Sith Trials achievement in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Sith Trials

Complete all Training Room challenges and Combat Modules

Sith Trials0
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How to unlock the Sith Trials achievement

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    The Training Room can be accessed via the Start menu.

    _Challenges_ [are intended to hone your skills after each tutorial]

    Push: tap B, don't hold it

    Lightsaber Flourish: slightly challenging, pay attention to the timing of your swings-- the second button press may need to be sooner than you expect. If you are having trouble seeing your saber light up to indicate swing timing, try switching to a standard colored one (not black, unstable or concentrated). As suggested by meridian5, let the troops space out a little and start your flurries at a decent distance as they can carry you half way across the room.

    Grip: do work like Vader.

    Lightning: have an electrifying time.

    _Combat Modules_ [are helpful for practicing proper techniques for different enemies]

    Storm Trooper: Immediately activate your lightning shield-- run around the room. You should be able to kill all enemies in one sweep.

    Rodian Scavengers:
    Lightning-infused saber attacks make quick work of the swarms after lightning takes out the machine gunners. Remember force repulse if you get bogged down.

    Jump around, trying to stay above the heads of your enemies. Force repulse will wreck them against the walls. Go wild, because killing them on Felucia is a bitch.

    Imperial Assault Squad:
    Immediately activate your lightning shield and run head-first into the cloud of storm troopers. Press the special units with saber attacks, reactivating your shield as necessary to fend of standard troops.

    Imperial Armed Recon Squad:
    Snipers first-- lightning or lightning-infused saber attacks make quick work of them. Then rocketeers with lightning. Finish off the rest with slashes.

    Imperial Royal Guard:
    Scatter the group with force repulse and a+x attack (jump smash, ground pound, whatever). Lightning-infused saber attacks help keep the red guards cornered and down-- put work in on each in such fashion and remember you can end each with a button sequence. Same goes for Shadow Guard.

    Lightning shield and infused attacks will make quick work of the storm troopers. Then take down the AT-ST with a jump lightning attack, he's weak and should be low enough for button sequence after a single meter's worth.

    Junk Titan:
    Jump then lightning will kill the titan in one meter's worth. Lightning-infused saber swings will bring the combat module to a quick end thereafter.

    Kota's Militia:
    Force-push their shit in, holmes.

    Jump and lightning the Rancor to death in a single bar. Let molest-fest begin by force pushing the Felucians into the walls.

    Raxus Droids:
    Lightning works, but I prefer to swing my lightning-blazing saber around wildly as it is the last module.

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    MuddyAmoebaLightsaber flourish was the hardest for me. I found that if you hit cn_X at the top of the back swing it tends to work much better.
    Posted by MuddyAmoeba On 25 Jul 16 at 03:07
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  • meridian5meridian539,552
    29 Jun 2010 30 Jun 2010
    24 6 4
    The part that I found most difficult was the saber flurry challenge.
    What I did was take some distance between enemies so that if you start your saber flurry attack you won’t immediately hit someone. This way you have the time to start the flurry and while attacking in “flurry mode” you’ll reach the stormtroopers to take them out.
    To execute the flurry this way worked a lot better than when you already were hitting a stormtrooper.
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    GremlinSADuno whats wrong with those down voters...

    This was the one that i had difficulty with to pop this chievo.. took me a few tries but definitely helped that i took a step or two back.. clap
    Posted by GremlinSA On 13 Jun 15 at 18:55
    Corymonster1This one was real annoying lol
    Posted by Corymonster1 On 26 Jan 19 at 23:34
    Padre PrimeKudos worked first try
    Posted by Padre Prime On 27 Nov 19 at 19:28
  • MastahMattMastahMatt115,188
    28 May 2009 30 Dec 2009
    21 12 4
    Most of the training missions are simple and just require a small bit of patience. However, many people have trouble with the Force Push training. To complete this difficult task, first of all, do not charge the power. This takes too long. Instead, use it briefly, in small bursts. Secondly, hitting your targets with Push before they have had a brief chance to recover is useless. They do not take damage if hit several times in rapid succession. Instead, wait a moment and blast them again. It will likely take a few tries, but you will get it.
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    SpectreSubZeroIf I may add something that makes the Force Push training hell-a-easy. Do this achievement on your second playthrough and on a lesser difficulty. First, the lesser difficulty actually effects the training modules, and Second you stats will all be maxed out on your second playthrough, allowing you to kill guys with just one push!
    Posted by SpectreSubZero On 28 Mar 10 at 23:45
    You really want to wait until you've played through the game at least once with this - without all the force upgrades, it's hard getting even the first timed challenge.
    Posted on 03 Aug 12 at 08:32
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