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Destroyer achievement in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


Complete Level - Raxus Prime, act 2

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How to unlock the Destroyer achievement

  • MazraelMazrael
    19 Sep 2008 03 Jul 2009 04 Jul 2009

    To beat this git..

    Silver Guard - XYY or XYXY combo's & lightning when he's down
    Maris Brood - Pick up and throw, combo's while she's down
    Kota - force puch, use cover too, to avoid his pushes
    Shaak Ti - jump up above her & hold X, for a downwards saber attack.. try to dodge her red force balls

    Darth Maul - use guard to block his combo, LB to get below him as he jumps away for a saber throw, then Force Repulse to send him flying, then get to him quick & use combo's til he gets up - I used this strategy tonight, it gets rid of him pretty quick. His combo can take you out pretty damn quick

    I did this on Sith Master

    As for the ruined Star Destroyer sequence.. It seemed to me, that the Y axis setting effects the direction, when you do get the down wards arrows, I clicked the sticks repeatidly instead of what (seemed) to be shown

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    Maniac ThanatosStruggled with this for hours before I tried doing it your way. Took me a bit to get the saber throw part down, but the first time I did was when I beat him. On Sith Master too.
    Posted by Maniac Thanatos on 26 Mar 10 at 01:02
    FoolsAndKingsIt might be worth adding that the easiest way to get rid of those Tie Fighters fast is to stand to the left hand side and Double Jump, then use Lightning on them. They fly in a figure 8 so they all come past the same spot.
    Posted by FoolsAndKings on 12 Sep 14 at 15:28
    My RingtonesNow I've seen alot of shit games in my life and this sequence with the Boss Fight and the Destroyer is the worst I've ever seen. Absolutely unfair even on easy, how they expected children to figure this out without a youtube video is beyond comprehension, and the people behind this should be placed on trial for this crime against humanity they committed here. Standing next to the pillar on the right and shocking it when the tie fighters flew over it killed them pretty fast but, the hit reg issue with random hits is horrible here.
    Posted by My Ringtones on 24 Feb at 05:43
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  • FoundWally25FoundWally25
    01 Jan 2012 28 Dec 2011
    I had a lot of trouble with the TIE fighters while i was trying to yank down the star destroyers. I found that if you walk to either the left or the right of that platform your on you can sometimes grab the low flying TIE fighters with your force grip and slam them into other ones takiung out two sometimes three at a time. Hugely reduced the amount of play time and the difficulty of the sequence. You can also hide behind those pillars very effectively
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