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Infestation achievement in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


Complete Level - Felucia, act 2

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How to unlock the Infestation achievement

  • turtle730turtle730
    07 Feb 2009 10 May 2009
    If you are playing this on sith lord or higher, the bull rancor becomes almost impossible, unless you know the right strategy. After he charges move out of the way by jumping then shoot him with a quick force lightning and then strike with your lightsaber a few times. The force lightning weakens his tough skin and allows your lightsaber to do more damage. Just do this a few times and then you have to fight maris brood. With her, the best strategy is to try and get her trapped in a corner and repeatedly hit her with your lightsaber. Occasionaly if you do a force grab and then stab her with your lightsaber while she's still on the ground it will deal a huge chunk of damage.

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    ArsenioPlataGood strategy, thanks
    Posted by ArsenioPlata on 13 Jun 20 at 06:58
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  • MazraelMazrael
    19 Sep 2008 03 Jul 2009 11 Nov 2009
    After many attempts.. the best way I've found to beat the Bull Rancor is...

    [This is on Sith Master btw]

    ..Firstly, lock on to the BR, you need to be double jumping in circles around it (unless a 'wall' in the way, in which case, go the other way). Now you need to be carefull of getting trapped on the bones in this arena, as you'll be stuck falling. My method of attacking this, was charged lightsaber attacks (LT+X). It's still going to take a while, but it keeps you away from the BR, It only needs to swipe near you to cause a hit, or even multiple hits (this is annoying) - the only other thing you need watch out for, is Maris Brood, who will attack you too, also, she can throw her lightsaber at you, which, in my experience, 'cannot miss', that is to say, you can dodge it perfectly by 30ft, but it still triggers a hit and knock you down, hit A to recover & just keep jumping again - As long as you can keep avoiding the BR, you just need to hope MB doesn't attack too often, and this'll work fine, can't garantee first time, but it's how I managed it best.

    I've tried XY.. etc combo's & Lightning Shield, but I could only get half the bar down, also, lightning/melee didn't seem to have much effect for me either.. but then it's MB who messes it up for me - I don't know what crystal others use, I'm sure I use one that just adds extra damage, or lightning element

    Maris Brood is EASY by comparison.. combination of LT+B & XYY or XYXY should do the trick, just keep near her, seems to disuade her 'magic' lightsaber attack with auto-damage.
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