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Force Lightning Mastery

Defeat 500 enemies with Force Lightning

Force Lightning Mastery0
12 January 2020 - 2 guides

How to unlock the Force Lightning Mastery achievement

  • Dr Geek 3Dr Geek 3232,811
    03 May 2014 05 May 2014 06 May 2014
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    In all likelihood, you got this game to play through it, and if you're like me, you glanced at the achievement list, saw lots of "kill tons of enemies," and you thought to yourself: "No problem, I'm playing through the entire game. I'll pick it up as I go along."

    Now, you're sitting there, like me, wondering where to go with this after completing that story mode since you cannot replay the prologue AND your kills won't carry over to your Sith Master save, nor can you carry them over to that Jedi Temple DLC. That means all of the wonderful solutions you've been reading won't work at all if you want to keep all of your progress. Are the Jedi Temple and Prologue good places for this? Sure, if you haven't started or want to start over.

    My personal grinding point for this and all the other "kill with skill" achievements was (as with Munkeh's solution, though I am considerably elaborating on it) the Tie Fighter Factory, right at the beginning at the level. You spawn in a hallway with some droids (wipe them out if you haven't grabbed the kill 35 droids achievement; oh yeah, and the droids of my enemies are my enemies so they totally count as kills too), and once you get to the end of this hall, you bust the door open with Force Push, and you're in a room with some rebels and some Stormtroopers. At the far end of the walkway where you enter is an unlimited force powerup.

    Force Lightning is where you make sure an enemy is highlighted, hold Y, and watch them convulse till those wonderful green life orbs come out. Trouble with laser bolts deflecting? Reset the yellow talent spheres in Force Upgrades under the pause menu and build them all back up except Defense Mastery to lower your ability to deflect the bolts.

    Clear the room which is about 40 or so enemies (nearly 50 if you grab the six droids in the hallway as well; yeah, the droids of my enemies are my enemies). Pause the game. Save it. Select Mission Select, then Tie Fighter Factory, and then Load Previous Save. You'll start at the beginning of that droid hallway. Do it again and again and again until you get the achievement, then pick your next skill, and do it again.

    How long will it take? Depends on how many you did during the story since this method at least respects that you probably have some kills on it. Happy grinding.
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    metallicafan459 In addition, as per the comments in some of the other solutions, rather than going through mission select - changing your costume will have the same effect :)
    Just make sure to save!!
    Posted by metallicafan459 on 10 Mar 17 at 11:37
    ShadyShall Hey! I gave you a thumbs up for all of your solutions and pointing this out. I will leave the same comment in each solution:

    This is a GREAT spot for grinding out. you get the droids at the beginning. a room full of rebels and troopers, and then at least 2 (sometimes i felt 3) elevator batches of another 10 troopers... it's great.

    I did not want to start a new game and do the prologue. i already had at least a 100 kills for each during the game, and was working naturally towards the mastery ones... this is a great spot. in a little less than an hour i got 2 of the 500 achievements. working on the rest tonight.

    Thanks for this. it is a hell of a grind... but it's not too bad when you are all leveled up. these guys are just shredded mince meat to you. grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the slaughter...
    Posted by ShadyShall on 05 Jul 17 at 13:29
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  • Munkeh111Munkeh11143,410
    03 Oct 2008 22 Feb 2009
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    As you cannot get this on the first level like many of the other kill 500 enemies with X, the best way to do this is to go through the Tie Fighter level again and again killing enemies with force lightning.

    This is easier if you are using a powered up character, as then his lightning will be more powerful, and you will have already got some kills throughout the campaign.
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