Sir Theodor Dowell achievement in Rise of Insanity

Sir Theodor Dowell

Find every armor pieces.

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How to unlock the Sir Theodor Dowell achievement

  • Mikhail KrauserMikhail Krauser1,686,509
    02 Jul 2018 26 Jun 2018 28 Jun 2018
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    Missable and has been reported as Buggy- meaning even if conditions are met, chances are it MAY not pop. Your only hope is to try again, deleting your saves from both console and cloud and restarting. Game is not long however (Roughly 1-1 1/2 Hours)

    With that aside, i'm posting an actual solution. Yes, the achievement is buggy and can get stuck, yes, i've addressed how to correct it. If you're gonna downvote, explain why and not because everything was accurate but the game itself was buggy. Alright, here we go:

    First thing I recommend, is favoriting the achievement and turning on the tracker. It WILL track immediately after you put the items back down. If it doesen't. Start by trying to exit the game fully to dashboard and closing it. Reloading the save, and trying again. If that doesen't work, delete your save from both console and cloud and try again.

    The First piece of "armor" is actually a Sword. After you go through the home and the hospital, do the bird sequence and garden at the beginning of the game you'll end up in the home again, and spawn in Theo's room. If you look down at the green box, the sword is leaning against it. Look at it and turn it to see the name for a good 10 seconds or so.

    The Second piece of "armor" is going to be the Shield. After you go through the home and the hospital, do the bird sequence and garden at the beginning of the game you'll end up in the home again, and have to go into the basement for a fuse to light up a room with a darkness around it before proceeding. In this basement as soon as you leave the staircase and enter the hallway, to your right is the Shield sitting on some boxes. Look at it and turn it to see the name for a good 10 seconds or so.

    The Third piece of "armor" is going to be the Helmet. After you do the sequence in the home where the child is talking about "On the first day... on the second day..." and you can only move slowly while the house is collapsing, you'll end upin a weird white dreamscape with a checkboarded floor. Pass the desk with the people with masks switching sides, then you'll see a man with some toys and a child saying "Daddy Play With Me". Right on the other side of this desk is a Helmet. Look at it and turn it for a good 10 seconds or so.
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  • MaliciousGhostMaliciousGhost1,387,445
    18 Jun 2018 18 Jun 2018
    11 1 18
    Finally got this to unlock!!! Was stuck at 2/3 armor pieces for ages. No matter how many new game playthroughs I did, the tracker would never go past 66%. I had to delete all the saves for the game from everywhere (local and cloud). After starting my next new game I made sure to look at each armor piece for 10 full seconds before setting them down. As soon as I set the 3rd piece (Helmet) down, the achievement popped. This was the last one I needed to complete the game as well.
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    OsakamitsuIm on at least 6 runs trying to get this and nothing. Saves have been deleted and the cache on the xbox has been cleared. Nothing. The game has only crashed on me 1 time and it was the first I ever played it.
    Posted by Osakamitsu on 21 Jun 19 at 03:22
    UberniXiI only had to look at each piece for like a second to get them to count. The helmet just seems to refuse to track unless you restart 4-5 times, no matter what you do.
    Posted by UberniXi on 06 May at 14:04
    Obs0leeteOkay, I had a bunch of issues with this achievement. My first playthrough crashed once and maybe that messed up the achievement so the helm didnt register and I was stuck at 66%. I tried multiple solutions (deleting local saves, clearing caches, restarting the checkpoint at the helm 5 times, restarting the game at the checkpoint for the helm 5 times, reinstalling the game and playing through in one sitting without the game crashing) but nothing worked. Eventually I figured out how to remove the cloud saves also (yea yea...) and starting the game from the start and experiencing no crashes and that made the achievement finally pop. So I think if the game crashes it somehow messes up the save and this achievement. All the other achievements worked fine on my first playthrough that crashed.
    Posted by Obs0leete on 06 Jun at 09:39
  • Stealth DavidStealth David2,140,884
    12 Nov 2018 12 Nov 2018
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    Make sure to turn the items when you pick them up this can be a little glitchy!

    I suggest using this amazing Walkthrough on TA along with my Video guide playthrough for the parts when the guide are not that clear.

    Walkthrough Guide

    Rise of Insanity Walkthrough

    Video Guide (Full 1000g Including Deaths Normal speed so you don't get lost)

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