

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    OperativeEmeralI’ve done this like four times and the Achievement will not unlock.
    Posted by OperativeEmeral on 28 Dec 19 at 07:35
    SlipKnoT 008I’ve run into issues where achievements wouldn’t unlock. Usually when restarting the game after fully closing it they would pop.
    Posted by SlipKnoT 008 on 01 Jan 20 at 02:36
    Daelus1Just so no one thinks they're nuts, I had 6 pics all over 150M w/o the unlock; finally got a pic of 298M and it popped (released a t-rex and in-rex in a brachio/ diplo pen and snapped with all in it right when the t-rex bit into a gallimimus).
    Posted by Daelus1 on 24 Feb 20 at 09:18
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  • EFGrayWolfEFGrayWolf145,307 145,307 GamerScore
    15 Jun 2018 15 Jun 2018
    3 0 2
    On Island Tucano, Build a T-Rex with viability 60. Make sure it's as much attack rating as possible. Then add the Success Rate 2 to the Creation Centre twice to give the dino +40% chance of surviving. Then let it kill Gallimimus (10 by time I was ready theory build attack nother Rex). Now build another Rex and get your Ranger ready to photo. Once the fight begins wait till the higher rated attacks and snap the photo as it strikes. I got 101, 986 first try then 100, 206 2nd. Did this on friends and similar results.

    Basically the higher two dinosaur ratings are, the more you get. Combat seems to be the best for additional score. Good luck folks.
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    GdinutI already had a basic T rex in an enclosure. Then i incubated another one with as high rating and attack as i could. then once released i transported it into the enclosure with the other T Rex and took the picture as soon as they started fighting. Got it over 100K on the first try.
    So i guess feeding it 10 gallimimus is not necesary.
    Posted by Gdinut on 21 Jun 18 at 14:32
    TheBigBBI got this from doing the photo of T Rex fighting an Indominus Rex even though both were fresh out of incubation. I did modify their genome to give them very high ratings.
    Posted by TheBigBB on 11 Feb 19 at 08:14
  • Forlorn WolfForlorn Wolf195,773
    14 Jun 2018 16 Jun 2018
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    Super easy to get this while doing the 50 dinos on an island achievement. Build a small pen on Isla Nublar, turn off rampages in the settings, and just keep pumping out dinos. Have food and water in it for extra points. Drive up a vehicle, preferably on a hill for an angle, and snap a picture of a crapload of dinos running/eating/drinking/fighting. I used Triceratops with a few Hadrosaurs and a Dilophosaurus causing problems.
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    what are you talking about there is no settings for that, unless xbox is different. seen a you tuber place no dinos attacking fence, nothing like that on xbox version either. never mind I found it
    Posted on 06 Aug 18 at 21:20
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